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Suspicion of Hatred


I find it frustrating to be constantly accused of being a person who hates white people. While it is true that I don’t care for people who are blatantly racist or people who may collaborate in the subjugation of black people, I hardly think that I can be summarized as someone who simply goes around hating white people. I don’t believe there is a logical explanation for such a conclusive jump based on assumptions that don’t even scratch the surface.  I believe that to accuse me of racism is to avoid taking an honest look at the issues of racism at hand and recognize that many people are synonymous with being blatantly racist against dark people and are just much too willing to participate and/or tolerate the subjugation of people based on nothing more than the color of skin.

It is a matter of fact that the dominant culture is controlled tremendously by a mindset that is sensitive to issues from the majority of white people’s perspective. While it may go without saying that many people who fall into this category are in fact white there is a growing number of black people who have adopted a white oriented mindset, a way of thinking and analyzing issues that protects white privilege, in a variety of issues that may clash with perspectives from the black community. The perspective of the black community that runs contrary to the dominant culture is often scorned and minimized as much as possible in order to reduce its impact on the larger community.

One of the most glaring examples of this phenomenon that immediately come to mind are John White and his family versus Daniel Cicciaro and his family, the conflict between the black students and white students in Jena, Louisiana, the difference in perspectives when the two cultures look at what happened to Martin Lee Anderson, Genarlow Wilson, Shelwanda Riley, Shequanda Cotton, Henry Louis Gates, the Katrina disaster, Don Imus, Duane “Dog” Chapman, and such. In each of these examples the majority of black people who bothered to give any thought to what was going on found themselves at odds with the dominant perspective of the issue at hand. And the excuses people provide for this disparity between the two communities are truly lame.

While many people in the black community felt that John White was treated unfairly many people from the majority  mindset would say that Mr. White is a murderer who got his comeuppance. While black people reflect on what happened in New Orleans, Louisiana in the aftermath of Katrina as a public disgrace of the federal government, people from the majority mindset will dismiss all the people suffering through the storm and the resulting flooding as nothing more than an unfortunate set of circumstances. While the black community may have enjoyed a small victory with Don Imus being fired, the dominant culture compensated Mr. Imus for being a “victim” of a company that had the audacity to listen to black people. Not only did Mr. Imus get his voice back on the airwaves, he was awarded a multi million dollar settlement for his troubles.

Any one of these fore mentioned issues would generate consternation by its lonesome to anyone with honest compassion for the black community. But these issues, compounded by many more, are a constant reminder to the black community that our position is not from one of strength or from one of righteousness but from one of suffrage and weakness. Our position is not one of a people who feel part of the whole but of a people dominated by the whole. This is a fact that many will dispute as fiction. Many people will argue that black people are indeed treated fairly, but the fact of that matter is that the black community is ill prepared to compete in the employment market with white people. And, even though these people believe that this is the case, they make the choice to do nothing to correct the imbalance.

Does this mean that all black people are a victim? No. Some black people thrive very well in this system that favors white people. Black people who demonstrate their willingness to adopt the idea that this “race based disparity is okay” mindset and participate in the defense of the status quo that allows the more dominate white community to flourish and the subordinate black culture to languish will do well from a financially perspective.

But everyday we get a reminder of our true place in America’s collective eye.  Every now and then we see instances of what America thinks of her black population.  Take for the example the Long Island contractor who had to audacity John White who crossed the line and actually thought he was somehow immune from ever being perceived as little more than another common black man.  Dude had the nerve to defy the community he was permitted to live in, thought he had the right to defend his house from some drunk white teenagers, and killed a white man’s son who was in the middle of committing a crime.  And dude paid the price for forgetting his place.

In the larger picture these black skinned people are part of the black community’s problem. Many of these black people would defend the white subjugation of black with more vigor than most white people could ever muster. This is part of the reason why you will see Juan Williams, Jason Whitlock, Clarence Thomas, Charles Barkley and other black people who protect the status quo and give their support by voicing their allegiance to the system on a regular basis fronting for subjugating policies.

Does this mean that all people in the dominant community are equally guilty? No. The behavior of the dominant community runs the gamut just like the behavior that can be found in the black community. Many people from the racially generic pool will actively work to keep black people in their proper place. Many others are complacent happy not to disturb the status quo that protects their inherited advantage. Not exactly a subjugator but nevertheless supporting the subjugation by not doing anything to stop it and tolerating its existence.

However some people are compassionate enough to put aside any racial prejudices that they may harbor and give black people a fair chance to participate in the procurement of materialism and wealth that is an absolute mandatory in America. And believe it or not some of these people who do offer jobs and opportunities to the black community do so without the requirement that black people shuck and jive, conform and submit, and show their unfailing devotion to the status quo rules.

