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When Will America Take Responsiblity For Slavery?

“When are black people going to stop blaming white people for slavery?” – Deb

If white people aren’t responsible for slavery, then who is? I’m not sure what some white people want. Is it some white people’s contention that white people are not responsible for slavery? Is it some white people’s contention that they have done enough to undo all the damage done to the black community during , the same damage that continues to manifest itself in the black community today, that they no longer deserve a finger pointed in their direction?

A lot of people make shortsighted statements like no white person alive ever owned a black person and no black person alive has ever been a slave. That little statement might be true. But nevertheless, the black community has never been properly compensated for the unequal treatment that it suffered through America’s institutionalized slavery or through the era of blatant racism that continued long after a law was passed to subject the black community to its substandard status.

Slavery ended years ago. But the conditions that were caused by institutionalized slavery, where the white community enriched itself by not compensating black people for their labor, where the white community could establish programs to educate its population while the education of the black population was neglected, where members of the white community were allowed to accumulate wealth and pass that wealth down from one generation to another, where the black community in general was not allowed to participate in the accumulation of wealth and had nothing to pass down through its generations, continue to exist today.

When will black people stop blaming white people for slavery? I’m sorry but white people are solely responsible for America’s era of institutionalized slavery. I know some people like to promote the idea that black people were capturing other black people and putting them on those slave ships. But it was white people who established that trade with black people and it was white people who sailed those ships across the middle passage. It was white people who enriched themselves in the trade of black people. It was white people who packed black people like sardines into the bowels of slave ships, where black people had to defecate on themselves and each other, making it easier for disease to spread and infect everyone within the hold. It was white people who would toss black people over the rail like a sack of dirt, into the waiting arms of the ocean, when one of the pieces of cargo got sick.

It was white people who created the market of supply and demand that led to America’s institutionalized slavery. It was white people paying for black people at auction. It was white people who kept black people in rickety shacks and on sustenance unfit for white people’s consumption. It was white people that kept black people from learning. It was white people who broke up black families.

It was white people who put laws in government books that made it legal to consider black people nothing more than white people’s property. It was white people who passed laws making it legal to consider black people only three fifths human. It was white people who stood idly by while other white people would whip an enslave black a person within an inch of his or her life. It was white people who were willing to look the other way as black women were raped at the white man’s whim. It was white people who invited other white people like Willy Lynch to develop processes to separate black people from their land, from their families, from their community, from each other, from their culture, from their spirituality, and from any hope that they would ever return home and any hope to be made whole again.

I know there are many who would prefer to absolve the racially generic dominant community that just so happens to be predominantly white of any and all responsibilities for the condition of the black community. But the simple fact is that the white community worked for generations to destroy black people, the black family unit, and the black community. And after America came to its senses and realized that this blatant form of racial discrimination was in fact cruel and intolerable, it was white people who spread the myth that just passing a law to make slavery and racial subjugation illegal was all it took to make restitution to the black community. White people who worked so hard to subject black people did nothing to restore black people. Slavery was white people’s fault and no one else’s. White people were the ones who benefited the most from slavery. Black people were the ones who suffered the most under slavery.

Hey, everybody who was alive during that time is now dead so no one is obligated to do anything to repair the damage that white people have caused. More of the dominant community’s propaganda. The hijackers of the planes that terrorized America on September 11, 2001 died with their passengers and with all the other people who were killed. But that didn’t stop America from taking her wrath out on the Taliban and the rest of Afghanistan. America even held Iraq partially responsible even though the evidence against Saddam Hussein was transparent to a blind man. The perpetrators and the victims were both dead. Yet, America is still there, six years later with four thousand dead troops and a trillion dollar bill for war to show for it.

White people will hold fast to the idea that they’ve done enough to repair the damage to the black community. Black people have welfare, isn’t that enough? If anyone were to ever take an honest look at what race benefits the most from welfare he or she will see that white people are, once again, the biggest benefactors of the various welfare programs. Trust me, if black people were the ones benefiting the most from the welfare programs they would have been terminated a long time ago.

