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Guns And Tragedy At Sandy Elementary

Sandy ElementaryJust a few days ago Robert “Bob” Costas used the Sunday Night Football halftime show to deliver a commentary about guns with respect to the murder suicide of Kansas City Jovan Belcher who killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, the mother of his three month old infant child, and then turned the gun on himself in front of his coach, general manager, and others from the team staff.  Mr. Costas said that the country’s gun obsessed culture was responsible for more deaths and made the suggestion that Belcher and his girlfriend would not have died had he not owned a gun.

Proponents of gun control attacked Mr. Costas for his remarks saying that he was promoting gun control.  Former Republican Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Herman Cain felt that Mr. Costas should not have used a program intended as entertainment to publicize political views on sensitive topics.  FOX commentator Lou Dobbs made a leap of illogic by concluding that Mr. Costas was advocating for the abolishment of the Second Amendment.

Sandy Elementary ParentsAnytime anybody of any significant amount of public notoriety makes a statement that could be interpreted as any kind of condemnation of America’s gun culture opens his or her self up to a potentially overwhelming onslaught of gun loving feedback.  Mr. Costas was criticized for talking about the subject of guns on the wrong show or he used the wrong forum or he talked about it way too soon or he was trying to score political points even though he’s not a politician nor speaking politically.  Last time there was a check we all had freedom of speech and should be given the right to exercise it whenever or wherever.  At least that’s what we’ve all heard when Ted Nugent, Hank Williams, Jr., or the president of Chick-fil-A wants to go one off on one of their politically sensitive or controversial topics.

But gun control is so controversial and/or so sensitive that any suggestion to change the environment so that we can take steps to do more to minimize the potential for horrific crimes committed by average joes with guns is not an option.  People have the right to guns and any law, rule, regulation, and/or etc., that limits any American from getting his or her hand on a gun as easily as possible is a slippery slope that endangers us all to an existence where we can be as free as possible from being shot from someone with a murderous hair up his or her ass.

The issue was debated on über conservative FOX News with one of those fair and balanced episodes where a low key liberal is burdened with the task of arguing his or her position against the entire FOX network.  Instead of calling for gun control we should be doing just the opposite and make it easier for more people to get even more guns because the real problem is that there aren’t enough guns out there in the public sphere.

Sandy HookFriday, there was another senseless killing in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School where an average twenty something guy took his easily acquired guns into an elementary school and killed twenty kindergartners, twelve little girls and eight little boys, along with six adults and then killed his self after he had shot and killed his mother.  Not coincidentally, this happened the day after a mall shooting where a lone gunman walked into the Clackamus Town Center in Happy Valley in Oregon where two people were randomly killed.

No doubt somebody will say making the suggestion that we change gun laws to help prevent this shit from happening over and over again is simply too soon.  We need to wait until the wounds heal over and people move on with their lives and no longer care about this senseless violence because they’ve got to get all their Christmas shopping out of the way before all of the good sales are over.  And after that, we have to wait until after the New Year.  And then after that, who gives a shit?  Gun control is anti American.  We shouldn’t be doing anything that curbs our Second Amendment remedies while we continue to live with the status quo that assures that we play this game of suffering with gun violence over and over and over again.

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