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Viral Video Of Woman Getting Punched

TMZ Ray Rice

There’s been a lot of talk about the videos showing the scene in an Atlantic City casino elevator when Baltimore Raven’s football player Ray Rice punched his then fiancé Janay Palmer  in the face knocking her unconscious earlier this year in February.  Later in March, a grand jury indicted Mr. Rice on a charge of third degree aggravated assault.  The couple was married the following day.

In the first version of the video released to the public, all we see is a perspective from outside the elevator doors where Mr. Rice clumsily carries his unconscious future wife’s limp body out of the elevator car and lays her down on the hotel floor.  The National Football League got into the mix and decided to punish Mr. Rice by suspending him for a couple games.

But thanks to a more complete video released by TMZ, the public was given a glimpse of what happened inside the elevator car.  We actually see the punch Mr. Rice threw to deck his woman.  The NFL responded by suspending Mr. Rice indefinitely.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is coming under intense criticism and calls for his removal as commissioner for trying to cover up the brutality of the attack.  Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti gave a tearful apology to the public saying that the team and the NFL tried to get all the surveillance video from the casino, the police and prosecutors but they were helpless and had to make a decision with what they were given, the earlier video.  Although it’s pretty hard to believe that TMZ, a website that’s nothing more than a source for celebrity gossip and entertainment news, is able to do what the National Football League, an organization of millionaires and billionaires that can create fortunes for people practically overnight, failed to do.  So much for that gridiron resolve and “can do” attitude they ooze from every copyright protected fiber of their collective being.

The public’s damnation was/is pretty damming.  Not only is Mr. Rice is to be fired and publicly paraded as the face of domestic violence, Mr. Goodell should be fired as well for “conspiracy” to downplay the incident.  It’s not like Mr. Goodell tried to cover up the fact that Mr. Rice assaulted his girlfriend.  But the fact that everybody was so soft on a man that brutally attacked a defenseless woman is unforgiveable.  Yes, we all knew that Mr. Rice punched her and knocked her unconscious, but the video made that elevator scene so horribly graphic.  No man should ever feel the need to punch a woman.  Only a coward would raise his hand against his defenseless woman.  It doesn’t matter that they were fighting.  He should have walked away.  With rare exception the man will always be bigger and stronger and more aggressive.  There’s no need for him to stoop to violence.

chp-beatingNow if only we could take all of this outrage for man on woman violence and apply it elsewhere.  Does anybody remember the video of California Highway Patrol Officer Daniel Andrew knocking fifty one year old grandmother Marlene Pinnock to the ground and then using his body to pin her down while he pummeled her in the face with his fists over and over again on the side of the highway?  Officer Andrew claimed he was only trying to protect Ms. Pinnock from hurting herself.  Maybe he decided he was going to eliminate that problem by punching and hurting her for her.  Officer Andrew was so concerned for her safety that he gave her a bloody nose, black eyes, and a series of bruises and scratches all over her body.

Now Janay Palmer went on to become Janay Rice.  She forgave her husband.  Her husband has asked for her forgiveness and has shown remorse for what he did.  He has been brought to a public court for his crime and has been judged.  The couple wants to put that sordid event into their past, hopefully not to forget it, but to use the memory of it to take them forward so that they never go through anything like that ever again.  And yet we the public still feel the need to put our two cents in and take the matter into our own hands by demanding that Mr. Rice be fired and Mr. Goodell be fired and anybody else who might be involved be fired because of the great conspiracy that tried to keep the video of what happened inside that Atlantic City elevator from seeing the light of day.  We demand justice after all.  Who cares if the woman we’re trying to protect is married to the man who provides for her and her family?  He needs to learn a lesson.  And if she is
put in a financially precarious position through our blood cry for justice, so be it.

But compare that sentiment of that one punch between two people with a long history to the cop that was videoed unmercifully beating a female citizen on the side of the road.  Within seconds of these two crossing paths this man was trying to knock her light out using mixed martial arts type tactics.  The internal investigation conducted by fellow officer Sean Taketa.  According to Mr. Taketa, Ms. Pinnock failed to follow Mr. Andrew’s instructions and then compounded the situation when she resisted arrest by kicking her legs, grabbing the officer’s uniform and twisting her body.  In other words, there is nothing to see here.  Talk about a conspiracy.  In what appears to be standard operation procedure for police departments that have an incident where one of their own goes off the deep end, there is a move to circle wagons and cover the whole affair up.

These are two very similar situations with two very different public reactions.  We see videos of two men hitting two women.  One gets fired while the other gets protected.  One gets hounded by public sentiment while the other is quickly forgotten.  Ms. Pinnock was never charged with resisting arrest or for anything indicating she failed to follow the instructions of a police officer.  So why did dude wail into her as if she stole his lunch money?  And we as a public, proving our thirst for justice against Mr. Rice, is ready to give another police officers a pass when he goes over the line.

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