When will black people stop blaming white people for slavery? I’m sorry but white people are responsible for those pages in the America’s history book. The idea that we can change the history of slavery if we stop looking at it is a popular one among many who wish to protect the status quo. The proper question a lot of people should be asking is, when will America take responsibility for the damage it caused, and continues to cause, the black community?

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For What Shall It Profit Us

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the world, and lose his soul?” – Mark 8:36

American politics is a system that breeds cynicism, corruption, cronyism, and mediocrity. The most successful political candidates are usually the ones that offer quick and easy solutions to problems that can have deep social implications. Can’t afford to rebuild the roads? Issue a bond, borrow the money, and let future generations figure out how to pay for it. Need to balance the federal budget? Tap the social security money reserves intended to help pay for people’s retirement and let the politicians in office when it’s time for people to retire figure out how to get the money. People are complaining about the racial disparity in the public school system? Instead of spending money to support the schools that are lacking, usually in the black neighborhoods, we can spend money on bussing so we can shuffle students around to various schools so everyone can be mediocre. Are the gasoline prices getting too high? We can suspend federal taxes for a time period so that the eighteen cents that the government collects to repair roads and other services stops. Instead of paying four dollars a gallon gasoline with eighteen cents going to taxes we can pay four dollars a gallon and someone just pockets that extra eighteen cents. In the world of politics, immediate, simple solutions are key to winning over a public with little interest for the details of public social issues.

To compound this problem, there are powerful entities that want to make sure that their interest are well represented whatever the political environment. Wealthy corporate and private entities will use whatever vast resources at their disposal to wield influence on just about any serious political candidate from the local level all the way to the federal. These people have the resources to influence even the most powerful politicians to their disposal. It is a foregone conclusion that this influence involves money. But the ultimate goal is the power to bend others, even the most committed type A personality, to act against their own self interest no matter what. Often, it is a system of quid pro quo where I scratch your back and you’ll scratch mine. It is a prime condition for secrets that betray not the public’s trust or sense of faith, but the public’s sense of comfort that the politician will do whatever so the public doesn’t have to care about it. A politician’s penchant for secret deals and under the table partnerships and is a prime environment for fostering the corruption and cronyism.

It is truly difficult for me as a member of the black community to develop a comfortable trust in someone who has become so adept at thriving in such an environment. With rare exception, the political environment of the manipulators and the manipulated rarely has the black community’s welfare at heart. Indeed, a politician that makes the choice to reveal his or her self as a proponent of the black community is a politician that will be quickly guided to the exit door signaling an end to their political career. Therefore, a politician, whether black or white, will do well to keep any affiliation with the black community as distant as possible.

Black politicians have been able to achieve public office at all levels of government. Blacks have been city councilmen, Mayors, state representatives, Governors, and federal representatives. The only office black people have yet to hold is the President. But just because a black person holds a certain political office means nothing to black people. Black people are just as likely to be lynched by the police in cities with black Mayors or black police chiefs as we are in cities with all white public officials. The black community is ignored in states with black Governors just as we are in any other state. Poverty in the black community is just as rampant. Black unemployment is just as pervasive. Education for black people will be just as lacking. Medical care for black people will be just as disappointing.

With all of that said, there is an inherent flaw in the black community’s proclivity to put its collective faith in any politician. A cursory glance at American history will show that some politicians have appeared as champions of social change and an enormous boon to the black community. People in the black community have been programmed to accept America’s most famous politicians as people who have done well for the black community. The black community is supposed to appreciate George Washington because he freed his slaves in his will. But the fact is that George Washington condoned and supported the institution of slavery just like every land owner in his day. The black community is supposed to be thankful to Abraham Lincoln because he freed the slaves. But little is mentioned of the fact that Mr. Lincoln was a stout segregationist he never wanted to end slavery, who believed in the superiority of the white race, and would never condone black people achieving equality to white people. John Kennedy may have made the phone call to Doctor Martin Luther King when he was in prison for his civil disobedience. But Mr. Kennedy had a history of selecting some of the most conservative judges to fill the openings in the American south. And while the black community may thank Lyndon Johnson for passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Mr. Johnson condoned the public harassment of all civil rights icons throughout his presidency. And these are the Presidents we are supposed to admire.

