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Leaving Is A Lot Quicker

I don’t write as much as I used to. And the subject matter lately has been more about politics than the disparity of the country that practically falls straight down racial lines. I used to write quite a bit of criticism for the way this country refuses to take responsibility for its history of institutionalized racism that has led to today’s conditions in the black community. It’s been a while since I’ve written an article that got the goat of people who would prefer not to examine America’s history of racism for what it truly is. So it’s been a while since somebody replied to one of my articles with the suggestion that if I’m unhappy with the way things are going here that I should leave the country. I would reply to their comment that if they weren’t happy with my article and if they think leaving is such a viable option then why don’t they take their own advice and leave the country.

Last week Barack Obama defeated his rival the conservative Mitt Romney to win another four years in the White House. Despite their best attempts at painting Mr. Obama as ineffective and feckless, a Kenyan imposter pretending to be an American and perpetrating a complex fraud against the citizens of this country, a lazy retarded person who doesn’t understand the economy or what it takes to lead a country, Mr. Obama will be our President for the next four years if the good Lord, and the American people, are willing. If all of that was true then what does it says about Mr. Romney that he lost so resoundingly against such a person.

Within days of his winning the election the people who spent their blood, sweat, and tears trying to beat the Kenyan imposter and failing miserably were motivated enough to take other steps to keep Mr. Obama from being their President. People across the country have decided to sign a petition asking the government to allow their state to secede from the union peaceably. These people, no doubt conservatives who wear their patriotism on their sleeves and fly their stars and stripes on a flag pole in their front yard with their tea party flag waving in the breeze just below it, now say that they want to leave the country they love so much because they can’t stand the fact that their boy lost the race.

These people want to pretend that their convictions are so deep that they can’t spend another minute under Mr. Obama’s leadership for the next four years enough. But instead of holding those beliefs dear enough to actually leave the country, they want the country to leave them. Like a lot of things these people do, they want to keep things convenient for them and inconvenience others. They don’t have to leave. The people in the country that would elect Mr. Obama to be President for another four years should go through the rigmarole of withdrawing from around them.

But we know that’s not going to happen. If history is a guide, we know that secession doesn’t happen without a lot of people fighting and a lot of people dying. The American Civil War showed us the extent of how strongly the United States will fight to keep its self whole. And it might just be one big coincidence, but the inspiration for people trying to secede then is the same reason people want to leave today. It all boils down to the color of somebody’s skin.

People might think they’re sending a message of “don’t tread on me” when they sign their petition asking the country to leave them. But we all know that’s not going to go anywhere. A bigger message would be sent if people actually packed their bags and took their angst with them as they head to the other side of America’s border. Even if the government acquiesced and allowed these people to secede, a peaceful secession would take years if not decades. People can pack their bags and be on a plane in days if not hours. Those folks angry enough to want to reject the United States can relinquish their citizenship anytime they want. The end result is the same. Those people would be free of Mr. Obama and the people who elected him. But better yet, Mr. Obama and the people who elected him would be free of those people.

Please don’t mistake what I’m trying to say. I understand how people can be really unhappy with an election result. I still shudder whenever I think about all of the years the country suffered under the leadership of George Bush, Jr. But people need to suck it up and bear with it. In another four years you’ll have another chance to influence the direction of the country. Suck it up and you might be surprised at how quickly it passes or how it won’t be the disaster you foresee. Unfortunately Mr. Bush was a disaster. But if you don’t feel you can stick it out, don’t ask to secede. If you feel that strongly about it then don’t let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split you. If you’re that unhappy then get the hell out and quit wasting our time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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