Do I hate white people? The answer is a resounding not at all. Do I suffer from suspicions and think that the racially generic people are more likely to contribute to the subjugation of me and the rest of the black community? Unfortunately I have to confess that I do. But do I walk up to every white person that I see and saddle them with my suspicions before I even get a chance to know them? I’m happy to say no. I am constantly putting my prejudices to the side and give strangers the benefit of doubt. Unfortunately I have to say that many times over my suspicions are confirmed.

When I started working at my current job I greeted every person I met in the hallway, break room, or wherever with a hello or some kind of acknowledgment that I see that they exist. I quickly learned who will reciprocate acknowledgment of my existence and respond. After the umpteenth time of not getting a hello back you learn why bother.  It is rare to see black people at the office that will ignore me or look the other way when I speak to them. But a lot of white people are hateful enough to make the choice not to say hello when I speak to them. After several attempts at making eye contact and saying hello and watching them look away or start looking at their feet or anything to not respond, I have to leave them be. Maybe this is a person that doesn’t speak to anybody. But then I will see these people open themselves up and speak to somebody else in the hallway or somebody else in the break room. The fact that they will speak to other white in the office only helps to confirm my suspicions.

Chances are a white person is more likely to be the type of person who will choose not to acknowledge a black person as an equal, as competent, as a human being who deserves the courtesy of a greeting. That doesn’t keep me from speaking to and acknowledging white people. Despite what I may think and what I have learned I will give each person that I meet the first time the benefit of a doubt. All too often my suspicions about white people are confirmed. And this is what happens when I say hello. Imagine what would happen if I had to apply for a job.  White or black or anything in between, I don’t hate anyone because of the color of the skin.

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Young James T. Kirk


I have never missed the new release of a movie based on Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future known around the universe as the world of Star Trek.  From the release of the first film Star Trek: The Motion Picture with the original cast whose greatest claim to fame is that they played the main characters to the original series, to the last film featuring the Next Generation cast in Star Trek: Nemesis when Commander Data was destroyed while trying to stop Captain Picard’s alleged body double, I was there.  If I wasn’t there the very day the movie was released I can guarantee you that I was there within a week of the release, happily giving my money.

The actors playing Captain Kirk and his plucky shipmates are far too old, if not far too dead, to reprise the roles they made famous.  So the latest version of the original starship Enterprise, serial number NCC-1701, will launch with an all new cast.  I saw the trailer of the new movie.

The trailer started with James Tiberius Kirk looking like he might have been all of eleven years old, give or take a year, in the twenty third century driving a second generation convertible Chevrolet Corvette being chased by police officer on a floating motorcycle.  Little James Kirk, played by child actor Jimmy Bennett, drives the car off of a cliff and barely escapes with his life.  He is defiant and he is a troubled youth.  In the next scene James Kirk is a little older and rides his old fashioned wheeled motorcycle to an assembly area where the brand new Constitution class starship Enterprise is being put together.  The rest is Star Trek history.  James Kirk straightens up and becomes the most successful captain in Starfleet, the multipurpose defense, research, and exploration arm of the Federation.

Star Trek wants to portray James Kirk as a wayward kid who managed to straighten up and fly right.  Wayward kids turning themselves around are pretty common when the story is about a white kid.  It’s a good thing that this new version of Star Trek didn’t have James T. Kirk depicted as a black kid in the twenty first century stealing cars in Florida.  Otherwise, he’d be sentenced to a boot camp where he stands the chance of being murdered by the camp guards while the camp nurse looked on with approval.  But that would be okay for many people who believe black people are beyond redemption.

Consistently we are presented stories of menacing white youths who able to change their lives around with just a little well placed guidance.  But menacing black youths are beyond salvation.  Why else would so many people excuse and even celebrate the abuse, even the murder, of black children by so many agents of authority.  Why?  Could it be that we rarely see black youths, black people, finding salvation?  Could it be that we are only fed the image of black people rarely changing off their path of self inflicted destruction and annihilation?

Terminator, War Games, Manhattan Project, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Breakfast Club, Lost In Space, Juno, Soul Man, American Beauty, American Graffiti, Never Back Down, the Covenant, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Hard Candy, Vamp, The Craft, My Bodyguard, Peter Fucking Pan, and many others.  Twilight, the hottest movie out right now is about a young white vampire in love.  As long as he or she is white, our racially generic but predominantly controlled by white people culture is more willing to cut a bloodsucking night crawler some slack before we would give a young black person a break.  The latest version of Star Trek seems to follow the tried and true formula of making a great hero out of some troubled white youth who will come through in a pinch when the greater good is at stake.

