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Another Overnight Sensation

So Christine O’Donnell wins Delaware’s Republican Senate primary over long time incumbent Mike Castle.  Ms. O’Donnell has become an overnight sensation, rocking the GOP establishment to its knees in her bid to win the Senate seat vacated by Joe Biden to become former Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s running mate.   Overnight, this tea party candidate has gone from being obscure to taking front and center on the national, political stage.  While a lot of people in Delaware may have known about Ms. Donnell, for most Americans who happen to live on the outside of the Delaware state border she’s a bit of an unknown.

It’s pretty remarkable the similarity between Ms. O’Donnell’s catapult to national attention and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s debut to the nation.  When Arizona Senator John McCain selected the questionably qualified Ms. Palin to be his Vice Presidential running mate, the former Governor became the hottest commodity in many politically conservative circles.  Despite her inability to make informative political speeches, despite a heavy dependence on rhetoric about being a pit bull in lipstick and other statements full of colorful hyperbole but lacking any real substance, despite being incapable of expressing ideas of true leadership, many people felt, and feel, that Ms. Palin was, and is, a political messiah born to lead us to the promise land of reform and a return to family values, whatever that expression means.

Ms. O’Donnell appears to be falling right into Ms. Palin’s footsteps.  Although technically an establishment outsider on the national scale, Ms. O’Donnell is no stranger to statewide political campaigning.  Her current bid marks her third run for the Senate seat as a Republican nominee.  But as the tea party gained popularity with people whose political venom against the current establishment runs as swift as white water rapids during early spring runoff, people like Ms. Palin and Ms. O’Donnell have gained the upper hand even though they really are no strangers in this political game.  Indeed, even though their folksy, homey, down to earth style might impress the somewhat politically naïve, these two candidates are seasoned political operatives who know how to work a crowd and stroke people’s rancor for their own political gain.

In the same overnight time frame that has witnessed Ms. O’Donnell achieving political superstar status, every wacky comment Ms. O’Donnell has ever made in front of a camera has come back to revisit her.  Any news organization worth their salt has played the videos of Ms. O’Donnell in her early days promoting hyper conservative sexual morality and chastity.  She’s on tape saying that masturbation is a form of self lust and it’s a sin against god.  If that’s the case, no pun intended, but like a lot of people I’m on my way to hell in a hand basket.

There’s a video clip of her on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect cable show saying that there’s never a reason for anyone to ever mislead.  In that particular episode, comedian Eddie Izzard, who was on the same guest panel with Ms. O’Donnell, posed the question what would Ms. O’Donnell do if she was in Nazi Germany hiding Jews in her basement and the Gestapo showed up at her door and asked if she was hiding any Jews?  Would she feel the need to lie then?  Ms. O’Donnell lamely replied that god would offer her a way out where she could keep her high minded moral ground.  I think that would be called confessing to the Nazis and betraying the people who trusted her.

When asked about her performance on Mr. Maher’s panel, Ms. O’Donnell replied that she was merely trying to help Mr. Maher’s ratings.  Her performance was not really a reflection of her character.  Obviously, like any person looking for political office and most people who don’t, there is always a time to mislead people.  Just because somebody is on video talking about the need to be honest at all cost doesn’t mean he or she should be honest.

But that type of intentionally misleading the public for personal gain is the type of maneuver that has become part and parcel of the tea party movement.  People in this movement will damn the government for its interference in government run programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.  These people will condemn the government for its welfare programs even though many directly benefit or have family and/or friends who draw social security, unemployment, and/or benefits from other welfare programs.  These people will say government should stay out of our business but demand that government outlaw abortions.

These just so happen to be the same people who will say that government should stay out of our lives but then turn around and say that we need a constitutional amendment condemning homosexual marriage.  These people complain that government is too big and needs to be reduced, but then complain when the government is ill equipped to deal with an oil spill in deep water.  These are the same people who complain about some kind of government socialism, but organize as a social unit for their collective cause.  These people have a tendency to complain about government helping others but don’t hesitate to call on government when they are the ones who need help.

Ms. O’Donnell is the poster woman for the tea party.  She is committed to ridding the GOP of anybody who is willing to compromise with their liberal thinking counterparts or anybody who is willing to seek some kind of political middle ground.  Anything less than full compliance to the conservative political agenda is an invitation to our national destruction.  You are either with them or against them.  There is no such thing as compromise.

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Going Rogue Doesn’t Mean Going Away

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s new book is released today and it is topping the charts as far as book sales go.  But who’s surprised?  The woman has been pushing this book ever since she inked her seven figure pay deal with the publisher.  For the last week, she’s been making the book selling circuit doing appearances on a variety of shows.  Ms. Palin’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was meant to be the first interview with the former candidate for Vice President to promote her new book Going Rogue.  That was yesterday.  Today, the bookstores are free to sell Ms. Palin’s book to the rest of the world.

