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Does The “C” In CNN Stand For Coon?


My morning workday rituals include catching up on all the news overnight.  At some time around four in the morning I will start my day with the television on in the background.  I will start with the CBS national news.  I then will switch to the ABC national news to get their version of whatever somebody says is the top news for the day.  I then switch back to the CBS affiliate to get the local news.  And I wrap it all up with CNN, the most trusted name in news.  MSNBC with Joe Scarborough is not an option.  And FOX News is anything but news.  While the others get about thirty minutes apiece, CNN can benefit from as much as ninety minutes of my time.

For the past couple of months or so, with just about every break for commercials, CNN, the most trusted name in news, has been peppering their broadcasts with advertisements for their head coon as farce, D. L. Hughley.  CNN wants to capitalize on the trend for young people to get their news through comedy shows like the Daily Show with Jon Steward and the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert.  In order to exploit this development, CNN has put its effort for comedy news behind Mr. Hughley.  And what a choice it is.  It ranks right up there with Arizona Senator John McCain choosing the infamous Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  One of the advertisements for the program shows Mr. Hughley with his hand up as if trying to slow one of his guests down during one of his sure to be far from in depth interviews and saying something like, “Come on, man.  I barely know how to read.  I’ve got a G.E.D.”

Mr. Hughley is first to admit that he has no love of news, politics, current events.  He is quick to complain about the rigor of reading newspapers and web sites, listening to the radio talk shows, and watching his own network’s number one product, the anchored news broadcast.  And this is the man CNN wants to represent their foray into satirical news.  Mr. Hughley is about as qualified to be a network news anchor as Rush Limbaugh is qualified to be an advocate of affirmative action.

And speaking of affirmative action, it should be obvious to anyone with or without working vision balls that Mr. Hughley is a classic example of an unqualified black man benefitting from seriously unfair favorable treatment.  The last time I had anything to say about this man who will do anything to ingratiate himself to anyone willing to pay good money to see him lick boots, he was doing his best to bring attention to himself by telling black people to get over themselves and leave Don Imus alone.  Mr. Hughley was quick to add his less than helpful opinion and say, “There were some nappy headed women on the team and those are some of the ugliest women I have ever seen in my life.”  As a reward for being the epitome of the news media’s cheesing lawn jockey, Mr. Hughley is now given his own television show.

I must confess that I was tempted to tune into this show once.  During my morning ritual, an advertisement for the program showed an officious looking man calling Mr. Hughley a liar.  That piqued my curiosity for about a minute.  Early one Sunday morning, probably after the second or third airing of Mr. Hughley’s show, I found out that the officious guy calling the head coon as farce a liar was actually Josh Levs who appears regularly as part of CNN’s Truth Squad segment.  It turns out that Mr. Levs was planted on the scripted show and the liar accusation was nothing more than a gimmick.  The Sunday morning anchors were giving Mr. Levs a bit of teasing for being the victim of some colorful threats from Mr. Hughley.  I was glad that I never followed through on my curiosity.  I was disappointed in myself for being so easily duped into almost thinking of tuning into this travesty of comedy or of news.

Watching any other CNN program, no anchor, reporter, contributor, producer, cameraman, assistant, or anyone else affiliated with the news network would even think of promoting the fact that they didn’t have a degree, never mind never graduated from high school.  But there is no shame to Mr. Hughley’s lack of an education or lack of anything to credibly support him getting his own television show on CNN.  Stephen Colbert studied at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  Jon Stewart attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  It took some searching but according to his web page Josh Levs attended Yale University.  But Mr. Hughley gets a pass with nothing more than a successful score on his general educational development test.

The Colbert Report is a 2008 winner of the George Foster Peabody Award which recognizes excellence in news and entertainment.  In 2008, the program also won an Emmy Award for outstanding writing for a variety, music, or comedy.  While I’d like to think that my opinion of anything is not influenced solely by the number of awards won or the caliber of such awards, for a comedy show to garner such recognition indicates a certain amount of sophistication and intelligent delivery in its development.

