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White On Rice

Arizona Senator John McCain has the distinction of being the first white male to lose his bid for the White House in a general election to a non white.  In 2008 he was so close to being President that it was perceived as inevitable to some.  Nothing but white men called the oval office theirs.  Tradition, which is very paramount to conservatives, dictated that his ascendency was little more than a formality.  That was all true before Barack Obama, a superior politician with a superior campaign that appealed to a far larger portion of the electorate, ended Mr. McCain’s dream of being the commander in chief.  Mr. McCain became just another also ran with the double distinction of being the man who introduced his protégé Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the world and opening a Pandora’s box of hard care right wing rhetoric that continues to exercises incredible influence over the happenings within the Republican Party.

In his first four years as President Mr. Obama had to deal with a recalcitrant Republican Party that was dead set against helping him do anything to help improve the condition of the country for the welfare of everybody in the country.  With heels dug in the GOP did its best to turn the country against the President and Mr. McCain was no doubt happy to participate in its blockade against progress.  But if the recent presidential election is any indication it appears that that strategy backfired spectacularly.   While the GOP made considerable gains the midterm elections of 2010 which helped them double down on their impersonation of a political anchor, Mr. Obama easily won his bid for reelection.  Mr. Obama was elected to spend a total of eight years in an office Mr. McCain will never spend a single day holding.  That’s got to burn.

Four years after their first political battle in the public arena Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain appear set to go toe to toe again.  John McCain was very vocal in the GOP’s bid to tie the Obama administration to the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stephens.  More specifically the GOP insist that the Obama administration is involved in an elaborate cover up to hide any mistakes that were made that could have led to the death of four Americans serving their country.  UN Ambassador Susan Rice presented the official Obama administration’s position on a number of political talk shows a few days after the attack using the talking points prepared for her by others and became a lightning rod for GOP criticism.  Ms. Rice is also a prime contender to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State when she steps down at some point in the near future.  Unable to win political attacks against the President directly, the GOP sees an opening to attack the President indirectly by going after his representatives.

Conservatives have used the same language to describe Ms. Rice as they have used to describe Mr. Obama before he became President and all during his presidency.  Based on nothing more than the fact that they didn’t like her talking points when she appeared on the talk shows, they labeled Ms. Rice as dishonest, lazy, stupid and not very intelligent.  It is no coincidence that the adjectives for the black Ms. Rice are the same ones used on the black Mr. Obama.  Some people might want to pretend that there’s no connection to the fact that a party with a history of appealing primarily to white people and their traditional conservative values that seem to promote the status quo that reinforces the disparity that runs along racial lines.  But there’s a reason the appeal of the Republican Party is decreasing for just about every demographics other than white men.  After this fact became so apparent in the last election, it is as if the GOP wants to reinforce their toxic nature against non white males by attacking a minority woman.

John McCain wants to lead this attack calling Ms. Rice dishonest, lazy, and stupid.  This from the man who thought Sarah Palin was smart enough and had enough integrity to be one step away from being President of the United States.  The woman was an intellectual fraud and didn’t have near enough gumption to go back and finish the job the people of Alaska voted for her to do.  Mr. McCain doesn’t have a problem with being lazy.  He himself was too lazy to vet Ms. Palin to be his second.  For Mr. McCain to call Ms. Rice lazy and therefore ineligible to be Secretary of State is truly dishonest and the epitome of hypocritical.  He is on this woman like white on rice, pun intended.  Mr. McCain’s dishonesty knows no bounds.

It’s a fact that Mr. McCain doesn’t have a problem with people being lazy.  It’s a fact that he doesn’t have a problem with people who are dishonest.  It’s a fact that he doesn’t have a problem dealing with people who have no integrity.  If I had to guess, Mr. McCain’s problem is that he doesn’t like to lose.  He lost to the black guy four years ago and can’t put it behind him.  He worked with the other Republicans to try and make Mr. Obama a one term President and they lost that fight as well.  Every time Mr. McCain has gone up against Mr. Obama he has lost and each lost gives him even more of an incentive to try him again.  And instead of doing his homework to actually make his challenges appear to be somewhat substantial or honest, he’s quick to grab at anything that comes his way.  His criticisms have lost anything remotely resembling credibility.  And if we’re lucky, the next time he faces an election people will see him as the cranky old man he is who has a problem living with himself after he lost to President Barack Obama.

Mr. McCain refused to believe that Ms. Rice was only doing her job.  Days after the Benghazi attack Ms. Rice went on television to reveal what she had to say while an investigation was going on.  As more information came in and the understanding of what happened that day became clearer, the story being presented changed.  His first reaction was to say that she was being dishonest and would do everything within his power to prevent her promotion.  He wanted to form a committee and have congressional hearings that resembled the Watergate hearings that eventually brought Richard Nixon’s presidency to an end.  As he got more information his position changed.  He eventually said he would be willing to drop his objection to Ms. Rice if she would apologize for what she initially said about Benghazi.

But then Mr. McCain heard testimonies from people like former director of the CIA General Petraeus.  Now that the good Senator has gotten even more information he is ready to drop his objections to Ms. Rice without any conditions.  But now where is his apology to Ms. Rice, Mr. Obama, and to the rest of the American people?  That’s a prime manifestation of hypocrisy.  This whole matter has been a nothing more than the rant of a two faced man who proudly wears his penchant for double standards openly on his sleeves.  But do you think he’ll stop now?  All this will do is to give Mr. McCain more incentive to blow the next unfortunate event that happens into a conspiracy that could threaten the US Constitution.

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