Richard Nixon hired Donald Rumsfeld to head the office charged with the responsibility of eliminating poverty in America. Hiring the uber neoconservative to manage one of the most socially oriented offices in the presidency is akin to hiring a fox to guard a chicken coop. Ronald Reagan initiated his war on welfare with his story of the black welfare queen who sits at home and robs the federal government blind as justification to cut the social welfare programs that helped the black community to the bone. And no President could have manifested more disinterest in the welfare of the black community than George Bush during the Katrina disaster. President Bush declared a state of emergency for parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, but his declaration didn’t include New Orleans or the parishes with a heavy black population.

So it is with a great deal of suspicion and low expectations that a black politician becoming President will do anything with the black community in mind. Indeed, it is interesting that a black politician that has to defend himself against white people who regularly make everything from highly suggestive racial innuendoes all the way through to outright blatant claims of African American inferiority will dismiss such language as something that must be ignored, but will become visibly outraged and angry when his former pastor says that the black politician is required to make politically advantageous moves in order to win the highest political office in the land.

It is understandable after all. A lot of black people say that the pastor should keep quiet in order to help the black man win the presidency. But what will the black community gain other than bragging rights that a black man has finally reached the final political frontier? If the experience with the black Governor and the black Mayor is any indication, we won’t gain anything that will achieve anything for us. It will be business as usual.

Most of the social changes that have benefited the black community did not come from public office. The social changes that we have craved came through activism. It came through people who have been front and center in the church. Most of our changes have come from the black community that works hard and made sacrifices of dignity, sacrifices of physical pain, sacrifices of time and money, and the ultimate sacrifices of life. No politician is willing to make these kinds of sacrifices to help the black community. The black politician has an image that white people can trust him or her to uphold. Social changes, the type of changes many white people protest in order to keep their white privilege, will damage that image of trust. It is the black church that has gotten us this far. If black people are to ever come back together again to continue our long, arduous fight for some kind of racial equality in America, it will be through the black church and not through any political office.

The way things look it is a fairly safe bet that soon a black man will wear the title of President of the United States. In order to help the black man gain that title, a lot of people are ready to turn their back on the liberal theology of the black church. Many of us are willing to sell our soul in order to gain what we think is the greatest political office in the world. And black people want those bragging rights so badly that we are ready to allow the only institution that has ever truly worked in our favor, the black church, to be labeled as some relic of a segregationist past fueled by black people’s victim mentality. The black community stands ready to abandon our collective soul.

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The Monopoly Analogy

The Monopoly Analogy

“Think of it as a [Monopoly] game. The rules are the same for everyone, but the hard fact is that you weren’t allowed to play for a while. Now you can play, but because you’re bitter about being excluded you [want] the rules slanted in your favor.” – H.R. in a response to theblacksentinel

The quotation above was lifted from a response by a commenter to theblacksentinel’s article titled, Ron Paul – Racist Babble or Forward Thinking. This correlation is so appropriate that I wish I had thought of it. Regardless, let’s take a look at the board game of Monopoly and how adept it is as an analogy for the economic conditions between the black and white races here in America.

A Monopoly game starts and all the players that are allowed to play are white. Each gets fifteen hundred dollars and each will start from the same place on the board at the very same time. When the game is started each of the white players race around the board to buy up all the property. They buy up all the utilities and the railroads. Each of the white players buy up everything they can. And each time these players pass GO they are anointed with another two hundred dollars. The players exchange properties with each other. They are building up monopolies and they start to build houses and hotels. One of the players collects both utilities. Another player collects all the railroads. All the properties have been bought up and developed so landing on them can be pretty expensive.  But it’s okay because all the players own some kind of property and so money goes back and forth across the board.  The players know that what they pay to someone now will come back to them later.

Now that the board is developed we will allow the black player to come on board. The black player is given fifteen hundred dollars and starts at GO just like everyone else did. However, the black player has no chance to buy any property. The very first place he/she stops at will charge rent to the tune of two hundred dollars. The next time the black player moves cost another three hundred dollars. The next time the black player moves the rent is four hundred dollars. The player will be lucky to make it around the board once without going broke. If the player could just land on the Community Chest and the Chance spots they might be able to get by.