However, it would be no surprise to see Mr. Hughley’s show stoop to the sophomoric humor as fart jokes and put downs that are the staple of Mr. Hughley’s comedic talent.  What more can you expect from a man whose two cents to racially charged issues like a white man calling an organization of predominantly black women “There were some nappy headed women on the team and those are some of the ugliest women I have ever seen in my life.”  CNN might as well let Wolf Blitzer tell fart jokes in his opening monologue before he gives his “news” reports.

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President Barack Hussein Obama


I really, really tried last night.  But no matter how hard I tried to stay awake, the sandman would not be denied.  I fell asleep about nine Central Standard Time, about ninety minutes before Senator John McCain gave his concession speech.  I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up to go to bed when I heard Mr. McCain’s voice.  I don’t remember exactly what he was saying, but I heard enough, he was conceding.  It registered on my sleepy brain that Mr. McCain, but I don’t think it registered that Mr. Obama won.

Ms. Peacemaker and I started tracking the polls about six thirty in the evening.  Mr. McCain was first on the board with eight votes to Senator Barack Obama’s three.  I think that was the last time Mr. McCain was in the lead.  At one point, the polls had Mr. Obama with about one hundred electoral votes to Mr. McCain’s thirty eight.  Mr. Obama pretty much was enjoying a two to one lead.

Now, I don’t know what officially makes a political landslide, but the 2008 election should be considered a prime example on the national scale.  But all night long the people monitoring the election claimed that the race was close and that Mr. Obama failed to flip some crucially needed traditionally Republican voting states.  When there were two hundred electoral votes for Mr. Obama and ninety for Mr. McCain, a few minutes before I lost consciousness, I figured all Mr. Obama needed was to win two more states, Florida with twenty seven votes and California with fifty five.  With awareness quickly fleeing away I knew it was pretty much in the bag.  It was virtually impossible for Mr. McCain to overcome his more than a hundred vote deficit and pull off an upset.

Regardless, I woke up to an expected surprise!  The forty fourth President of the United States will be the first President who is not known as a hundred percent Caucasoid male.  President Barack Obama will be the first visible minority President.  More than two hundred and thirty years after the birth of our nation we finally have a little racial variety in our highest executive office.  The historic nature of the occasion is monumental.

But then again, the challenges ahead of him and the rest of America are truly monumental.  No President has ever come into this office facing the variety of problems that await Mr. Obama.  Yes we may have had a President that had to face a great depression early in the twentieth century.  Yes we may have had Presidents that had to guide the country through wars.  But now we have an economic crisis of its own monumental proportions, a war fueled by differences in ideologies in two countries, a healthcare crisis with so many Americans losing everything including their lives, global competition as well as global animosity for the previous administration’s unilateral global policies, and so much more.  We voted for the black man to lead the country after the last white man screwed it up so royally.

Voting for Mr. Obama is only the first step.  He is not a dictator of a nation but a leader.  His predecessor, President George Bush, was at one time fond of saying that he is the decider who controls the fate of this country.  But if this election has done anything it has drilled home the fact that it is the collective people of America that are the deciders of this country.  The President might feel like he, or surely one day she, can operate with personal impunity, but he leaves the rest of his or her party to face retribution.  It wasn’t Mr. Obama who was the greatest contributor to the defeat of Mr. McCain but Mr. McCain’s association with an immensely unpopular President who explicitly and implicitly said that he didn’t give a shit about what the American public thought.

Mr. Obama goes into the presidency with the momentum of the world behind his back.  This great victory was achieved with a great deal of effort and coordination of people around the nation.  Mr. Obama cannot do it all alone.  He needs the help of the American people and he needs to stay accountable to the American people.  A lot of people supported Mr. Obama because they felt he was truly the best man for the job.  But on the other hand, there are a lot of other people who voted for Mr. Obama simply because we felt he was the lesser of evils.

If anything can be learned from the story of George Bush it is that the support Mr. Obama may enjoy today can evaporate quicker than a snowball in the hottest pit of hell.  He needs to remain focused and he needs to remember who he serves.  It was the people who donated the most to his political effort.  A lot of people wanted to see change.  Business as usual is not an option.  Two years from now there will be another national election and the Democratic Party that is firmly in charge of the legislature and the executive branch will be held accountable.  I strongly suggest that he, nor anyone else in politics, doesn’t continue the tradition of taking the people for granted.