Ms. Palin is doing well for a person who just a scant fourteen months ago was an enigma to just about everybody who didn’t live in Alaska.  Largely responsible for getting the conservative faithful fired up about their hopes for Arizona Senator John McCain’s run for the White House, Ms. Palin is now more than ready to kick aside her backseat role as Mr. McCain’s oval office stand in.  After being in the national spotlight for just a few short months, Ms. Palin realized that even her job as the Governor of Alaska was no where near enough for her ambitions.  She used her other foot to kick the governorship to the side and to go rogue in the private sector.  It seemed Ms. Palin would be willing to do anything to keep the attention of the conservative hopefuls, even putting her political stock at risk.

But the risk seems to have been well worth it.  A lot of people are working to make her more popular now than ever.  And these people are amazingly successful despite the character of the person that they are working with.  Now in her new role as leading lady on the conservative’s political stage, Ms. Palin has returned to the forefront with what could be interpreted as a virtual conservative standing ovation.

And it really doesn’t help that Ms. Palin is featured on talk shows like Oprah to give her account of the numerous appearances she made on the political campaign where she appeared to have stumbled.  One of the most notable stumbles was her appearance on several CBS News interviews with Katie Couric.  When asked an incredibly benign question like what newspaper or magazine she reads on a regular basis, Ms. Palin replied any and all.  Maybe it was a journalist instinct or maybe it was an obvious recognition that Ms. Palin was trying to avoid the question by pulling a thoughtless answer out of thin air, Ms. Couric pressed and asked her to name one.  Who can’t name a newspaper or magazine that they read on a regular or irregular basis?  A normal person might say Time magazine or Washington Post or USA Today if nothing specific came to mind.

Ms. Palin blamed her inability to answer the question to some annoyance with Ms. Couric, who Ms. Palin took pity on and granted the now-infamous interview to because of what she thought was Ms. Couric’s low self esteem and incessant pressure.  Katie Couric might suffer from a variety of mental conditions but I seriously doubt if low self esteem registers on the radar of the anchor person for the CBS Evening News.  It really does appear that Ms. Palin is using this new round of high profile interviews, as well as her book, as an opportunity to settle an old score with the woman who was very instrumental in exposing Ms. Palin as somewhat of an intellectual lightweight.

But if Ms. Palin’s recollection of Ms. Couric can be considered harsh, according to some preliminary reviews of her book, her critique of the Mr. McCain’s political handlers was downright scathing.  The book has so incensed some the Arizona Senator’s aides that he had asked his people to avoid engaging in any public discussion of the book that goes beyond correcting factual inaccuracies.  Nevertheless, conservative party strategists Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace have both denied Ms. Palin’s charges and have called the book a work of total fiction.  Essentially, both have called Ms. Palin a liar.

Regardless of the accuracy of this book that Ms. Palin claims is her own words, regardless of all the people who are countering the book’s assertions, regardless of how many interviews people like former future son in law Levi Johnston try to derail her agenda, despite what we see and read about her and by her, Ms. Palin remains a phenomenon that appears incapable of being turned down, let alone snuffed out.  Indeed, for many people who adore her, this woman’s star is brighter now more than ever.  It’s like she’s wearing Teflon underwear.  It appears that the bulldog in lipstick has clamped those powerful jaws on the leg of fame and she refuses to let it go.

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How Not To Play Basketball by Sarah Palin

Basketball Net

Death happens in sets of threes.  And political careers of Republican conservative politicians appear to be no exception.  First we have Nevada Senator John Ensign’s admission of an extramarital affair that turned into something out of a soap opera, with the Senator’s aides accusing the husband of his former mistress of extortion by demanding a substantial cash payout.  In order to end his nightmare, Mr. Ensign laid his adultery on the table for the world to see.

Second, we have South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford who figuratively and courageously told his constituents to go to hell as he boldly went by his lonesome where no politician has ever gone before, at least while in office and without his entourage, to have a tryst with his mistress way, way, way south of the border in Argentina over the Father’s Day weekend.

And now we have our third.  On the eve of Independence Day, traditionally a time when media attention is at a low point, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, with no fanfare, no pre-prepared remarks, and not much of an audience to witness the event, made an announcement that she would be stepping down as Governor.  The lipstick wearing doppelganger for a pit bull is calling it quits after just thirty two months in office.  And ever since the Republican National Convention when the Republican nominee Alaska Senator John McCain shrewdly bypassed all the politically qualified candidates to the wind and went with his gut to select the charismatic thrilla from Wasilla to be his vice presidential running mate, Ms. Palin’s attention has been on anything but being Governor.

To be fair, the past year has not been kind to Ms. Palin and her family.  When she skyrocketed onto the national political stage, it was quickly made painfully obvious that Ms. Palin was not ready for the national spotlight.  While it should be noted that no one is immune from making gaffs, Ms. Palin became a walking talking gaff machine.  All attempts to keep her from media scrutiny backfired.  The only thing she was allowed to say was her convention speech with the well worn and overused line that lipstick was the only distinguishing characteristic between a pit bull and a hockey mom.  And when she did manage to break communication silence, the results were less than stellar.  The interviews with CBS’s Katie Couric and ABC’s Charlie Gibson were not her shining moments of intellect or political sophistication,  And Saturday Night Live comedian Tina Fey used Ms. Palin’s public appearances as inspiration for some of the best comedy on that show in years.