The Community Chest and the Chance represent the black player’s best chance of trying to get anything out of the white players. Hopefully the black player will get one of those cards that says the bank will make an error in the black player’s favor and he/she will get twenty dollars. Whoopty goddamn do! Or maybe the black player will get that card that forces the other players to give fifty dollars each. Without any real property for the other players to land on this will be the best chance the black player could ever have of getting any reciprocity from the other players. The white players call this type of income welfare or a handout and want to get rid of any positive Chance and Community Chest cards that might benefit the black player.

The black player could hole up in the free parking spot for a hot minute. But the white players are just salivating over the black player going broke by landing on their properties. The relief of landing on the free parking is only for a moment. Even Baltic Avenue can send the black player into an economic tailspin that will trigger their financial demise.

And wouldn’t you just know it. Somehow the black player is the one who always seems to land on the Go To Jail spot and has to spend three turns in jail. White players land there as well but somehow they are able to afford the legal bill to pay their way out or to get a pardon or a commuted sentence. All the white players will have a Get Out of Jail Free card waiting to be used. But for many black players the jail represents a reprieve from having to compete in a game that is so stacked against him/her.  The white players continue to go around the board buying and selling with each other while the black player eeks out an existence of just getting by.

But inevitably, the black player will land on a spot that will be financially devastating. With no money and no property to barter the player has no choice but to bow out of the game and hang around with no existence while the white players continue to play. Without the other players agreeing to do something to give the black player an equal footing for the lost time the white players were able to amass wealth and property the black player in the Monopoly game will have little chance at surviving let alone winning the game.

The only problem is that in the reality of here and now, the black community doesn’t really have the choice of just bowing out of the game and existing while the white people continue to play. We still have to obtain food, a place to stay, obtain some kind of medical care, clothing, transportation, and all of the other things that help make life tolerable. The white community that for centuries kept black people from participating now wants the black community to take part as an equal in this game when they have been the benefactors of a colossally huge head start. No one would ever want to play Monopoly under these conditions. But somehow this is supposed to be fair to the real life black player known as the general black community.

It is so true that the abysmal conditions that the black community is going through is just like a Monopoly game. Now that white people have this huge head start they want to let the black community come on in and are surprised when we say this is unfair and we need an adjustment to get our footing as a collective. Yes relatively speaking a handful of black people can make it. But the only blacks that do make it are the ones that find some white person that will give them the chance to show their talent to shoot a hoop or score a touch down or sing a song or swing a club. And when these naturally talented black people succeed they no longer are part of the black community but of the generic dominant society helping to subjugate the remaining black community. The average black person has no real opportunity to gain any equal footing on his/her own. The deck of cards in this game has been stacked too heavily against us.

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People Aren’t Racist, They Just Sound Like It

White People Only

A lot of people write comments that somewhere in the beginning say something to the effect that the writer is not racist. But right after the disclaimer they’ll say some of the stupidest, most bigoted things. I’m not racist but black people need to go to school. I’m not racist but black people have no work ethic. I’m not racist but black people are the source of all crime. I guess these people feel like they’re just telling things as they are without any personal bias. But if that’s the case why does it have a tendency to sound like the stupidest and bigoted things they are?

Just this morning I read a post with a guy saying, I’m not racist but I’d like to pop some black loud mouthed woman in the mouth. Okay I’ll bite. What fact about this statement makes it obvious that the writer isn’t racist? Is it just some kind of crazy coincidence that Mr. White just so happens to like to fantasize about assaulting black women? I’m not under any false assumption that some black women don’t need a good popping. But coincidentally there are white woman that could use a good pop as well. There are women of every shade, grade, and color that could use a good smack. In fact, there are men of every shade, grade, and color that could use a good bitch slap as well. I have to confess there have been more than once where I should’ve been knocked on my ass. Almost everyone at some time in their lives could have benefited greatly from getting their ass kicked. But this racist white writer wants to focus his attention on black women with a disclaimer that he’s not racist. Not only is he racist but he’s misogynistic as well.