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If Obama Wins

Months ago, when Senator John McCain actually pulled ahead of Senator Barack Obama in the polls asking people who they favored for the presidency, somebody actually wrote that black people will riot if Mr. Obama did not win the presidency, as if to say that black people have become so used to having our political aspirations satisfied that we have difficulty accepting disappointment.  Everybody knows that when a black man or woman running for Mayor or Governor or any other political office and fails black people are quick to take to the streets.  Kind of like hockey fans when their team wins the Stanley Cup.  These are the same black people who riot when the company they work for don’t hire the black candidate to fill a position.

I hope you can tell that I’m being just plain silly.  Truth be told I’ve never heard of black people rioting because a black candidate didn’t get the majority vote and lost to the white opponent.  Black people are well aware that the political cards are stacked against the outcome that most favors the black community.  If Mr. Obama doesn’t win, what’s one more disappointment for the black community?  I seriously doubt if there’s going to be some big, nationwide black uprising.

But nevertheless, somebody wrote some time ago that black people are preparing to riot so therefore, white people need to prepare for anarchy.  It is a situation similar to the Y2K scare that said at the end of the second millennium, civilization would seize up because our computer driven systems, nearly everything in the modern world, would suffer an information crisis.  Nothing evil happened on midnight on the eve of Y2K.  It would’ve been nice had it did.  That way, all the people who invested in freeze dried food, electric generators, home water purification system, firearms and ammunition, a lifetime supply of toilet paper, and who knows what else would’ve gotten something for their survival gear investment.  But Y2K turned out to be without exception the biggest dud to feed our collective anxiety.

When it looked like Mr. Obama would lose, some people thought it would be prudent to prepare for the day Obama loses, or DOL, on November 4th.  DOL would be the straw that broke the frustrated black community’s back and we would all lose our minds and riot against the establishment.  At least, that was the thinking when it looked like Mr. McCain could actually pull off an upset with his pick of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate and people became enamored with the idea of having a political unknown with an Ellie Mae Clampett persona going to the White House.  It looked like Mr. McCain was truly going to pull off an upset akin to Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, upsetting the superior pugilist Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, in the Rocky saga.

But that’s all Hollywood improbable fiction.  This is the real world and things rarely go along the written script.

The crash of the American economy showed Mr. McCain at his worst.  The man was all over the place.  The fundamentals of the economy were strong but just hours later the economy was in crisis.  The next day he would hire a blue ribbon panel to study the economy for a few years.  The day after that he said he would fire the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Later that day he suspended his campaign until the legislature can develop a bailout plan and he wouldn’t debate his opponent.  After that he told David Letterman that he couldn’t appear on Mr. Letterman’s show because he had to go to Washington.  As soon as he hung up the phone Mr. McCain was on his way to make an appearance on the CBS News with Katie Couric.

I guess Mr. McCain though in for a penny in for a pound and threw his integrity out the window with his sense of political direction.  In response, many people snapped out of their flirtations with a possible McCain Palin administration and decided to put their support behind the Obama Biden effort.  It looks like DOL has been averted and we are headed for DOW, short for the day Obama wins.

However, I seriously doubt if the people who were preparing for DOL will be happy that they lost their chance to assist in the reestablishment of law and order in the black community.  It’s looking more and more like DOL is just like Y2K all over again, nothing but a big dud.  However, all that preparation for the defense of the establishment from a black community uprising could easily be applied to an offensive against the black community for the defense of the racial status quo.

On July 4th of 1910, Arthur John Johnson, better known as Jack Johnson, fought undefeated heavyweight champion James Jeffries who came out of retirement for the sole purpose of proving that a white man is better than a Negro.  In Reno, Nevada, in front of a crowd of twenty two thousand, after watching Mr. Jeffries knocked to the canvas twice, Mr. Jeffries’ team threw in the towel to keep their man from being humiliated by a knockout.  People in the black community were jubilant.  People in the white community were incensed.  That night, there were violent racial clashes all across the country.  People called them race riots but the more accurate term would have been white people attacking black people in order to keep black people in their place.