After the election, Ms. Palin’s appears in the news under headlines more suitable for the attention hounds of Hollywood than for a politician of vision.  Ms. Palin has allowed herself to fall into heated public battles with Levi Johnston, the father of her grandson, and with late night television comedian David Letterman who crossed the line with a less than entertaining joke mocking her daughter’s appetite for sex.  Ms. Palin has accepted two high profile speaking engagements only to bail out and then, on the flip side, she’s passed on Republican dinner invitations only to agree to appear at the last minute but refusing to take a high profile role by declining to give a speech.  Even her creator Mr. McCain refuses to give her any thing resembling a political endorsement these days.  And Ms. Palin has confessed to becoming increasingly unhappy with the unflattering media scrutiny regarding her battles with her state legislature and all of the ethics complaints filed against her.

Now all of this, and much, much more, would drive anyone to want a timeout to lick their wounds.  But politicians, especially the kind that want the national attention of a national office, don’t want to just ride off into the sunset and fade away from existence.

But the timing of Ms. Palin’s retirement announcement only leads to more suspicion.  To announce the step down on the Friday before the Independence Day holiday weekend will simply lead to more scrutiny.  It leaves her with less than three years as Governor on her resume which is not a very strong argument to run for any national political office.  This shoots a huge hole in all of her talk about looking like a pit bull.  She doesn’t have the tenacity to run Alaska, how in the world will she convince the people that she has the resolve to run the presidency?  It is interesting that the Alaskan Governor quits her job free of scandal and while she was still extremely popular in Republican circles.  But South Carolina Mark Sanford, neck deep in scandal and more revolting than Michael Vick, at least for the moment, decides it’s in the best interest of his constituents that he stays in office.  Go figure!

During the press conference Ms. Palin used another metaphor and presented herself as a point guard exhausted by the full court press attacking her on the national level.  Ms. Palin said that she has driven through a full court press, protecting the ball, keeping her head up because she needs to keep her eye on the basket, and now finds it necessary to pass the ball so that her team can win.  Ms. Palin admitted that some are going to question the timing.  But after much prayer and consideration she said she asked the people who meant the most to her, her kids.  She posed the question whether or not she should be a positive influence and fight for all our children’s futures from outside the Governor’s office?  She said it was four yeses and one hell yeah.  That one probably came from Bristol tired of being an easy lightning rod for her mother’s controversies.

If the basket in her analogy is indeed a life outside of government then Ms. Palin would probably have a much easier time than staying on as Governor.  There is little doubt that her charisma and charm could work wonders as a fund raiser or as a political lobbyist.  But if her plan was to for a higher profile political office then her strategy leaves much to be desired.  A good basketball player knows when to pass the ball, but they never simply quit in the middle of the game.

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Letterman vs The Palins


David Letterman has the nerve to say something stupid about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family.

When Arizona Senator John McCain picked Ms. Palin as his running mate in his bid for the White House, Mr. McCain opened a Pandora’s Box of all kinds of political repercussions that continue to reverberate on a national scale.  Personally, I find it difficult to believe that Mr. McCain thought that Ms. Palin was the most qualified individual to entrust the governance of the nation should something dreadful happened and Mr. McCain was no longer capable of serving as President.  One of the things that Mr. Letterman said about the Alaska Governor was that she had to purchase makeup for her slutty stewardess look.  Cheap for a laugh or two for sure, but I’m sure it was that slutty stewardess appearance that gave Ms. Palin the edge over far more qualified potential running mates.

For whatever reason, whether you agree with her motives or not, Ms. Palin put her family in front of the world during the Republican National Convention for the entire world to see as a prime example of an average American family.  Since then we’ve learned that Bristol Palin was an unwed teen mother and the father to be was a self described redneck with more testosterone than sense.  The young couple talked a good game about how they planned to wed.  But it was pretty obvious that Bristol and her beau, Levi Johnston, had as much true love for each other as Mr. McCain and Barack Obama during a presidential debate.  Personally speaking the teen mother became a reminder of how poorly Ms. Palin’s view, opinion, and policy on issues of pregnancy and women’s reproductive rights manifest in practical applications.

The Republican Party’s effort for the White House became a godsend for comedians every where.  But Mr. Letterman made the ridicule of the Republican Party a personal vendetta after Mr. McCain ducked out an appearance on Mr. Letterman’s late night show in order to make an appearance on the CBS Evening News with Katie Coruic.  Mr. McCain’s transgression against Mr. Letterman was further aggravated because Mr. McCain claimed he had to cancel at the last minute to run back to Washington, D.C. for urgent national business.  The gloves came off that night and that Republican Party has been paying ever since.  And while the majority of the so called Republican Party leadership has proven to be feeding Mr. Letterman a great deal of material to work with, hardly anybody has proven to be more reliable for a laugh than Sarah Palin and her family.