Other people will make racist comments about black people could get jobs if they would just quit their belly aching or pity parties and go to school. Why do these people insist on believing the assumption that black people are not educated? Black people could get jobs if they’d quite trying to dress all ghetto fabulous when they put in their application. Why do these people insist on believing that black people don’t know how to dress for an interview or apply for a job?

Let the black person apply for an employment opportunity and the automatic assumption is that they are not as qualified as the white applicant. Let the black person apply for an educational opportunity and the assumption is that there will be a more qualified white person who applied for the same position. White applicants will make claims of reverse discrimination when they discover that they didn’t make the cut because a minority got the opportunity.

Funny thing though. The white person who would make claims of reverse discrimination would be as quiet as a church mouse when it is another white person that got the opportunity instead of them. I have yet to hear a white person make a claim of parallel discrimination. It’s only when the competition for an opportunity falls along racial lines do people bother to hold an institution to the fire to check for unfairness. White people never utter a peep when they loose their opportunity to another white candidate who may be unqualified. A white person doesn’t say anything when the unqualified candidate is the son or daughter of an alumni or an exceptional financial donor. The day a white person points to another white person and makes a claim of parallel discrimination will be an interesting day indeed.

Until then however, we have to deal with people who aren’t racist but have a tendency to say the most racist things. “I’m a good person. But if my son wants to keep his job in the family business he has to dump his nigger girlfriend.” To the vast majority of the people if the words from this racist had never been made public then no harm no foul. If the man hadn’t used the word nigger then there would be no problem. But the fact of the matter is that the man is using his position and the control of the family wealth to manipulate his son to keep black people from penetrating his inner circle. “I’m not racist. But everything would have been okay if it was kept behind doors. The person who busted his racism and made it public is the problem for society.” Blaming the whistle blower is something that’s supposed to be rather immoral in America. It becomes news when the whistle blower gets fired for making the unethical inner workings of government or business public information.

But if the whistle blower is outing racism people bend over backwards defending the racist. “I’m not racist. But what’s the problem? That black woman could have been after that man’s money.” People don’t know jack about the woman and they want to blame her for what comes out of a racist’s mouth. The assumption is that the black woman is unethical despite the lack of any evidence other than she’s black. To a lot of people that’s proof enough. And all that racist talk from the racist? People with a white mindset are more likely to say something like, “What’s the problem? No biggie. I’m not racist. I said the same thing just this morning.”

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Video of a White Man Attacked

Subway Trains

There is a video floating around that shows a white man being attacked on his commute to/from work by a gang of black girls. The girls look like they might have been teenagers. The man looked like he was somewhere in his thirties. He has a close cropped haircut. He might have been a young professional. Then again he may have worked at Subway. It looks like the guy and one of the girls are engaged in what appears to be a somewhat heated argument over something or other. Suddenly one of the girls starts to punch him out of the blue. The man freezes for a second shocked at being attacked. The girls take advantage of the man’s confusion and start punching him again. The guy tries to defend himself but there are way too many for him to keep them away from him. I would estimate that there were maybe at least five girls involved in this attack. At one flash point, the man becomes so frustrated he draws his hand back ready to clean one of the girl’s clock when his sense of community overrides his sense of self preservation. Or maybe he just thinks he might be more severely attacked if he fights back. He changes his mind and simply covers himself up in an upright fetal position. The gang of little girls takes advantage of the man’s discretion, interprets it as a sign of vulnerability, and intensifies the attack on him. The entire attack was caught on a camera phone by another girl who was with the gang.

In their pursuit of some kind of power or control or intimidation over someone else these girls don’t realize the damage they have done to the black community. The behavior of these young women reinforces many stereotypes of negative black behavior. Too many people would watch this video and come to the conclusion that people in the black community are simply too vicious and need their disposition for violence controlled by the dominant white society. Without any real provocation all the girls went stupid against this man. People can try and justify their actions by saying that the verbal exchange could have prompted an ass kicking. But if that’s the case, why did one of the girls have a camera phone recording the incident? Could this be interpreted that their assault was preplanned?