If one thing the political campaign has shown this year is the racism of America that ranges from the very vulgar and blatant to the sophisticated and subtle.  No other presidential candidate has ever had to deal with being referred to as a terrorist.  No other candidate has ever been lampooned as a sambo eating waffles.  No other presidential candidate had to deal with some jerk out of the opponent’s audience calling them unpatriotic or a borderline criminal or suggesting they should be decapitated.  It might just be campaign rhetoric.  But rumor has it that the death threats against Mr. Obama and his family have escalated in recent weeks and the Secret Service has the overtime pay receipts to prove it.

Back in the day when boxing was considered an exclusively white man’s sport because no one believed black men had the intelligence to formulate an effective boxing strategy, white people everywhere lost their minds when Jack Johnson, a black man, beat their best hope for redemption.  I think it is more likely that white people who will be the ones turning violent on or shortly after Election Day.  Somebody might suggest that people should prepare for an unruly black population if Mr. Obama loses.  Black people might want to prepare themselves for some people’s disappointment if Mr. Obama wins.

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The Unflappable Object Meets The Un-Focusable Force

Last night was the third and final presidential debate of the 2008 race.  Who won, in typical debating fashion, depends on the perception of who you talk to.  Most people who are strongly behind either candidate will easily think that their candidate won.  The only problem is that the majority of voters are reportedly supporting the Democratic nominee and that number of voters appears to grow each and every day.

Last night’s debate was not the game changer most people say Senator John McCain needed to revive his political campaign to a much more competitive level.  On the CBS early morning show Up To The Minute it was reported that a poll of uncommitted voters found that Senator Barack Obama won the debate comfortably by a margin well over two to one.  Fifty three percent of the pollsters said Mr. Obama won the debate compared to twenty two percent for Mr. McCain and another twenty five percent of respondents thought that the debate was tied.

From what I saw Mr. McCain was very aggressive and very accusatory.  Mr. McCain rarely passed an opportunity to remind voters of Mr. Obama’s negatives.  Mr. McCain’s one good line was delivered right after Mr. Obama accused a McCain Palin administration as four more years of President George Bush.  Mr. McCain turned Mr. Obama, I am not George Bush and if you wanted to run against George Bush you should have run four years ago.

However, I thought a defining point in this debate was when both candidates were asked about the other candidate’s running mate.  Talk about loading the dice.  Mr. McCain’s and his running mate Governor Sarah Palin is like watching a train wreck in painfully slow motion.  Long after the initial impact the entire train continues to collapse upon itself.  Ms. Palin is a walking, talking self imploding national political campaign all on her own.  Her gaffs have been turned into mountains of fodder for comedians.  Her folksy rhetoric at her campaign rallies has incited the Republican faithful to holler back with so many threats against Mr. Obama that the Secret Service will be busy for decades just running checks against the Republican rally attendees.  But instead of taking the proffered red meat, Mr. Obama remained graceful and did nothing but praised Ms. Palin on her positives.

But in what has become typical Mr. McCain fashion Mr. McCain launched a typical attack against Mr. Obama.  As Mr. Obama said, the attacks against Mr. Obama say more about Mr. McCain and his campaign than what it says about Mr. Obama.

If Mr. McCain’s goal was to try and provoke an emotional response from Mr. Obama, if he was trying to break Mr. Obama’s imperturbable demeanor he was severely disappointed.  Sometime ago, during his primary race against Senator Hillary Clinton, Mr. Obama made it a point to demonstrate his reaction to negative comments as little more than so much dust or dander being brushed off his shoulder.  But last night’s debate did more to drive that point home than any dramatic gesture of shoulder brushing could ever accomplish.

Whenever Mr. Obama was down in the polls he never changed his game.  He kept to his plan and worked his way to the top.  Mr. Obama never stooped to popular moves like picking a woefully under qualified female running mate in order to bring excitement to his campaign.  A political race, especially one for the American presidency, isn’t about excitement but about the issues that affects the majority of Americans.  It isn’t about making dramatic gestures and changing your position in order to win points on a poll.  It’s about making sound policy decisions that people can stand behind and support and depend on because the people trust that the candidate isn’t going to change his mind and go another direction when things don’t go as well as expected.