I would imagine that when the police officer on the floating bike saw the little white boy James Kirk he saw some potential.  When the police officer took James Kirk to wherever little thugs go in the twenty third century, somebody there saw the potential of the little white boy being brought to their custody.  We are being programmed to give troubled white youths every opportunity to succeed.  This latest version of Star Trek is just another in a long line that reinforces the notion that we should look at the bigger picture and tolerate the insolence of white children.

But we all know that had that been a little black boy climbing away from wrecking that three hundred year old Chevy some of us wouldn’t bat an eye if the cop thought he saw a shiny object in his hand, pulled out his phaser, and blew him away out of fear of a black person.  We wouldn’t think nothing of the cop of the future pulled out his baton and started beating an eleven year old black kid for resisting arrest.  Some of us would even go so far as to celebrate if the wannabe Judge Dred on the floating bike had simply dispensed some twenty third century justice and blew the little juvenile offender away regardless if there was a shiny object in his hand or not.  Misbehaving black children are nothing but thugs.  Everybody knows that.

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Blacks Have It Lenient

Leniency To Blacks

“…slavery was abolished more than a hundred years ago, but the topic is still brought up as leverage against the white community. [no one] living has been a slave, and [no one] living has been a slave owner. to bring this topic up further separates the two races…and on this note, why is it that more emphasis is put on to anything a white person says about a black person, when it is automatically wrong if a white person even utters one word about a black person. this in [general] is wrong. the [leniency] towards black people segregates the two races even more…African American people of lighter pigment however can only be called white as there is no other term for them…[i am] open to change of opinion, but i have to see both sides of the spectrum first.” – comment from therevlonspamqueen

Slavery is not brought up as leverage on white people. If it was being used as some kind of leverage one would have to admit that it really isn’t working very well. The suggestion that slavery is brought up as some form of punishment on white people is idiocy in its rawest form. I’m not sure of the motivation for other people but my point in bringing up slavery is to demonstrate the history or foundation of the relationship between black people and white people in this country. The history of slavery is not to be forgotten. It is indicative of the natural thought process and attitudes that the majority of white people feel towards black people. And a people who forget their past are doomed to repeat it, revel in it, and perpetuate it. I understand why white people would want to forget slavery. It is a stark reminder of their depravity and inhumanity towards black people. But black people should not forget.

Unfortunately, so many black people have been programmed by the dominant culture to sweep America’s institutionalized slavery under the proverbial rug so that we can just move along and so called “heal” while we live in conditions of perpetual subjugation. Just like it was from the very beginnings of our races mixing, so as it is today, so will it be in the future. Regardless of what measurement you wish to apply, whether it is personal wages, wages as a group, medical services, legal representation, housing, funds for education, employment, etcetera, black people live in conditions that are substandard to the conditions of white people. As a whole people in the white community live better. This is general speak and not to be taken as a rule without exception. No one alive may have been a slave owner. But that does not mean that black people are not being subjected to the very same subjugation that our enslaved ancestors suffered under. Our ancestors were robbed of wealth and the opportunity to accumulate material goods and property while white people could. Our ancestors and elders were robbed of educational opportunities that kept them ill equipped to compete in the job market and earn income. That wealth was passed from one generation to another allowing the children of white people to start their life with more choices and more opportunities and with less drawbacks. Black families could not pass the same wealth down to their children. Therefore young black people will start their careers with limited options and opportunities.

And when black people have the nerve to speak of these inequalities somebody comes out the woodwork to tell black people they need to be happy and quit playing the victim. And if the dominant culture can find a black person to spew the assimilation rhetoric for them, then this is just so much for the better. Grab one black person and hold them up high as the shining example of what all black people can be. But then the dominant community will keep a foot on the collective neck of the rest of the black community in order to keep white communities and institutions from being overrun with black people.

I am a black man. I appreciate being called a black man. I would be offended if someone were to walk up to me and say something stupid like, when I see you I don’t see a black man. My question would be, then what do you see? Obviously you don’t care to see who I really am. Obviously you want to deny me my identity. Black people who are offended at being called black are not trying to be black. They are doing their best to assimilate and do not want to be reminded from whence they came. These people know that in order to get ahead they must shed the baggage of being black. I welcome that baggage. I am black. Although it is apparent that I may have some European blood in my genealogy I do not want to be mistaken for anything other than a black man.

