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Juror B-37

Juror B37

One YearThe woman identified as juror B-37 in the George Zimmerman trial gave an interview to Anderson Cooper of CNN about the verdict that found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty of any charges in the murder of Trayvon Martin.  The woman admitted that she and her fellow jurors believed that a seventeen year old black male was the aggressor against a twenty eight year old non black male who was following him with a loaded gun in the darkness of night.  

The police have a recording of Mr. Zimmerman admitting he was following the boy.  We hear him refer to the young stranger as a fucking punk and an asshole as he makes the woefully poor decision to get out of his car and give chase on foot with his loaded gun tucked safely away in its holster.  We’ve heard his inconsistent recollections of about what happened that night.  He didn’t know where he was in his three street neighborhood that he’s lived in for a few years so he had to get out of his car to find a street sign down the same pedestrian path that the young black teenager coincidentally took to go home after his trip to the convenience store for snacks.  We heard his claim that Trayvon sprang out from the bushes to attack him as he was heading back to his car just a few dozen yards from the house Trayvon was staying in with his father and his father’s girlfriend who actually owned the home.  We heard the story that his head was being bashed into the concrete over and over again although his wound was cleaned up and treated with nothing more than a couple of band aids.  We heard him say that his head was being bashed into the concrete although Trayvon’s body was found in the grass some twenty old feet from the nearest sidewalk.  We heard him say that Trayvon saw his gun in its holster that was behind his back while he was on top of him as if Trayvon had X-ray vision.  We heard him say that he realized through the fog brought on by the head bashing that Trayvon was reaching for his gun but he was able to reach his gun first as his head was being repeatedly slammed into the concrete while they were laying in the grass.  We heard all these inconsistencies that proved beyond a shadow of doubt that George Zimmerman was a liar and could not.  

But juror B-37 admitted that they believed his story hook, line and sinker.  Trayvon Martin, the kid with nothing but snacks on his person and not a nine millimeter handgun, the teenager that was on the phone with a girlfriend and not on the phone with police talking about a fucking punk that looked suspicious and had to be stopped, the boy trying to go home in the rain and not the man who was following a stranger in the dark, it was Trayvon Martin that was the aggressor in the altercation that led to his murder that night.

What evidence do we have that Trayvon was the aggressor other than the story put forth by defense attorneys?  The only thing that we have to corroborate George Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon attacked first was Trayvon’s black skin.  Despite the fact that Trayvon had never had a single altercation with law enforcement, despite the fact that the worse thing in his history was probably bragging about a school yard fight, smoking marijuana, or having poor judgment with his choice of photos to put on Facebook.  On that particular night, Trayvon’s character suddenly took a turn for the worse, flipped, and he became a vicious, out of control animal with nothing but murder on his mind and in his heart.

It was a good thing that George Zimmerman was armed that night.  The man who made the choice to go out with a loaded gun, the man who has been arrested for assaulting a police officer, the man who has a history of domestic violence against a former girlfriend, the man who has a history of calling police only about the black men who have the audacity to walk through his neighborhood, it’s a good thing he had the wherewithal to arm himself only for his protection against that black skin because we all know for a fact that George Zimmerman would never to anything to harm anybody.

Juror B-37 admitted something about herself, about those other five female jurors, and about our nation of people in general.  When it comes to aggression between a black teenager minding his own business and a non black man with a gun and suffering from frustration over how the assholes and punks are always getting away, we all know that the black boy is simply much more dangerous.  If Trayvon had only known his place in life he may have survived that night when he encountered the man with the gun chasing him in the dark.  It would not have mattered if George Zimmerman was as openly racist as Byron De La Beckwith who shot Medgar Evers in the darkness of a Mississippi night.  It is the darkness of skin that’s the real clue of who’s in the wrong.  If only Trayvon had known that if you are black you have no preordained right to defend yourself or to stand your ground.  You don’t own any ground.  If you are black and you are being accosted, just remember who you are and what country you live in and submit.  If someone comes up on you demanding answers, attention, or whatever you must fall to your knees, lie on your back, expose your belly and end every sentence with a “sir” or “ma’am”.  And after you prostrate yourself supplant yourself and it still goes badly for you and you lose your life, rest assured you did your best as your murderer walks away free of all charges because without irrefutable evidence or a credible witness to tell the truth, people will believe you to have been the aggressor no matter what.  Remember your tradition of black people being lynched for looking a white person in the eye or for not getting off the sidewalk fast enough when white people walked by.  If you are black your life is not yours to keep, but yours to lose.

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  1. George Lopez = guilty, guilty, guilty

    The Lord did say, “thou shall not kill”, therefore breaking one of His laws is not likely to be over looked. Someday he will sit before a Higher Court – and a Higher Authority. Only then will true justice & appropriate action be meted out: before eyes that really See all. Until that day comes, I’m confident enough to believe George Lopez is such a hot-head that he will eventually cook his own goose (medium-well, in a light creme sauce) if left to his own devices. Revenge may be best served cold – but just desserts is ideal piping hot.

    Comment by kelly | Tuesday, October 29, 2013 | Reply

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