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Playing Another Victim Card

Tea Party Audit

It’s been a while.  I’ve gotten to the point that the normal bullshit associated with our mutually assured social dysfunction just doesn’t warrant much time spent writing about it.  I’ve gotten to a point I’ve got better things to do and not enough people care about things anyway.  Our social machine is on cruise control and nothing anybody says is going to change its direction in any meaningful way unless a terrorist bomb goes off during a high profile social function.  And even then, even if people do suddenly care, corporate America and their lobbyists will do whatever has to be done to keep the status quo.  How else can you explain the response to the Sandy Hook murders when twenty children are gunned down, ninety percent of Americans want some form of gun control, and somehow nothing changes?

But earlier this week I heard the news about a rogue section of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had targeted some conservative groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax exempt status.  If memory serves correctly, a quarter of three hundred applications were for groups with the words “tea party” or “patriots” in their title and now a we have a new scandal that ranks right up there with Susan Rice doing her best to cover up the consulate attack in Benghazi in order to keep President Barack Obama employed in the White House.  Were any laws broken?  No.  Was anybody’s application for tax exempt status denied because they had the previously mentioned words in their name?  No.  They simply had to suffer the indignity of having extra scrutiny.

Now at first glance that might sound unreasonable or unfair.  Just like I know a lot of people think it’s unreasonable and unfair for police to pull over cars with non white drivers for a little extra scrutiny.  We all know nobody goes to jail for being black.  It’s just that the extra scrutiny a black driver gets can uncover something a little fishy or in their history that might warrant a trip downtown where they can answer a few more questions or wait until their story checks out.  As a society we can tolerate that extra scrutiny because we like to operate under the assumption that black people warrant a little more watching because some bullshit statistics somewhere can show that black people are more criminally oriented.  Never mind the fact that legally we are supposed to be free from illegal searches or seizure.  As a society we think it’s far better to violate a non white person’s rights to privacy as long as he or she is not white.  How else can we explain the fervor over white people being targeted for scrutiny?

Now, it’s a logical assumption that groups with the words “tea party” in their title are composed of people who have decided to make a political statement about paying less taxes than whatever they do pay.  These people are the same ones who promote the idea that the size of our federal government needs to be checked regardless of how big it might be or who it serves.  The best way to check government is to check its funding.  So if these people are the ones applying to be exempted from taxes lord knows it’s probably good idea to make sure they’re legit.  Maybe these people need to be asked a few more questions just to make sure their story checks out and everything is on the up and up.  Besides, unlike the poor minority that might get pulled over for nothing more than being the wrong skin color, if things go wrong during extra scrutiny about a tax exemption application never involve anything remotely resembling a stay in a jail cell until the matter gets straightened out.  If anybody had to choose one form of scrutiny over another I’m pretty sure most would chose the tax application.

Nevertheless, after all the news about seventy five groups getting more attention people want to pretend that life’s a really rabid bitch for political conservatives during the reign of Kommandant Barack Obama.  Mr. Obama resembles President Richard Milhous Nixon in the way he brandishes the entire federal government to go after his enemies.  And the way tea party patriots go out of their way to attack Mr. Obama it’s pretty obvious there’s reason to think Mr. Obama would do everything he can to get back at them, except for the fact that he doesn’t.  But that fact won’t keep people from kicking up the dust and throwing tantrums about the abuses of power under this oppressive regime.  Conservatives simply can’t catch a break as they continue their never ending pursuit to paint Mr. Obama as the worst tyrannical dictator this cursed world has ever seen.  That, along with the idea that the IRS has been unceremoniously unleashed on conservatives, is simply bogus.

But that won’t keep people from playing the victim card saying that conservatives are being attacked left and right.  It’s their political theme these days that includes things like the government wants to take our guns, we’re taxed enough already, we need to take our country back, forty seven percent of Americans are only takers, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, we need to defend the traditional definition of marriage as one man and one woman, climate change is a hoax, Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is not constitutionally qualified to be in the White House, and all the other slogans that continues to permeates through media that are meant to infer some sense of conservative subjugation.

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  1. These are the same group of people who believe that we should be pulling over Hispanics and asking to see their papers. Or how we should be looking more closely at Muslims or people with middle eastern looks and names before allowing them to board planes. So, they really need to be explaining why this is any different or any more of a problem. Is is it because these tea party groups are primarily composed of white people? And thus it is unacceptable to subject these good white people to the same treatment that the majority of their tea party members would have so many minorities deal with. All the while explaining why they believe that this helps America to give those minorities extra scrutiny.

    Oh how the persecutor cries when subjected to only a mere fraction of their favorite brand of persecution. Hey, WWRS (what would Romney say)… sauce for the gooose!!!

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, May 20, 2013 | Reply

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