And people want to make the claim that black people are being treated leniently? This is a matter of opinion of course. I don’t think John White who was found guilty for protecting his family from a drunken white mob would agree. I don’t think the family of Martin Lee Anderson who went for a joyride in his grandmother’s car and ended up being murdered by seven boot camp guards would agree. I don’t think the black boys who were prosecuted in Jena, Louisiana for attempted murder for a school fight with white boys would agree. I don’t think the families of Amadou Diallo who was murdered by police in a hail of bullets for pulling out his wallet, Sean Bell who was murdered by police in a hail of bullets as he went home to prepare for his wedding day, or Abner Louima who was sodomized with a broom handle in a police station by the police would agree either. Shelwanda Riley the fourteen year old who was punched in the face by a police officer for breaking curfew, Genarlow Wilson who received ten years of prison for being seventeen and having consensual sex with his fifteen year old girlfriend, or Shaquanda Cotton who received a seven year prison sentence for shoving a hall monitor at her school would disagree as well.

When black people get a job on average their rate of pay is twenty five percent less than white people. Black unemployment is higher. Black people in a place of employment are automatically assumed to be there only by the benefit of affirmative action. And you assume this to be preferential treatment.

If it is true that white people cannot say one word about black people without getting in trouble then how come they constantly do it and still get ahead? Don Imus is back on the radio and he now has his own television show. Bill O’Reilly constantly degrades the black community. Rush Limbaugh is more popular than ever. Ron Paul ran for the White House while making his contention that ninety percent of black men are criminals. Mark Fuhrman has his own radio show in syndication after he was recorded saying the derogatory comments about black people. And Duane “Dog” Chapman is getting his television show back after he was recorded berating his son for dating a black woman. Michael Richards gets on stage at a comedy club and says to the black people in the audience, “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass. You can talk, you can talk, you’re brave now motherfucker. Throw his ass out! He’s a nigger! He’s a nigger! He’s a nigger! A nigger! Look there’s a nigger! What? They are going to arrest me for calling a black man a nigger?” Sounds like a lot more than one word and yet Jerry Seinfeld still comes to his defense. Mr. Richards said he was sorry so what more do people want? Right after that Seinfeld DVD sales spike through the roof. You may think white people are being unfairly treated. But in the reality it really doesn’t sound like white people are getting into all that much trouble. They may get some attention. But if experience is any indication the dominant white culture will support their members that overtly subjugate and degenerate black people

You said “[I’m] open to change of opinion, but [I] have to see both sides of the spectrum first.” But you didn’t need to see both sides of the spectrum to form your opinion that “it is automatically wrong if a white person even utters one word about a black person” and “the [leniency] towards black people segregates the two races even more, but now, it is in favor of black people.” Where is it in black people’s favor? What Fortune 500 company is run predominantly by black people? How many companies are there where the vast majority of office workers and executives are black? How many black Presidents have their ever been? How many black Senators are there? How many black people are Governor of a state in this union? How many white people enjoy these positions? And yet, you believe black people have it lenient.

I appreciate your sentiment that you want to be fair. But these are only words. Even though you say yourself that you are aware of the unfair treatment of blacks today you have already made up your mind that black people are being privileged and are being treated leniently without getting all the facts. You have an opinion that black people have it easy despite all the evidence to the contrary. You have a prejudice against black people and it will not change with any words written here. If you want to be fair take your blinders off and look at the world with a truly open mind. Black people have leniency is a joke and you really need to quit trying to make me laugh.


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Skateboards, Curfews, and Videotape

Skateboards and Videotape

Salvatore Rivieri is in trouble. Mr. Rivieri was a police officer videotaped while using his position of authority against fourteen year old Eric Bush. It can be assumed from the video that Mr. Bush and his friends were skateboarding in an area that they shouldn’t have which was patrolled by Mr. Rivieri. Like most police officers who see kids doing something mischievous, Mr. Rivieri probably was trying to yell at the teens to stop. But Mr. Bush was wearing ear buds and listening to his MP3 player and could not hear Mr. Rivieri. Mr. Rivieri was not getting through and was upset that he actually had to get out of his patrol car to get Eric’s attention. One thing led to another and Mr. Rivieri lost control of himself. He got physical with the young Mr. Bush. Mr. Rivieri yelled something to the effect that Mr. Bush should not address him as “man” or “dude” but as officer. Mr. Rivieri lost his job because people felt that he was too unprofessional and too much of a loose cannon to abuse innocent children like that.

