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Obama Attacks The Supreme Court

When former Illinois Senator Barack Obama made his pitch to become the next President of the United States, he was dogged rabid style with criticism over the way he responds to controversy.  Mr. Obama had to respond to accusations that he would be willing to tolerate racism against white people after video clips of his former pastor the Reverend Jeremiah Wright became public.  Mr. Obama tried to stiff arm his long time spiritual mentor, but that wasn’t good enough.  He had to address the issue head on.  The result was Mr. Obama’s speech titled “A More Perfect Union” where he denounced his pastor, but made the mistake of describing his white grandmother as the typical white person who held deep suspicions of black people, yet embraced him as her own.  People accused Mr. Obama of throwing his grandmother under the bus.

In July of 2009, Mr. Obama’s friend Henry Louis “Skip” Gates was arrested for being angry about someone calling the police on him.  Mr. Gates had just returned from a long trip overseas and his front door refused to budge even after the door was unlocked.  A passerby saw a black man looking suspicious and called police.  The police showed up to make sure everything was on the up and up.  Mr. Gates probably wasn’t in the best of mood.  The result was a confrontation between the angry black man in his own home and the police and the police took Mr. Gates to jail for being disorderly.  Mr. Obama wanted to defend his friend and said that the police behaved stupidly.  The backlash was quick and fierce.  The President apologized and extended an invitation for both Mr. Gates and the arresting officer to share a beer with him at the White House.

If nothing else those experiences have taught Mr. Obama that he has to be even most careful and think twice before expressing his own opinion regarding an issue that is bound to be controversial.  Indeed, if Mr. Obama expresses his opinion over the most mundane issue, his political opponents will stop at nothing to paint him as an out of control liberal doing his best to undermine the constitution.

Earlier this year Mr. Obama called Sandra Fluke to offer his support after she suffered more than two days of vicious attacks by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh because Ms. Fluke had the audacity to testify before the Congress and express her opinion of the healthcare mandate that insurers must offer contraceptive coverage to women.  Mr. Obama’s opponents accused him of trying to manipulate the controversy for political advantage in the middle of a presidential election year.

When the news of the travesty regarding the murder of Trayvon Martin went national, Mr. Obama was asked his opinion and the President made the mistake of expressing his sympathy to Trayvon’s family.  Mr. Obama said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon.  Frankly I was surprised that Mr. Obama would identify with Trayvon so personally.  Mr. Obama rarely expresses his connection to the black community so publicly.  I would have expected a generic statement about how we have to be patient while somebody goes to the wheel store to buy a new wheel of justice, mount that wheel to the legal system and wait for it to do something radical like turn.  But the President’s statement gave just a hint that Mr. Obama recognizes the racial problem we have in this country.

Mr. Obama’s political opponents took the President’s statement about Trayvon as an attempt to introduce race into a situation that already had race written all over it.  The statement was interpreted to mean that Mr. Obama doesn’t care when white teenagers are murdered the way Trayvon was.  It should be noted that the political opponents who are trying hard to defend Trayvon’s murder actually admitted a possibility that Trayvon was indeed murdered.  Goes to show how confusing partisanship can be when opponents are only focusing on being Mr. Obama’s opposition.

Now Mr. Obama’s statement on the Supreme Court and the future of the healthcare law is getting the take it totally out of context treatment.  When asked his opinion of the high court, Mr. Obama said that he was confident that the unelected nine justices would not overturn the law that was appropriately passed by the Congress.  Now Mr. Obama is being accused of attacking the Supreme Court and making a threat against them.  Conservative presidential contenders accuse Mr. Obama of being a bully.  It’s now being billed as POTUS versus SCOTUS and the justices are now in their chambers cowering in fear for their very lives. People are gathering in the streets to defend the highest court in the land from the anticipated onslaught that is bound to come because we all know Mr. Obama has a history of attacking anybody and everybody at the drop of a hat.

The President has been accused of being a proponent of food stamps for black people.  He has had his faith questioned at every turn from people suggesting that he is a Muslim or an atheist even when he’s accused of being a Christian in Rev. Wright’s church.  His birth certificate is routinely rejected by people who refuse to accept him as an American citizen.  People in the United States Congress are so bold that they yell the President’s a liar while he gives his State of the Union address.  His wife is routinely criticized for trying to help people live healthier lives by eating right and exercising.  He is called arrogant, ignorant, stupid, incompetent, and every other negative adjective that comes to mind.  People say that the President should go back Kenya even though his home is Hawaii.  He is accused of not loving America.  He wants to see America fail.  His opponents hope he fails in his bid to make the country better.  Marines under his command have the audacity to put a derogatory image of their commander on a Facebook page with a comment that they would not follow his orders.  United States regional Judges currently sitting on the bench distribute tasteless jokes about the President’s mother having sex with animals.  The President has to deal with boney fingers from Governors thrust in his face.

But now he’s on an attack against no less an entity than the Supreme Court.  If Mr. Obama saying that he has confidence that the Supreme Court will let the healthcare law stand is a veiled attack then Mr. Obama is pretty lame when it comes to starting something with somebody.  And what would one say about all the shit’s that been said about him?  Are any of those statements or the many others that weren’t mentioned an attack on our President?

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