The jokes got out of hand the other night when Mr. Letterman made the suggestion that Ms. Palin’s daughter got knocked up during a visit to a baseball game.  I don’t remember the joke.  I must say it wasn’t nearly as funny as the slutty stewardess reference.  In fact, it was down right tasteless.  But that’s nothing unusual for one of Mr. Letterman’s monologue.  Mr. Letterman says he was making a reference to Ms. Palin’s eighteen year old daughter Bristol.  But it was her fourteen year old daughter Willow who attended the baseball game and the Palin’s are now trying to make the suggestion that Mr. Letterman is some kind of borderline pedophile.  Truly the Palins should leave comedy to the professionals.  But without a doubt, there appears to be a very public brouhaha in the making between Mr. Letterman and the Palin family.  And the news media looks more than ready to incite this conflict.

For all her supposed political savvy I really don’t think Ms. Palin and the Palin family is playing this right.  Yes Mr. Letterman’s joke may have been offensive.  I’m sure if I was a public figure I would take the same, if not more, offense at any tasteless reference to any members of my family.  But Mr. Letterman just handed an opportunity for reconciliation with the Republican Party to Ms. Palin on a silver platter.  Mr. Letterman invited Ms. Palin onto his show.  They could bury the hatchet on national television.  Instead, Ms. Palin counters with her own brand of comedy with the suggestion that Willow wouldn’t be safe in Mr. Letterman’s presence.  For all of his uncouthness it should be pretty obvious that Mr. Letterman is no danger to anyone let alone somebody’s underage daughter.

However, where Mr. Letterman has the potential to be very dangerous could be to political fortunes.  Just ask John McCain.  No one would make the suggestion that Mr. McCain lost his presidential aspirations because of what happened between him and Mr. Letterman.  But it should be pretty obvious that it didn’t help to be ridiculed so regularly.  I’m no politician and I wouldn’t presume that I know enough about politics to advise anyone who has the political smarts to become a Governor of one of only fifty states.  However, I can’t help but think that a good politician would work hard to make friends in the highest of places.  If I was a politically savvy politician, I would think that driving a wedge in a potential relationship between me and somebody like David Letterman could not be helpful for my future political ambitions.

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Balancing Truth


How do you balance truth?  What do you balance truth with, a lie?  Do you balance the truth by selectively revealing certain truths or certain parts of the whole truth to make sure that both sides of an issue are evenly represented?  I thought about these questions in a couple of recent instances.  I was listening to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reflect on her bid as the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee for the White House.  It is Ms. Palin’s opinion that she didn’t get as much favorable review from the press as President-elect Barack Obama.  When asked whose fault was that she quickly pointed to the liberally biased media with a subsequent point of the finger to her handlers in Arizona Senator John McCain’s campaign for the White House.  If coverage was fairer she contends there may have been a totally different outcome to the presidential elections in November.

Now, I feel I paid more attention to the run up to the election than most voters.  While I may not have seen Ms. Palin’s interviews live I saw them in their entirety on the internet or as a recording on YouTube or some other website.  I did see her appearance in the vice presidential running mates debate.  I saw Ms. Palin duck a debate question by saying she didn’t feel the need to answer to the satisfaction of the debate moderator or to her political opponent Delaware Senator Joe Biden.  She spoke directly to the camera with a wink of her eye and a shout out to some grade school class back in Wasilla, Alaska promising the students a gold star and extra credit.  I saw Ms. Palin answer she reads a variety of periodicals that come her way and yet couldn’t recall the name of a single one.  I saw Ms. Palin dismiss community organizers because they don’t have any real responsibilities.  And I must’ve seen Ms. Palin do her lipstick speech a thousand times, so often it has now become a cliché.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Which one of these truths was unfair to Ms. Palin?  It is Ms. Palin’s contention that although these stories may have been true they were not favorable and therefore that was unfair.  The gaffs and the rambling answers to the most basic of questions were not favorable and should have been balanced with more images of Ms. Palin saying nothing and simply waving from the top of the stairs of the jet plane that shuttled her and her entourage from one location to another.  And when the public requested more information from Ms. Palin and wanted her to answer specific questions, she preferred to be more favorable than informative and give shout outs and eye winks to kids in an obscure classroom at the very corner of the nation.

But then I was reading through somebody’s end of the year list of criminals when at the top of the list was O.J. Simpson.  What makes Mr. Simpson criminal of the year?  He used the threat of violence to retrieve property that he insisted was stolen from him.  Why did he use the threat of violence?  Mr. Simpson tried to get the local authorities to help him recover his stolen property but they blew him off.  Mr. Simpson decided to take matters into his own hands and got a couple of gun wielding goons to pose as his posse.  Smooth move for a man hated by the majority of the people in the racially generic dominant community predominantly white.  However, this is the community that Mr. Simpson made his living off of so in his eyes it was probably a wash.  He thought he could get away with it if he was careful.  But then again, Mr. Simpson isn’t the shiniest oar in the elevator that doesn’t quite go to the top floor with a bag of marbles.