But really what’s the problem here? As a national collective we’ve already established that police officers have the authority to abuse black teenagers. When Fort Pierce, Florida police officer Dan Gilroy found fifteen years old Shelwanda Riley breaking a midnight to six in the morning curfew he went to arrest the young black girl. When she resisted officer Gilroy was obliged to punch the girl in the face and pepper sprayed her in the face at close range. When the news reporters saw the video they were appalled to see such behavior. How dare that young black girl have the audacity to give the police officer such a hard time.

A Florida jury has rendered its verdict and seven guards (Henry Dickens, Charles Enfinger, Patrick Garrett, Raymond Hauck, Charles Helms Jr., Henry McFadden Jr., and Joseph Walsh) and the nurse (Kristin Schmidt) who were caught on videotape abusing fourteen years old Martin Lee Anderson when his latent sickle cell trait kicked in. It was just a coincidence that the tape showed one of the guards had his baton pressed against Martin’s neck in a choke hold meant to cut off breathing while other guards were holding and punching on other parts of his body. The young man was convicted of taking his grandmother’s car without permission and was assigned to the Panama City, Florida boot camp as pittance. He died within the first two hours of his arrival. But the verdict was unanimously in favor of the wayward guards and nurse from the all white jury. No one was guilty even though the guards confessed that when Mr. Anderson’s body went limp and dropped to the ground someone stuffed ammonia tablets up the boy’s nose and held their hands over the boy’s mouth.

It’s not like Eric Bush was being charged for attempted murder for a school fight like the black teenagers in Jena, Louisiana. It’s not like he was facing seven years in a juvenile facility like fourteen years old Shaquanda Cotton who received such a sentence from the Texas Juvenile System for shoving a hall monitor at the local high school in Paris, Texas. It’s not like Eric Bush was facing a ten year sentence like seventeen years old Genarlow Wilson who was convicted for the heinous crime of having oral sex performed on him by a fifteen year old girl. In all these cases, and in way too many more, people have weighed in and we have said that police and similar authorities have the power to get physical with our children. So what’s the problem here?

Could it be that Eric Bush was white while the young people in the other examples given were black? The case in Jena, Louisiana is a prime opportunity to see how differently the establishment responded to young blacks and to young whites who skirt the boundaries of the law. White teens and young adults are often dismissed as pranksters or troubled youths in need of a little help and understanding. But black youths are perceived to be young criminals in the making with very few redeeming qualities and are hell bent on doing whatever for their own personal, selfish gain like just about everybody else in America. Black children are a blight on decent society’s existence. We need our community authorized posses to keep our younger black community members in check.

No one is saying that black children and black young adults are being treated differently from their white counterparts. The evidence says it all. No one is saying that Mr. Rivieri should not have been fired for manhandling Eric Bush. Of course he isn’t fit for wearing a badge to protect our streets. But neither is Dan Gilroy and all the other police officers, security guards, and bootcamp guards that have been given a thumbs up for dropping their hammers on black children. Nevertheless, a lot of people will pretend not to see the hypocrisy of how we treat our children. A lot of people will continue to deny what is as obvious as the difference between black and white.

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Video of a White Man Attacked

Subway Trains

There is a video floating around that shows a white man being attacked on his commute to/from work by a gang of black girls. The girls look like they might have been teenagers. The man looked like he was somewhere in his thirties. He has a close cropped haircut. He might have been a young professional. Then again he may have worked at Subway. It looks like the guy and one of the girls are engaged in what appears to be a somewhat heated argument over something or other. Suddenly one of the girls starts to punch him out of the blue. The man freezes for a second shocked at being attacked. The girls take advantage of the man’s confusion and start punching him again. The guy tries to defend himself but there are way too many for him to keep them away from him. I would estimate that there were maybe at least five girls involved in this attack. At one flash point, the man becomes so frustrated he draws his hand back ready to clean one of the girl’s clock when his sense of community overrides his sense of self preservation. Or maybe he just thinks he might be more severely attacked if he fights back. He changes his mind and simply covers himself up in an upright fetal position. The gang of little girls takes advantage of the man’s discretion, interprets it as a sign of vulnerability, and intensifies the attack on him. The entire attack was caught on a camera phone by another girl who was with the gang.

In their pursuit of some kind of power or control or intimidation over someone else these girls don’t realize the damage they have done to the black community. The behavior of these young women reinforces many stereotypes of negative black behavior. Too many people would watch this video and come to the conclusion that people in the black community are simply too vicious and need their disposition for violence controlled by the dominant white society. Without any real provocation all the girls went stupid against this man. People can try and justify their actions by saying that the verbal exchange could have prompted an ass kicking. But if that’s the case, why did one of the girls have a camera phone recording the incident? Could this be interpreted that their assault was preplanned?