The Republican Party faithful will welcome Mr. McCain and feed his ego the next time he makes an appearance.  It is all he has left.  To the faithful, it would not matter of they were voting for Mr. McCain or for Mr. Magoo.  As long as he claimed to be a Republican some people would support and vote for him no matter what.  To the faithful, an unfocused Republican candidate is still a candidate.

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Virginia Kerr And The KMOV-TV Early Morning News

The time was just before 5:50 Tuesday morning.  I usually bounce around the various news broadcasts while I do my early morning internet surfing ritual.  I was stopped on KMOV Channel 4 morning news watching a brief article about the criticism being made of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  Ms. Palin made some comment about how the comments are nothing compared to the shots our troops are taking.  Ms. Palin closed the interview with a wink of her eye to the unfortunate reporter interviewing her.  I guess the eye wink is now a staple of her new folksy mannerisms.

At the end of the video clip the camera cuts back to Virginia Kerr at the early morning anchor desk back in the news room.  I started to take my attention away from the television and go back to my computer when it happened.  I caught a fleeting glance of it out of the side of my eye and almost missed it.  I didn’t think I saw what I thought I had just seen.  I grabbed the remote and rewound the DVR to make sure.  It was confirmed.  Ms. Kerr had rolled her eyes up into her head like she was about to be ill.  A split second later she recovered quickly and went on with the news with a smile and a slight look of embarrassment on her face as if to say she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  But too late, Ms. Kerr is human and suffers the same human reactions to tripe.

I know local news people are supposed to be impartial when it comes to national politics.  But I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised.  Ms. Kerr was only mimicking what I was feeling at the time.  I was probably making the same exact facial expression to Ms. Palin’s eye wink and fake smile intended to make me feel like she’s all down to earth and make me think she’s a regular joe six pack.

But Ms. Palin’s eye wink has as much warmth and sincerity as Arizona Senator John McCain’s plastered grimace during a North Vietnamese interrogation with two broken arms.  I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t even have to wait for Mr. McCain’s rhetoric.  Like Pavlov’s dog my eye muscles start to twitch and do their own thing when Mr. McCain’s image comes on the television.  Or, if I hear his voice or his name, my eyes will override whatever brain impulses are coming their way and do their manifestation of disgust.

And in the little more than five or six weeks that I have come to know Ms. Palin I have developed the same reaction to her image and voice.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Just writing that phrase triggers a psychosomatic reaction that sends nerve impulses up and down my spine invoking a reaction as if I just heard Freddy Kruger’s mechanical nails slowly dragging across a school room chalk board hooked up to a public address system.  I was happy to see some semblance of that type of reaction with Ms. Kerr.  All too often people who report the news have to simply give politicians free publicity to spout their messages and speeches in spite of their lack of true substance or integrity.

Much of the criticism being directed at Ms. Palin is rightfully deserved.  Ms. Palin has done very little to engage the public and deliver any clue as to what specific steps she would take to be the maverick reformer (more eye rolling) and clean up Washington and national politics.  She reads all the magazines, every single one that comes in front of her, so much so that she can’t remember the name of a single one.  She appreciates so many court cases that the Supreme Court has ruled on that she can’t name a single one in the great history of American history.  She has so much international political experience because she governs a state that borders Russia and Canada.  And she has military experience because as Governor she had the authority to call the National Guard of Alaska to duty even though she never did during her entire twenty months running the state.  The woman is a political joke that has a good chance of becoming a nightmare, although that chance appears to dwindle a little more each and every day.

For Ms. Palin to compare the criticism coming her way to the alleged criticism being directed at our American troops is another desperate move of a person who is hard to take seriously as a viable political alternative by any remotely level headed personality.  No one is criticizing American troops for following the orders of wayward, self serving, and egotistical commanders.  By any measure people recognize that the American military is doing its best with the situation it has been given.  For Ms. Palin to use them to score a handful of political points is more evidence of her utter shallowness.

I know Ms. Palin turns my stomach.  Her voice grates on my nerves so much it’s just a matter of time before I jam an ice pick down my ear canals.  Just seeing her image makes me want to gouge out my vision balls.   Any regular person would have the same reaction.  It turns out Ms. Kerr over at the KMOV News desk is human and suffers a similar reaction to the sight of Ms. Palin.  It turns out Ms. Kerr is more real and has more substance than Ms. Palin can ever hope for.