Despite all the murderers like Robert Hawkins who took his shotgun into a busy mall, went to the top level, and started playing Doom’s department store edition.  Despite swindlers like Bernard Madoff who may have squandered as much as fifty billion dollars from his investors.  Despite Joe Horn who killed two men by shooting them in the back after they allegedly burglarized his neighbor’s house.  Casey Anthony was so criminally callous it appears she helped cover the murder of her own child.  It is highly likely that this woeful excuse for a mother is culpable in the little girl’s murder.  And the biggest criminal in all of last year was O.J. Simpson because he threatened to use violence against someone.

Nevertheless, Mr. Simpson is a despised man.  Would anyone think that Mr. Simpson was treated unfairly?  Who would step forward to say that the venom of coverage that Mr. Simpson received should have been balanced with more favorable coverage of what he does?  In order to be completely fair the coverage of his deeds should have included him talking to kids about whatever has been retired football stars talk to kids about that makes them look good.  During the trial, maybe Mr. Simpson could have told the prosecutor that he decided not to answer the questions the way the court wanted and then turn to the jury to give a wink and a shout out to some elementary school in his hometown.  I’m sure that would’ve made Mr. Simpson look more favorable.  Don’t know if it would’ve kept him out of jail though.

In the final analysis, balancing truth by balancing favorable coverage is not any indication of fairness.  The only fairness for truth is accurate and complete information.  Favorable coverage can be damned.  If you want favorable coverage do something favorable and let it come forth honestly.  Otherwise, it may have as much authenticity as a wink of an eye and a shout out to some Alaskan peeps in elementary school.

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Palin’s World


Now that the nightmare of four more years of failed economic, military, foreign, domestic, health, social, and any other national policy we can think of is over with the election of Senator Barack Obama as our soon to be forty forth President, most of us can go back to our living our pre run for the presidency lives.  I saw a picture of Arizona Senator John McCain back home actually driving himself to some destination in one of his many vehicles without his entourage for the past couple of years or so.  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin went back to her home state and started doing what she claims to do best which are things like practicing foreign policy by keeping Russia in line and commanding the Alaskan National Guard.

This isn’t the first time a political party had to deal with the aftermath of losing a race.  But before the dust could settle from all the Election Day commotion the political infighting started in the Republican camp.  What remains of the Republican Party is being far nastier to Sarah Palin than any Democrat would ever dare to tread.  Ms. Palin has been portrayed as a high end, spend happy, compulsive shopper and a prima donna hillbilly who walks around donning nothing but a bath towel and a smile when she should’ve been prepping for her civic government tutoring session.  The criticism of Ms. Palin climaxed this week when it was announced that Ms. Palin did not know that Africa was a continent.

Former Senator John McCain for President staffers are slinging the mud on Ms. Palin in a clear attempt to blame her for their obvious failure.  And laying the blame squarely at Ms. Palin’s feet is easier than shooting polar bear cubs from a low flying huey.  It didn’t help that Ms. Palin could be regularly and so effortlessly lampooned by her doppelganger Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live using Ms. Palin’s very own words.  Ms. Palin was a walking talking gaff generating machine.

Ms. Palin went back to work and blasted the wave of critical stories from anonymous sources that have appeared in the media that Ms. Palin is constantly reading.  Ms Palin claims she never asked for anything more than the occasional soda.  Remarks suggesting she didn’t know her geography have been spitefully taken totally out of context.  Ms. Palin said, “It’s mean-spirited, it’s immature, it’s unprofessional and those guys are jerks.”

Now who exactly is the pit bull?  This from a woman who claimed that our President-in-Chief elect was palling around with terrorist, that he doesn’t love America like patriotic Americans love America, that he didn’t have any executive experience, that he was a socialist that wanted to spread the wealth and raise taxes because he didn’t care about hardworking Americans, that he was community organizer without any real responsibilities, and a whole host of criticisms delivered in front of a crowd of people who were the most conservative of the conservatives as they chorused with shouts of terrorist.  But I guess these criticisms were professional and mature.

To listen to Ms. Fey in her last parody of the unfortunate Republican Party running mate, Ms. Palin is thinking of making a stab at the 2012 presidential race.  Good freaking luck!  If Ms. Palin thought certain people within her own party are being jerks now that there’s nothing left to lose, wait until the has to face the full wrath of her future Republican Party competitors.

If this is in fact Ms. Palin’s future, in less than four years this young hockey mom will have to face some serious competition in the Republican dog pound where the tried and true Karl Rove tactics have been honed to a fine razors edge.  This unlucky lipstick wearing pit bull puppy would have to throw her wagging tail ass into the ring with the likes of Republican versions of Cujo, the rabid, demon possessed St. Bernard of the Stephen King horror novel by the same name, on one side and Cerberus, the three headed hound of hell, on the other side.  Mr. Obama and the rest of the Democratic were willing to take it easy on the thrilla from Wasilla.  The Democrats didn’t want anyone thinking that they’d be willing to throw their political arsenal at the national politics neophyte.  But training day is over and now comes the real fight for the Republican faithful.