And for what? Was the thrill of having someone allowing himself to get his ass kicked really worth all the negativity? It is rare for me to think that the police need to be involved when it comes to disciplining our community. The heavy handed approach law enforcers and representatives of the judicial system like to apply to black people seems to go way over the top in far too many cases. Black teenaged boys having consensual sex with teenaged girls are being successfully prosecuted and receiving sentences of ten years in a state penitentiary. Black teenaged girls are being punched in the face by police for breaking curfew. But if there was ever a case for black children to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law then this is surely one of them. These girls like to gang bang people on their commute? I say let them go to prison and learn what it’s truly like to be banged by a gang.

None of these girls took the time to give someone else any compassion. How would they feel if it was one of their family members who was being assaulted by a group of people merely for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? What would they say if it was their mother, father, brother, or sister who was coming home on public transportation and a bunch of low lives decided it would be a cheap but cool thrill to punch and beat the shit out of him or her? Not knowing these dumb asses and judging from their shameful display of antisocial behavior it is difficult to assume if they would feel anything at all.

On the flipside I have to give credit to the white man in the video who showed considerable self-control. This man demonstrates how much he valued his community by restraining himself when most people would have hauled off and smacked one or two or all of those girls into the middle of next freakin’ week. Instead of giving in to his desire to strike back he never forgot that these were minors he was dealing with. Not too long ago there was another video of a black teenaged Shelwanda Riley being punched in the face by Dan Gilroy, one of Fort Pierce, Florida’s finest, for trying to defend herself when the police officer twisted her arm behind her back. Television pundits defended the cop and justified the punch he threw because he was being so viciously attacked by the girl half his size who tried unsuccessfully to bite him. The guy in this video could have easily beat one of these girls down and be exonerated as some kind of hero in the eyes of the dominating white mindset community. But instead the guy took all the hits and punches without much in the way of retaliation.

A lot of people see this video as justification of the subjugation of black people. A lot of people make mocking pleas for Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton for assistance. One has to wonder why these same jokesters just didn’t call for Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Juan Williams, Sean Hannity, Don Imus, Pat Buchanan, Rudy Giuliani, Dan Gilroy, the guards that murdered Martin Lee Anderson, the district attorney of Jena, Louisiana, Stacey Koon, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Mark Furman, Trent Lott, George Bush, just about any police officer in the New York city area, Bernhard Getz, Fred Thompson, or any police officer who suffers from the condition widely known as the contagious shooting of black people instead.

I suffer from no hope that this white man just so happens to be one of those truly rare open minded individuals who really sees people in the black community as equals. In fact, he is more than likely the type of guy who sees black people as uneducated, unemployed, welfare rats, and vulgar. In all probability did say something demeaning or racist or offensive. There’s a reasonable probability that one or more of these girls had a run in with this guy before and this altercation was planned to exact some kind of payback. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had met the guy and didn’t care for him one bit. But without knowing anything else about this guy I do have to give credit where credit is due. This man deserves a lot of credit for the consideration he displayed under pressure.

Not every black person exhibits the type of behavior demonstrated in this video. In fact, I would venture to say that it is pretty rare. And not every white person would pass on the opportunity to slap a black teenaged girl down even when they have plenty of cause to do so. This guy seems to be a pretty rare phenomenon as well.

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Opie Done Burnt California

Opie Burnt the Mountain

Last month the Santa Ana winds blew the wildfires in Southern California into residential areas. The fires have been burning for nearly two weeks now. A number of million dollar homes have been destroyed and over three thousand good people, the vast majority of them are white, are now homeless. With more than fourteen thousand insurance claims on file so far, the Insurance Information Institute estimates the insurance industry is looking to pay one point six billion dollars in files for homes, farms, businesses, and vehicles. There have been a minimum of twelve deaths and as many as seventy eight injuries attributed to the fires. Five hundred thousand acres have been affected. About nine thousand fire fighters were called into service. More than five hundred thousand people had to evacuate their homes. FEMA sent a thousand people to help manage the disaster.

Supposedly, the majority of the fires were started by downed power lines. However, it’s been alleged that a young boy is responsible for starting a portion of the blaze that continues to burn half of California. The source of this particular blaze appears to be Agua Dulce. Police said that a boy playing with matches has confessed to starting one of the fires north of Los Angeles that burned sixty three buildings and charred thirty eight thousand acres on its lonesome. A quarter of a million dollars reward has been offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone guilty of starting the fires. Yet, prosecutors in California are now deciding whether or not to charge the boy who is thought to be a preteen. Because of his age, the boy enjoys anonymity and no one not involved with the investigation knows his name or his age or the details of his crime.

