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Conservatism Creates Monsters Like Mitt

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Mitt Romney has suffered a relapse of his “foot in mouth” disease.  On Wednesday, commenting on what exactly went wrong with his bid to unseat President Obama from the White House, Mr. Romney said that he lost because Mr. Obama lavished promises of gifts on his largest supporter base, black people, Hispanics and Latinos, and women.  His cynical comment sounded a lot like his comment regarding the forty seven percent of America that he said was not his job to worry about for they had little interest in taking responsibility for their lives.  At the time that earlier comment became public, Mr. Romney claimed that he was inarticulately trying to say that he could not reach the people who were intent on voting for Mr. Obama and promised that if he would become President he would work on behalf of all Americans.

Enough people bought that explanation to give Mr. Romney a pretty good shot at sending Mr. Obama to the unemployment line, but not enough.  Mr. Obama easily won reelection.  Mr. Romney conceded the election and asked his supporters to prey for Mr. Obama as he continued to lead the country.  It all sounded pretty good.  But the comments Mr. Romney made earlier in the week not only revealed Mr. Romney’s valorous sentiments on election night hollow, those words proved beyond a doubt that the initial interpretation of Mr. Romney’s forty seven percent comments were indeed accurate.  Mr. Romney proved himself to be little more than a plutocrat with about as much compassion for his fellow man as a drug resistant infliction of the flesh eating virus.

When Mr. Romney’s forty seven percent comments were made public, many high profile conservative pundits groaned and shook their heads.  Mr. Romney was judged to be the most incompetent of politicians.  But they still wanted this man to best Mr. Obama.  He was the champion of everything conservative.  Even though his comments were harsh and can even be considered vulgar, they were not in contradiction with conservative values.  Some politicians admitted that they would not have used his words, but they never condemned Mr. Romney’s sentiments.  These people still saw Mr. Obama as the one politicking on a platform that was bent on dividing the country.  It was Mr. Obama who was blaming everyone else for everything that was going wrong with his performance.  It was Mr. Obama who refused to take responsibility for the lack of progress in the country’s welfare.

Many conservatives are singing a different tune this around.  After his latest comments Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal finally admitted that Mr. Romney was being divisive.  New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayote and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty condemned Mr. Romney for his thoughtless comments.  New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said Mr. Romney was an example of what set the Republicans back as a party.  Now that Mr. Romney is indeed proven to be a loser beyond the shadow of doubt, many conservatives are ready to step up and dump on his parade.  But while conservatives are ready to get in line to hang their most recent champion in effigy, what about the conservative values, policies and sentiments that led so many of these people to give cover to and lend their voice in support of a person so ready to dismiss half the country’s voters as irrelevant to the political conversation or care so little about the nation’s welfare that a promise of contraceptives is all it takes to win their vote.

Mr. Romney didn’t happen in a vacuum.  Everything this man said about dismissing the poor and everything he said about supporting corporations and the rich had conservative values written all over it and conservatives were ready to ride that dressage dancing horse all the way to the finish line.  Nearly half the popular vote supported this man despite everything he said and now they want to dump on him?  The people who sat in that room and clapped and laughed as he made his comments against forty seven percent of the population still supported him.  The majority of the people on the phone call with Mr. Romney as he talked about Mr. Obama’s gifts still supported Mitt Romney until the Electoral College gave him the big smack down.  For many people, that support still continues to this day and I’m not talking about his family members.

Conservatives have created an environment that breeds contempt for people in need.  That contempt has led to a person like Mitt Romney getting an opportunity to actually become President of the United States.  Mr. Romney may have proven himself unfit this past week to some conservatives.  But really, what was so different this past week that was so different to what he has said and, much more importantly, what he has done with his actions for practically his entire life?  Conservatives dumping on Mitt now after they’ve ignored everything he has said and done are nothing more than the like minded people who see their own opportunity for the highest office in the land as the work to keep their cynicism for people in need at bay.

Saturday, November 17, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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  1. I concur with your opinion. They remind me of the GOP of the old South before 1859. Thank you for your thoughts. D Mitchell

    Comment by David Mitchell | Sunday, November 18, 2012 | Reply

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