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Vice Presidential Expectations

The Saint Louis Rams are off to a dismal start.  They lost their first four games usually by wide margins, on average twenty six points.  It doesn’t matter if they’re playing at home or if they’re playing away.  It doesn’t matter if key players are injured or if key players are healthy.  If the Rams are playing then the Rams are losing.  Just this past Monday head coach Scott Linehan, has been dumped after the hapless football team lost seventeen of its last twenty games.  Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett has been given the unenviable task of trying to revive the franchise.  Considering how well the other teams have been able to score against the Rams I really don’t see much of an improvement.  Just this past week the Buffalo Bills were able to outscore the Rams by twenty five unanswered points in the first half alone on the way to their 31-14 victory on Ram’s home turf.

With all that said if the Rams lose their next game only by five points, they will still be winless losers.  The fact that they made an improvement in their performance is notable.  But the fact of the matter is that the other team will still be their superior with a better record.  Nobody in the National Football League wins games by losing by less than what’s expected.  That only happens in gambling and, unfortunately, in politics.

The world waits with baited breath as Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin prepares to debate her Democratic opponent Delaware Senator Joe Biden.  Mr. Biden is a seasoned veteran of the United States Senate with a long history of accomplishments.  Ms. Palin is the spunky first time Governor of one of the most beautiful and remote states in the country.  And the debate is expected to be one of the most anticipated television events is broadcast history.

Ms. Palin doesn’t have much experience in national politics.  In fact, prior to being selected to be Arizona Senator John McCain’s as the best candidate as his running mate, Ms. Palin has never operated at the national level.  Ms. Palin has been protected from reporters with levels of security that could protect an Israeli prime minister walking though the toughest Palestinian neighborhood on a moonless night.  Her first interview with Charles Gibson of ABC News exposed her limited understanding of global politics.  Her interviews with Katie Couric of CBS News exposed her inability to form comprehensive sentences under pressure and admit that she doesn’t know everything.  The fact that Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live can do a hilarious skit based on Ms. Palin’s answers practically word for word is testament to the fact that Ms. Palin is somewhat lacking.

The lack of public exposure combined with her somewhat unintelligent answers to Ms. Couric’s and Mr. Gibson’s questions is enough for some people to see that Ms. Palin is not ready for prime time on a national level.  Her approval rating has dropped significantly in the past few weeks where all she did with respect to political campaigning is reread her acceptance speech.  Thank god she’s stopped with that thanks but no thanks line.  In response to one of her interviews with Ms. Couric, Mr. McCain decided to sit in on the next interview in order to do damage control.  Not a very strong move for building confidence in the decision to pick Ms. Palin as the vice presidential nominee.

Some conservative political pundits say that Ms. Palin could serve her country, her party, and Mr. McCain if she would just step aside and remove her self from the political race.  But in typical political fashion Ms. Palin promises to finish what she started.  She has campaigned against Democratic presidential hopeful Illinois Senator Barack Obama in his bid for the White House and she has come out swinging against her VP opponent with references about being in the second grade when Mr. Biden made his first appearance at the national level in a not so subtle jab at Mr. Biden’s age.  The fact that her own running mate Mr. McCain is six years Mr. Biden’s senior was overlooked.  Ms. Palin has a knack for leaving herself open by overlooking exactly what she’s saying like when she slams community organizers.  There was a serious backfire.

But nevertheless a lot of people say that if Ms. Palin can do a little more than just show up and not say anything stupid she’ll win the debate.  Some people say that if Mr. Biden makes the woman look too incompetent it can actually backfire and she’ll win the sympathy of many voters.  Are American’s supposed to pick the next leader of the free world based on sympathy?  It appears so.

I don’t expect much from Ms. Palin.  I don’t think she’ll do all that well.  But even if she does a decent job and avoid embarrassing herself and her party she still doesn’t have much to stand on to prove that she can handle the job of being a moment away from being President of the United States.  It is a job best left to people with clear demonstration of national level politics and global understandings.  As Mr. McCain likes to say, this is not a congeniality contest.

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