And for what? Was the thrill of having someone allowing himself to get his ass kicked really worth all the negativity? It is rare for me to think that the police need to be involved when it comes to disciplining our community. The heavy handed approach law enforcers and representatives of the judicial system like to apply to black people seems to go way over the top in far too many cases. Black teenaged boys having consensual sex with teenaged girls are being successfully prosecuted and receiving sentences of ten years in a state penitentiary. Black teenaged girls are being punched in the face by police for breaking curfew. But if there was ever a case for black children to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law then this is surely one of them. These girls like to gang bang people on their commute? I say let them go to prison and learn what it’s truly like to be banged by a gang.

None of these girls took the time to give someone else any compassion. How would they feel if it was one of their family members who was being assaulted by a group of people merely for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? What would they say if it was their mother, father, brother, or sister who was coming home on public transportation and a bunch of low lives decided it would be a cheap but cool thrill to punch and beat the shit out of him or her? Not knowing these dumb asses and judging from their shameful display of antisocial behavior it is difficult to assume if they would feel anything at all.

On the flipside I have to give credit to the white man in the video who showed considerable self-control. This man demonstrates how much he valued his community by restraining himself when most people would have hauled off and smacked one or two or all of those girls into the middle of next freakin’ week. Instead of giving in to his desire to strike back he never forgot that these were minors he was dealing with. Not too long ago there was another video of a black teenaged Shelwanda Riley being punched in the face by Dan Gilroy, one of Fort Pierce, Florida’s finest, for trying to defend herself when the police officer twisted her arm behind her back. Television pundits defended the cop and justified the punch he threw because he was being so viciously attacked by the girl half his size who tried unsuccessfully to bite him. The guy in this video could have easily beat one of these girls down and be exonerated as some kind of hero in the eyes of the dominating white mindset community. But instead the guy took all the hits and punches without much in the way of retaliation.

A lot of people see this video as justification of the subjugation of black people. A lot of people make mocking pleas for Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton for assistance. One has to wonder why these same jokesters just didn’t call for Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Juan Williams, Sean Hannity, Don Imus, Pat Buchanan, Rudy Giuliani, Dan Gilroy, the guards that murdered Martin Lee Anderson, the district attorney of Jena, Louisiana, Stacey Koon, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Mark Furman, Trent Lott, George Bush, just about any police officer in the New York city area, Bernhard Getz, Fred Thompson, or any police officer who suffers from the condition widely known as the contagious shooting of black people instead.

I suffer from no hope that this white man just so happens to be one of those truly rare open minded individuals who really sees people in the black community as equals. In fact, he is more than likely the type of guy who sees black people as uneducated, unemployed, welfare rats, and vulgar. In all probability did say something demeaning or racist or offensive. There’s a reasonable probability that one or more of these girls had a run in with this guy before and this altercation was planned to exact some kind of payback. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had met the guy and didn’t care for him one bit. But without knowing anything else about this guy I do have to give credit where credit is due. This man deserves a lot of credit for the consideration he displayed under pressure.

Not every black person exhibits the type of behavior demonstrated in this video. In fact, I would venture to say that it is pretty rare. And not every white person would pass on the opportunity to slap a black teenaged girl down even when they have plenty of cause to do so. This guy seems to be a pretty rare phenomenon as well.

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The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been so credulous.” – Carl Sagan

The last time America had no laws protecting black people white people were trying to do their best to try and make the black community’s life as miserable as possible. White people were lynching black people who were trying to do little more than live their lives without drama. Back before there were civil rights laws giving black people some protection white people were free to exclude black people from employment and educational opportunities. Courts were no help. White men like James Ford Seale were free to kill black people without any fear of retribution from the short arm of the law. And the fact that there were a few black people who were able to prevail despite the unfavorable conditions they faced doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a problem. A lot of people worked hard and a lot of people have died in order to obtain the laws that give the black community some protection. So it really would be a shame to simply dismiss their sacrifices in the struggle between the black and white communities.