When Ms. Palin didn’t hesitate to become the maverick sidekick to the maverick of maverick’s she opened up political Pandora’s Box.  She snapped the pop top of a political can of whoop ass pointed right at her own head.  Ms. Palin thought she was going to jump all the conservatives in the line and skip to the front to become the forerunner of the Republican Party.  However, now that Mr. McCain is no longer around to give her a hand up for his own political gain no one can protect her.  Unfortunately for the little Alaskan missy, the real viciousness has just begun.

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President Barack Hussein Obama


I really, really tried last night.  But no matter how hard I tried to stay awake, the sandman would not be denied.  I fell asleep about nine Central Standard Time, about ninety minutes before Senator John McCain gave his concession speech.  I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up to go to bed when I heard Mr. McCain’s voice.  I don’t remember exactly what he was saying, but I heard enough, he was conceding.  It registered on my sleepy brain that Mr. McCain, but I don’t think it registered that Mr. Obama won.

Ms. Peacemaker and I started tracking the polls about six thirty in the evening.  Mr. McCain was first on the board with eight votes to Senator Barack Obama’s three.  I think that was the last time Mr. McCain was in the lead.  At one point, the polls had Mr. Obama with about one hundred electoral votes to Mr. McCain’s thirty eight.  Mr. Obama pretty much was enjoying a two to one lead.

Now, I don’t know what officially makes a political landslide, but the 2008 election should be considered a prime example on the national scale.  But all night long the people monitoring the election claimed that the race was close and that Mr. Obama failed to flip some crucially needed traditionally Republican voting states.  When there were two hundred electoral votes for Mr. Obama and ninety for Mr. McCain, a few minutes before I lost consciousness, I figured all Mr. Obama needed was to win two more states, Florida with twenty seven votes and California with fifty five.  With awareness quickly fleeing away I knew it was pretty much in the bag.  It was virtually impossible for Mr. McCain to overcome his more than a hundred vote deficit and pull off an upset.

Regardless, I woke up to an expected surprise!  The forty fourth President of the United States will be the first President who is not known as a hundred percent Caucasoid male.  President Barack Obama will be the first visible minority President.  More than two hundred and thirty years after the birth of our nation we finally have a little racial variety in our highest executive office.  The historic nature of the occasion is monumental.

But then again, the challenges ahead of him and the rest of America are truly monumental.  No President has ever come into this office facing the variety of problems that await Mr. Obama.  Yes we may have had a President that had to face a great depression early in the twentieth century.  Yes we may have had Presidents that had to guide the country through wars.  But now we have an economic crisis of its own monumental proportions, a war fueled by differences in ideologies in two countries, a healthcare crisis with so many Americans losing everything including their lives, global competition as well as global animosity for the previous administration’s unilateral global policies, and so much more.  We voted for the black man to lead the country after the last white man screwed it up so royally.

Voting for Mr. Obama is only the first step.  He is not a dictator of a nation but a leader.  His predecessor, President George Bush, was at one time fond of saying that he is the decider who controls the fate of this country.  But if this election has done anything it has drilled home the fact that it is the collective people of America that are the deciders of this country.  The President might feel like he, or surely one day she, can operate with personal impunity, but he leaves the rest of his or her party to face retribution.  It wasn’t Mr. Obama who was the greatest contributor to the defeat of Mr. McCain but Mr. McCain’s association with an immensely unpopular President who explicitly and implicitly said that he didn’t give a shit about what the American public thought.

Mr. Obama goes into the presidency with the momentum of the world behind his back.  This great victory was achieved with a great deal of effort and coordination of people around the nation.  Mr. Obama cannot do it all alone.  He needs the help of the American people and he needs to stay accountable to the American people.  A lot of people supported Mr. Obama because they felt he was truly the best man for the job.  But on the other hand, there are a lot of other people who voted for Mr. Obama simply because we felt he was the lesser of evils.

If anything can be learned from the story of George Bush it is that the support Mr. Obama may enjoy today can evaporate quicker than a snowball in the hottest pit of hell.  He needs to remain focused and he needs to remember who he serves.  It was the people who donated the most to his political effort.  A lot of people wanted to see change.  Business as usual is not an option.  Two years from now there will be another national election and the Democratic Party that is firmly in charge of the legislature and the executive branch will be held accountable.  I strongly suggest that he, nor anyone else in politics, doesn’t continue the tradition of taking the people for granted.