The race of the boy has not been revealed. However, there are some extenuating circumstances that we can use to deduce the race of the kid. North Los Angeles is predominantly a white area with lots of wealthy residents. Some minorities can afford to be in the area, but I’m going to go with the numbers. Secondly, the fact that everything about the kid’s identity is being so well protected after contributing to one of the worst major disasters in America is indicative of the kid’s ethnicity. When a black person is alleged to have committed a crime you will hear that it is a black kid. Black people do not enjoy such obscurity. If we did, we wouldn’t have the stigma associated with black criminality. And finally, I suspect the kid is white because he hasn’t been charged. If the kid was black not only would charges be filed, his latent sickle cell trait would have already been activated and California would be burying his ass in order to help hide the coroner’s incompetence. While white people may want to pretend that we know nothing about our little arsonist, what they don’t say speaks volumes.

When black kids are accused of a crime there’s video of the kid being taken into juvenile custody but the child’s face is pixilated to be unrecognizable, but there would be little doubt that the child is black. Kind of like the black under aged boy who was one of the Jena Six. They may have blurred out his face but the rest of his skin was plain to see.

The dominant corporate American mentality simply can’t pass up the opportunity to reinforce the image that black people are bad to the core. Media’s overwhelmingly single minded focus to portray black people as hell bent, criminally insane animals is obvious when people take the time and open their eyes to the propaganda. Listen to the words news organizations choose to employ during a story and you can get a sense of what type of image is trying to be implanted into people’s minds regarding the people who are the subjects of the story. Words of understanding like troubled, distressed, and disturbed will accompany white kids in order to invoke a sense of sympathy. However, words like delinquent, offenders, lawbreaker, and reckless will accompany the article when the subject is a black teenager.

After years of this type of social programming, we have been conditioned to automatically assume that our black kids are troublesome and criminally oriented while white kids are just mischievous and accident prone. That way we will condone police officers punching a fifteen year old black curfew violator in the face (Shelwanda Riley), school security guards breaking the arms of a black girl who drops cake on the floor (Pleajhai Mervin), seven guards and a nurse from a boot camp killing an exhausted black teenager for not being able to run any more(Martin Lee Anderson), a court sentencing a black fourteen year old to seven years for shoving a hall monitor (Shequanda Contton), a district attorney prosecuting black kids for manslaughter when they have a school fight with white kids (Jena Six), a prosecutor working so diligently to keep a seventeen year old black young man in jail on a rape charge for receiving oral sex from a fifteen year old (Genarlow Wilson), and on and on and on. This form of black subjugation based on racial stereotypes is a situation that will repeat itself as long as the propaganda reinforcing those stereotypes goes on without being challenged.

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Trolling the Net With a White Mindset


Some forms of the white mindset are not content to keep their acts of racism hidden in the confines of their racist peers. Some people have a need to make sure they manifest their sense of prejudice right on the doorstep of the people of the black community. These are the types of people who troll black neighborhoods looking for opportunities to cause trouble.

One example of this flagrantly insensitive behavior was the arrest of the two bigots in Alexandria, Louisiana right after the Jena Six protest. Black people were about to board busses to return home after the peaceful protest and the two white racist couldn’t leave well enough alone. After indulging in a few alcoholic refreshments to eliminate the last few digits of their intelligence quotient the two young white boys who aspire to be seen as men got the bright idea to hang two nooses from the back of their pickup truck and parade themselves in front of the remaining black protestors. Not content to keep their bigotry under wraps at the trailer park the two had a deep seated need to show their contempt of black people openly and in black people’s faces.

Another form of this behavior is the people with strong white mindset convictions who have a need to troll the internet looking to mix it up in an exchange with people who don’t quite share their views.

This blog is developed with the less than popular belief that the black community is actively being subjugated by the dominating white corporate mindset. The dominant culture does much to define what are and what are not acceptable behaviors and appearance parameters for black people who wish to adapt to corporate America. In many corporate American environments, black people who have the audacity to show up for a job interview with dreadlocks are immediately rejected regardless of their ability to do the job or any other aspect of their appearance. Please click here to reference the story in of Evon Reid and how he was rejected as the ghetto dude by the government offices of Queen’s Park up in Canada.

The corporate manipulation of America’s psyche is also the same phenomenon that helps promote negative black stereotypes into Americas conscience. There are tons of television commercials, television programs, movies, magazines, and other forms of media that are depicting black people as colorful single minded characters with little redeeming values. Black male actors and models are constantly and regularly emasculated and depicted to be less than their non black counterparts. Dave Chappelle brought attention to the occurrence of this trend in an interview he did with Oprah Winfrey. You can click here to see the YouTube clip of the interview.