For some people, the modern interpretation of the struggle between the dominant culture and the black culture has been minimized as little more than black people trying to play the race card anytime something doesn’t go our way. It is true that many black people are far too quick to holler racism whenever they find themselves in an unfavorable situation. This is an unfortunate circumstance because these examples of black people crying “wolf” are the fuels used by the people with a white mindset to push hard to nullify any and all claims of discrimination by the black community. These people constantly walk around in a fog or with blinders to the reality that the black community suffers from real subjugation. Because of their choice to exercise a rather limited understanding of these issues these people have the opinion that a rollback of the various laws implemented to keep racial discrimination in some kind of check and put some kind of fairness in a widely distorted playing field would be a good thing. The proper way to combat racism is to keep from looking at race. Racism would just go away if we would stop pointing it out.

Interestingly, people forget what life in the United States was like for the black community prior to us actually looking at and confronting racism. This country was as far as can be from any racial harmony. Take for example the institution of slavery back when we didn’t have civil rights laws. If I’ve interpreted history correctly, black people were being bought and sold like so much cattle. It is true that at this time in our inhumane past practically nobody was making claims of racism in the nation’s various courts. For many people in the dominant class, race, mindset, or whatever classification one deems applicable, it was an ideal time for race relations. White people were being served and black people were doing the serving. A white man who didn’t even own property had the authority to control black people just by the fact that he was white. This was a fond time for many white mindset people.

Laws were enacted to bring this type of discrimination to a halt. People didn’t have the integrity or sense of community to stop themselves. Nobody was saying something as asinine as the best way to stop slavery was to stop looking at the institution of slavery. Laws brought the enslavement of black people to a slow halt. The country had to go to war before people would give up their ways of discrimination.

However, the dominant culture adapted to the new conditions and enacted various forms of Jim Crow. Black people couldn’t vote because their grandfather didn’t vote back when he was a slave. Or black people couldn’t pass the literacy test administered only to black people so they couldn’t vote. Interestingly, illiteracy also plagued the poor white community but somehow they were immune from the literacy testing. Black people didn’t have any recourse when we were constantly being passed over at the all white company or school. Black people had their property destroyed by white vandals. Our black ancestors were not free to live where they wanted. The black community had to make due with our own schools that were separate from white schools and pitifully unequal. And this was another fine time for a lot of white people.

Laws were enacted to bring this type of racism to a halt as well. Nobody was saying the best way to fight housing, employment, or educational discrimination was to stop looking at Jim Crow laws. Change was implemented to bring these practices to an end. But again the dominant mindset adapted to the new operating environment. A psychological reprogramming of the public has taken place. There was a time that white people would have been embarrassed to have one of their own caught hanging nooses from a tree or publicly venting a discriminatory rant. There was a time when a white person busted for using the word nigger or buckwheat in reference to a black person was publicly castigated. A white man with a radio show calling black women nappy headed whores would have been asked to leave before he could finish his sentence.

But now people come out defending these people’s right to be as racist as they want to be. What is even worse is when black people come out of their place of hiding to defend white people who are advocating the subjugation of the black community or promoting racial stereotypes. A racist white man has the right to tell his son he can’t work for him until he stops dating his nigger bitch girlfriend.  The busted racist gets his black preacher friend to tell the world despite what everyone heard that this is a good man who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Forget the evidence that plainly indicates a racist vein. A white man using his radio show to call a predominantly black organization of women basketball players a derogatory slur is given a pass because the black gangsta rapper who gets his money from the white music industry is paid to make misogynistic music about black women. A popular white actor show up for a news conference in black face and his black actress girlfriend defends it as just a harmless prank. And let’s not forget the harmlessness associated with little white kids hanging nooses in school yards.

The economic disparity between the white community and the black community is growing on a daily basis and is picking up speed. Black people suffer from higher incarceration rates. The black community has a much higher percentage of our population unemployed or without adequate medical coverage. Black people suffer the worse in any statistic people wish to use to measure their relationship to the dominant whole. And this is the case when we have laws in place that are supposed to help close this gap between the two races, or at least try to keep it from expanding.