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A Republican House Divided

As far back as I can remember I watched the Munsters with Fred Gwyne who played the friendly monster zombie Herman Munster.  Why would anyone be scared of Herman?  And I didn’t fully understand the relationship between Frankenstein and his monster.  I was always referring to the monster as Frankenstein.  It didn’t help that back in the sixties there was the cartoon of the little white boy named Buzz Conroy who flew around the planet on the back of his homemade super robot named Frankenstein, Jr.  It’s no wonder I believed, like many others, that the monster’s name was Frankenstein.

But back in the early seventies I saw the miniseries Frankenstein: The True Story that told Mary Shelley’s story much more detail as a psychological thriller.  Doctor Frankenstein was actually an apprentice for another doctor who was trying to uncover the secret of life, Doctor Henry Clerval.  But the experiment morphed with unexpected results when a reanimated human arm continued to move and gain strength despite the continued decomposition of flesh.  The Doctor Clerval discovered that he was actually on the verge of creating an unstoppable, uncontrollable, reanimated zombie.  But Doctor Clerval died before he could pull the plug on the experiment.  Doctor Frankenstein took it upon himself to see the experiment to its full conclusion.  He reanimated the entire human corpse of severed body parts.

Initially, the unnatural reanimated man was a wonderful accomplishment.  He was the epitome of European standards of beauty.  His demeanor was that of a young child.  But like the arm that the other doctor found, the reanimated man’s flesh continued to deteriorate.  People began to respond to the reanimated man with revulsion and hatred.  The more Doctor Frankenstein tried to control the interaction between the people and his creation the more the creation rebelled against the creator until, eventually, the two destroyed each other.

This is the scenario I see unfolding under rumors in the news that Governor Sarah Palin is rebelling against her handlers from the McCain for President campaign.  Ms. Palin went from being a virtual national politics nobody to becoming one of the brightest stars in the Republican Party sky almost instantaneously.  People heard her credentials about being the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska for a couple of terms and then being the Governor of Alaska for all of twenty months before being selected as Mr. McCain’s vice presidential running mate and that was all they needed.  She was a right wing conservative ready to flaunt small town American values, whatever that means.

But the McCain Palin team recognized the fact that, other than great at giving scripted speeches, Ms. Palin really didn’t have that much experience with national issues.  She needed to be brought up to speed.  For the most part, Ms. Palin was kept away from the press until she could be educated on what needed to be learned.  Her first interviews were rather disappointing.  Ms. Palin needed more work and more time and the pressure was building to present a candidate who would be ready on day one.  Ms. Palin needed more interviews with Mr. McCain on deck to hold her hand.  Ms. Palin needed a more sophisticated wardrobe to improve her visual appeal factor.  And with nearly every political move the effort took on a keystone cops execution and affect.

It is not surprising that frustrations are building for everyone involved.  It is rumored that Ms. Palin and Mr. McCain differ in political strategy.  With less than two weeks to go before we vote for our next President, Ms. Palin wants to throw political courtesy out the window and attack Mr. Obama for his relationship with Bill Ayers and his relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Ms. Palin wants to tell the country that Mr. Obama is not a patriotic American and wants to do the country harm.  Ms. Palin wants to remind the nation that Mr. Obama doesn’t have executive experience that is so valuable.  It’s just a coincidence that Mr. McCain doesn’t have any executive experience either.

With the little time we have yet to see these politicians campaign Ms. Palin is pulling out the stops.  While everyone says that they are the one to unite the country, Ms. Palin is ready to drive a wedge the size of Alaska into the country that will pit her America against the other America.  Ms. Palin stands ready to burn bridges to everywhere in order to appeal to her Republican base.  Ms. Palin holds absolutely no reservations about drawing a line in the sand.  And when people have such a strong desire to live by a sword, they will more than likely die by a sword.  And it won’t Sarah Palin that suffers a retaliatory strike designed for mutually assured destruction of character.  Mr. McCain will suffer the wrath of retaliation.

The infighting in the McCain Palin effort for the presidency has spilled over any effort to keep matters contained.  The creators of the Palin political machine can no longer control their creation.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Ms. Palin refer to the McCain political brand as a washed up has been.  There is a new Republican force on the horizon.  In the words of Darth Vader just before he murdered his old mentor Obi Wan Kenobi, the student is now the master.

One of the things I most admired about the Republican Party was its ability to move as a single, forceful block of political power.  Once the decision was made, everyone towed the line.  When Ms. Palin was picked as Mr. McCain’s political running mate, whether people agreed or not, the face to the public was that it was the best decision a Republican has ever made in the history of the Republican Party.  When the Republican’s held their national convention in Minnesota, they were nothing but positive in their assessment of their political chances for the presidency.  Compare that to the cracks of the Democratic National Convention where delegate Anne Price Mills from Texas goes on camera tearfully rejecting Barack Obama because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.  The fact that he was still the Democratic nominee was lost.  The Democrats still needed to pull together compared to the Republican’s political Kumbaya.