Now a lot of people hear this and see this and get a totally different appreciate for what is going on here. Not many people believe these occurrences to be rooted in racial discrimination. About seventy percent of the population is white and actually benefit from the white privilege that is an automatic result of minority discrimination. To acknowledge racial disparity would be the first step towards ending the white privilege that the majority of the population enjoys. So chances are good that these people wouldn’t encourage the recognition of anything that would end their privilege. In fact, certain members of this majority would be more likely to use the various tools at their disposal to protect their privilege and keep the status quo. The resulting propaganda will say that the reality of racial discrimination is only because minorities are ethically and intellectually ill equipped to compete against other racial populations in the marketplace.

Truth be told, there are some blacks who are ill prepared for their hiring. But more often than white people would care to admit, black people are the most eligible candidate and do excel at their jobs. However, the subjugation and rejection of black people cannot be accomplished if the black population is perceived as honest equals. It must be understood that black people are inferior to white people in order to perpetuate the exclusion of the majority of black people from the marketplace, educational institutions, and other areas subject to racial comparisons. Racial propaganda will say that racism is dead and the white mindset is innocent of any manipulation that keeps the majority of black people in second class status. The other thirty percent of the population that is not white is more likely to go along with the racial propaganda constantly being targeted to the community. Relatively few people would actually question the racial misinformation that is being generated from official sources. Therefore, it would stand as a logical conclusion that this blog, intended to make people think about the racial stereotypes regarding black people, isn’t meant for everyone.

Yet, so many people who buy and spread the propaganda with conviction now feel the need to come to this blog and for what, to gain my conversion? Are these people thinking that I’m about to relinquish the dark side and turn to the white side of the force? Or maybe it’s not about me at all but to make sure the people who do visit this blog and may be developing opinions similar to the ones expressed here are saved from themselves. It is possible that these people are indulging in some racial ministry to try and convert so many who come to this blog back to the ways of normal racist society. Everything that is happening in the black community is produced solely by the choices that black people make and dominant white America is totally innocent.

The nooses that we see popping up all over America has nothing to do with white people’s sentiment of black people. The fact that black people are regularly abandoned in times at our most dire need is just a cruel coincidence because America cares so much about us. Black children are attacked on a regular basis by law enforcement and the judicial system for behavior that would prompt a slap on the wrist from white children. Martin Lee Anderson, Jena Six, Genarlow Wilson, Shaquanda Cotton, and Shelwanda Riley are names that have become synonymous in the past year with black children being attacked by the system. It is just another happenstance that our Supreme Court says the only way to combat racism is to look the other way and yet no other form of criminal behavior is greeted with such a dysfunctional form of legal justice.

No one says the only way to combat rape is to look the other way. No one says the only way to combat murder is to stop looking at murder. No one cries reverse incarceration when people are incarcerated for holding someone against their will. No one cries reverse murder when someone is put to death by the state for their acts of murder. Yet, reverse discrimination is such a threat to the American way of life that we can’t correct the imbalance that hundreds of years of racial discrimination have made without white people claiming that they are now being discriminated against. And so the racial imbalance remains in its perpetual state of motion and this is somehow a better form of society than the one that is truly racially equal. All black people have to do is make the choice to get a job and to get an education and raise our children better and all our problems will dissipate.

American society teaches that anyone who speaks of racial discrimination suffers from a victim mentality. Duh! Anyone who is the victim of a crime will suffer from a victim mentality. Yet the black community is ridiculed for claiming to be the victim of the dominating white mentality. The black community should not be so easily manipulated to feel ashamed at bringing attention to our condition.

But regardless of how easily the façade of America’s racial harmony fantasy is wiped away people want to adhere to it and protect it as best they can. People who claim to be black and white and other races as well want to come to this blog with comments arguing for the protection of the status quo. If Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey can do it then anybody in America can do it. So because we have a handful of blacks who are able to use the system to their advantage no one in America is the victim of racism. But no one would ever say something like Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey were never shot so no one dies from a bullet. Only in matters of racism does the white mindset take such narrow, nonsensical approaches to justify not doing anything about the problem. In fact, the system encourages the people who are being discriminated against to help perpetuate the conditions for their discrimination. Therefore, black people will actually develop the white mindset of subjugation of the black community.

And so brothers and sisters will make the arguments on behalf of the system that black subjugation is a figment of black people’s imagination. Some of these people, along with their other white mindset peers, will come to this blog and other websites that promote the racial reality of America, and troll for an argument so they can leave a comment and demonstrate their allegiance and adherence to the status quo.

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