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These Punks Always Get Away

These Punks Always Get Away
These fucking punks always get away.  Those were the words from George Zimmerman as he jumped out of his car with a loaded weapon tucked into his trousers as he chased down Trayvon Martin to keep his community safe and, if necessary, kill the young black teenager.  The plethora of evidence proved George Zimmerman guilty of murder and proved he lacked any credibility to explain what went down.  And yet, somehow a jury of his peers acquitted him of any charges and found him not guilty.

The jury was made of six women, five white and one Hispanic or African American.  They deliberated for about nineteen hours over two days before coming back with their verdict.  In the end, these women felt that the prosecutor didn’t prove their case and/or the defense created enough reasonable doubt to believe that despite everything they heard and saw that Mr. Zimmerman may have been justified with killing Trayvon Martin that night.

Frankly, their verdict was no surprise in the land of the free that is built on a solid foundation of racial discrimination born of our forefather’s willingness to condone the enslavement of black people to serve as beast of burden for white people.  Black people were considered only three-fifths human from the beginning.  And without ever taking any serious steps to correct the racial imbalance that became engrained into our culture before our nation even existed, we continue to exist as a nation that tolerates and condones many forms of racial prejudice.

Today, many people are defending the verdict from these six women with excuses like this case was complicated or these people had a tough job to do or the legal bar for this case was set so impossibly high for the prosecution.  But the problem with all of these excuses is that if we flip the racial roles, if George Zimmerman was black and Trayvon Martin was white, would we have had the same outcome and let a black man get away with the murder of a white teenager.

Case in point, John White was a black man in Long Island, New York who was convicted of shooting and killing seventeen year old Daniel Cicciaro, Jr.  Young Daniel Cicciaro was drunk when he got a posse of his friends together in order to go to John White’s house and fight his son over a girl.  John White stood in front of his house with a gun to confront the drunken posse armed with baseball bats and other weapons.  Instead of retreating, Daniel Cicciaro continued to threaten the White family.  John White wound up fatally shooting the teenager.  He was arrested and charged that night.  Instead of being confronted with complicated case with a high legal bar to overcome, the jury experienced no trouble finding John White guilty of second degree murder.  Daniel was armed and had used racial epithets in his rants against the White family and was threatening the White family with violence and John White was found guilty.

Trayvon was unarmed minding his own business when George Zimmerman ran after him with a loaded weapon while referring to Trayvon as a fucking punk and an asshole.  He kills the boy and is told he was free to go home with his murder weapon.  He isn’t even arrested until forty-five days after the killing.  But then he’s found innocent.  Anybody wants to guess why the hundred-and-eighty degree discrepancy?

And please don’t say some lame shit like the laws are different between New York and Florida.  Florida is the same state where Martin Anderson was sentenced to boot camp for taking a family member’s car without permission.  Within hours of arriving at camp he is murdered by the camp guards.  No one was found guilty of any wrong doing.  New York is the same state where Sean Bell was murdered the morning of his wedding day.  An undercover police officer saw Sean Bell and pulled his gun out mistaking the man for someone else.  Sean Bell died in a hail of bullets.  No one is found guilty.  The state where the law is being applied has zero to do with anything.

These six women may have had a difficult job to do.  They had to put aside their racial bias and actually make a decision on whether the white Hispanic George Zimmerman was guilty for the murder of black Trayvon Martin.  Many court room pundits thought that these women were mothers and would actually think about the ramifications if it was their kid that was murdered by some neighborhood watchman while walking home.  That’s a hard thing to do when you suffer from an inherent racial discrimination against black people that is so ingrained into your psyche that you cannot recognize it or you simply refuse to recognize it.  In the end, those six women decided their racial fear of and animosity against black people outweighs their instincts as mothers.

In the end these women decided that they were more concerned with the protection of the racial status quo than the need for justice for a scary black boy.  And people like George Zimmerman, those fucking punks always get away with it.  More often than not they will get away with their assault on the black community.

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  1. Excellent work, as usual.

    Comment by Brothawolf | Monday, August 5, 2013 | Reply

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