But now we are just a week or so away from the election and there appears to be some disarray.  Mr. McCain’s strategy for the presidency appears to be going as well as his last flight over Vietnam during the war.  The Republican heavy hitters are still playing the brave face, but it’s pretty obvious that there is some trouble.  There might be a political implosion unfolding before our eyes.  Only time will tell.  She might not be able to help Mr. McCain in his last gasp effort to become the next President.  She may not even want to continue to help him with what she thinks is his failed political strategy.  But I’m sure Ms. Palin thinks she can be the new face of Republican politics.

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Trick Or Treat For The McCain Palin Campaign

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Obama The Terrorist

I was appalled to see the Republican Party faithful at a campaign rally for Senator John McCain and his running mate Governor Sarah Palin calling for the death of Senator Barack Obama.  People from the crowd yelled such things like kill him, off with his head, and he’s a terrorist.  People accuse the Democratic Party’s nominee of being an Arab or a Muslim or of palling around with terrorists.  The latest commercials that come with Mr. McCain’s seal of approval describe Mr. Obama with such terms as he’s dangerous and suspicious.  Now I understand it’s standard procedure for people running for public office to do their best to call into question the character of their political opponent.  But it appears that this is being taken to new heights with the McCain Palin campaign and the insiders in the Republican Party.

Mr. Obama had to respond to the inexperience early in his formal bid for the White House.  Mr. Obama’s own vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden, has said that Mr. Obama did not have enough experience to be President.  Senator Hillary Clinton and hubby former President Bill Clinton had dismissed Mr. Obama with comments that question his ability to work the system.  At one point, Ms. Clinton said that she and her Republican opponent had a history of political accomplishments and that Mr. Obama had little more than a speech he wrote.  Mr. Obama weathered that criticism to become the Democratic nominee.  And Mr. McCain was too happy to pick up the criticism where Mr. Obama’s Democratic rivals left off.

But the one thing that the prolonged battle for the Democratic nomination did was to air out practically all of Mr. Obama’s dirty laundry.  We’ve already heard about Mr. Obama’s experimentation with illegal substances.  We’ve already heard about his affiliation with Bill Ayers.  We’ve already heard about his association with Jeremiah Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ.  We’ve already heard of his relationship with the real estate developer Tony Rezko.  We’ve already heard of all the accusations against his wife Michelle Obama and how she’s just an angry black woman who has never been proud of her country until her husband became the Democratic nominee.  Mr. Obama has faced these accusations and charges and has come through these various storms a better politician.  What else is left for Mr. McCain to bring up?

Mr. McCain’s supporters know they cannot win on the issues.  Mr. McCain has been too inconsistent in his various responses to the latest upheavals in the country and the world since his nomination.  But at the same time, Mr. McCain has been too consistent with his predecessor’s policies to convince the majority of the public that he has a plan for change.  Mr. McCain is to political change like vinegar is to honey.  The majority of America sees this.  The majority of America knows this.  And yet, the Republican Party hopeful want to try and pretend that Mr. McCain is the shot in the arm this country needs most.

But the pick of Sarah Palin as Mr. McCain’s running mate was probably the first real nail in Mr. McCain’s presidential hope’s coffin.  Suddenly, all the arguments that Mr. McCain made about Mr. Obama’s lack of experience and lack of political accomplishments suddenly flew out the window, and so did some of Mr. McCain supporters.  Many of the Republican faithful supported the McCain Palin ticket.  But subsequent days of little in the way of political substance from Ms. Palin began to call into question Mr. McCain’s choice.  Interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric exposed Ms. Palin as a national political light weight.  And the fact that Ms. Palin avoided interviews like Superman avoids kryptonite didn’t help the situation.  More people who took an honest evaluation of the situation began to abandon the Republican dark side for the other dark side.

Much, not all, of what remain of the McCain Palin supporters are people who wear their ignorance proudly on their sleeves.  People will swear that Mr. Obama’s a Muslim as if that alone is reason to vote for John McCain.  Some say he associates with terrorist.  Some will make the claim that they don’t know Mr. Obama enough even though he’s been running for President for the past year and a half.  But after less than two months as Mr. McCain’s running mate and with just a handful of in depth interviews people feel like they know Ms. Palin as well as they know their next door neighbor.  But now they feel that they know the Illinois Senator well enough to call him a terrorist or a Muslim or an Arab or whatever.  I saw a video of a man attending a Republican rally saying something to the effect, I don’t know him and I don’t need to know him.  Sounds like a man who is proud of his ignorance.

The more moves the McCain Palin ticket makes the more their base erodes and all that’s left are the people who are so stuck in their ways it’s surprising to hear that they ever started using light bulbs.  These are the type of people that will say their granddaddy’s granddaddy voted Republican and they’ll be damned if they break tradition.  But granddaddy never had to vote in the twenty first century under such circumstances as the ones we face today.  People need to start thinking for themselves.  When granddaddy voted Republican I’m sure he had his reasons.  However, I seriously doubt if it was because his granddaddy’s granddaddy did it.  He probably weighed the issues and voted what was best for the country.  Too bad granddaddy isn’t here to slap some since in his progenies.

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