So now the public is supposed to believe that dismantling the little safeguards we have in place now is supposed to make things better for all. This is nothing more than the fruit of the psychological programming taking shape and manifesting itself. Now, people are free to practice their subjugation of the black community and they can do it while convincing people that looking at the racial makeup of a company or an institution of learning is akin to keeping racism alive. And the amazing thing is that people buy this argument. And what’s even more amazing than that is the fact that black people buy this argument as well. Many of our ancestors died trying to get us the little protection that we have now enacted. But I guess these black people feel that the black people who died in the struggle for the black community were mistaken. But that’s okay! These blacks, along with a number of other people who share their pro dominant culture mindset, will have an opportunity to rollback the clock so we all can get back to the good old days where we didn’t pay any attention to issues of racism.

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Reverse Discrimination Is Bogus

Reverse Discrimination Bogus

If someone were to ask me for the definition of reverse discrimination I would have said that reverse discrimination was when a white person goes to apply for a job or is bypassed for promotion at a company or applies to go to a school that is owned by black people or that is predominantly and overwhelmingly black, and refuses to allow white people to join despite their qualifications, talent, education, or experience. Reverse discrimination would be the opposite of discrimination which is when white people prevent black people from participating fairly in the employment market or the education environment.

But reverse discrimination is actually when a company or school that is predominantly white and takes it upon itself to diversify its environment by taking the steps necessary to recruit a more racially diverse student or employment population and other white people feel cheated or like they’ve been grievously injured because they did not get in. Never mind the fact that the institution could already be ninety nine percent white. If the organization does anything as dastardly as to try to increase that one percent minority population to something as outrageous as two percent and some white person didn’t get in then what we have here is a clear case of reverse discrimination.

Let the black person make a charge that they may have been the victim of discrimination and there is a great deal of skepticism for his or her claim. The assumption most people with a white mindset make is that the black person is being overly sensitive or is simply trying to make trouble without any foundation. They black people’s claim of discrimination is minimized with the claim that black people are simply playing the race card. Black people are rarely the most qualified individual for any given opportunity so they are regularly given an overwhelming task of proving their claim. Black people are ridiculed for allowing themselves to feel victimized. Black people are just looking for a pity party and would do well to lift themselves by their own boot strap.

On the flip side of the coin, let a white person claim that they are the victim of reverse discrimination and there is a great deal of sympathy for their claim. A lot of people with a white mindset can understand and identify with the white person who feels victimized. The white victim is not so quickly dismissed as being bitter for getting passed over for a position that they were less than the best candidate for. White people are often assumed to be the better candidate for an opportunity when compared to a black person and so the burden of proof isn’t much of a burden at all. White people are always being kicked to the curb in order for some institution to support or promote lesser qualified black people. Black people hardly ever lift themselves up by their boot strap and are always looking for a handout.

Ironically, the white person’s claim of discrimination is never ever made against a company with a history of discriminating against white people. In fact, the white person who claims to be discriminated against is usually against a company that is doing its best to reverse its traditional neglect of the ethnic community. But such a move is obviously strongly disapproved by the people, black and white, who would do anything to keep the status quo that favors white privilege and black subjugation.

When a black person makes a claim of racial discrimination it is usually against a company that has demonstrated a history of neglecting the black community. A company or institution that is void of black people or one where the black population is so poorly represented that discrimination is apparent if someone made the choice to recognize it for what it truly was.

But when the white person makes a claim of discrimination he or she is actually saying the company or institution is guilty of keeping a single white individual from joining when the company or institution has a strong history of support for the white community. This discrimination that the white person is claiming is not a form of discrimination that continues to perpetuate the subjugation of an entire race of people. This is the type of discrimination that tries to prevent the proliferation of racial diversity. Racial diversity runs absolutely contrary to white privilege. And a white dominated culture must protect their elevated status at all cost.

Fictitious horrors like reverse discrimination have about as much merit as one of America’s billionaire CEOs filing for welfare. It happens on a regular basis and we condone it. In order for our society to be absolutely fair the people with all the money should have the same opportunity to file for section eight as the people with no money at all. Fairness is top priority in America’s perpetual pursuit of absolute equality without ever doing anything that is even remotely equal.

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