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It’s A Good Day In America!

To say that I’m happy that Mitt Romney lost his bid for the White House is a woeful understatement.  The idea of that man getting the keys to the oval office was about as welcome as me running across a rabid grey wolf while wearing red meat underwear.  I fall into that “forty seven percent” category that Mr. Romney believes is a moocher on America’s teat because I don’t have a bank account with lots of zeroes and I believe that the federal government has a duty to pool resources from people across the country for the welfare of the country just like my state has the responsibility to pool resources from people for the welfare of the state and my local government has the responsibility to pool resources from the  local community for the welfare of the people locally.  I heard way too many times that Mr. Romney doesn’t care about the poor and people who might be in need of help and all his promises to dismantle the finances of institutions and agencies designed to help people at the bottom of the financial ladder.  I heard him make too many promises to take us backwards to a time when states were allowed to run roughshod over its citizenry and deny people rights under the pretense that we have to protect states rights to deny human rights.  I heard Mr. Romney promise he would implement policies that would only lead to hard times for everyone but the people who are well off.  His defeat is a win for the country.

But what’s even more satisfying than Mr. Romney’s defeat is President Obama’s win in the face of blatant racist accusations from people on the right doing their best to tarnish Mr. Obama’s image.  For the past four years we’ve heard conservatives label our President as lazy, unintelligent, retarded, sleepy, untrustworthy, and etcetera.  A lot of the unwarranted comments made against the man are rooted in racist negative stereotypes that have been lobbied against black people for centuries.  The only reason people voted for him is because he promised to give people free stuff and he has no understanding how our national economy works.  Some conservatives still refuse to accept Mr. Obama as a citizen of the United States.  Some conservative politicians promised to make his a single term presidency and have done their best to thwart his every move.  And if that’s not bad enough, some high profile opponents of the President are trying to hound him to produce his school records to show him unfit to serve in our highest office.

Through all of that, Mr. Obama was able to beat back all of the unfounded and baseless rhetoric against him.  The coalition assembled to support him was, and is, greater than the coalition assembled to oppose him.  High off the success of the midterm elections of 2010 that allowed so many conservatives to come into office, the opposition knew it had Mr. Obama’s defeat in the bag, even with a politician as incompetent and so poorly prepared to be President as Mitt Romney.  Full of hubris over their ability to tap into the well of racism against black people in general and America’s first black President specifically, combined with deep pocketed financiers ready to spend vast fortunes to defeat Mr. Obama, conservative pundits were confident going into Election Day with the stacked deck.  All of those people got bitch slapped Tuesday night when it was announced that Mr. Obama was going to get another four years to be President.

The analysis of what went right for Mr. Obama and what went wrong for Mr. Romney continues to this day and will probably run for many years to come if not decades.  Mr. Romney made his concession speech and has disappeared into the ether while his campaign handlers made excuses for his defeat.  And the excuses run the gamut from America has become a country of people who just want free stuff to the reelect Obama campaign had suppressed white voters.  Ain’t that a bitch?  Despite the nationwide attempts to There they went again with the racism to lob baseless accusations against the black guy.

But there are a few undeniable facts.  Mr. Romney received overwhelming support from white males, his one and only support demographic.  White males are taking a look around and aren’t taking much of a liking to the way the landscape is changing.  For centuries they had a lock on the very seat of political power, the American presidency.  But four years ago Mr. Obama shattered the door to that exclusive clubhouse and they have been angry with what he represents ever since.  Something in the neighborhood of seventy percent of white males voted to take their country back from Mr. Obama and they lost.  On the other hand, Mr. Obama won the majority of voters from a wide variety of demographics.  He won the majority of black people, Hispanic and Latino people, Asians, and white women.  His coalition is a better representation of the changing face of America.  Those simple facts make a lot of traditional white people that are unable to adapt to the future very uncomfortable.

A lot of white people are waking up to the realization that they no longer have the ability to dictate their wants onto everybody else.  In order to meet this fact, many conservatives see that the future of their party lies in their acceptance of racial minorities to represent their traditional values.  There is talk about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley rising up to lead the party.  Both of them are from Indian ancestry.  And then there’s the junior Senator from Florida Marco Rubio of Cuban descent.  The only problem is that these people are pushing conservative values that are centered on policies that are designed to protect the interest of traditional America that is deeply entrenched around what is good for white people.  The problem is that although this might be a shotgun wedding for the well respected minority conservative and the Republican Party, it doesn’t work for the rest of the minority demographic.  It’s kind of like Herman Cain getting the support of black people for the conservative cause.  It ain’t going to happen.

So conservatives will have another four years to try and put a better game plan together for the future.  Instead of really doing the work necessary to analyze the future of America’s changing demographics and adapting to it, they’ll try to placate the masses with platitudes that do little to address the needs of everyone in America. Four years from now Mr. Obama will be closing on his second term and America will be picking its next President.  America will be even more racially diverse.  White males will makeup an even smaller share of the demographic pie and will have even less influence on whatever happens.  Without a coalition that appeals to more than just white people conservatives will no doubt lose again.  The days of white people dictating what happens to the rest of America from a political perspective are numbered if not over.  It’s a good day in America.

Sunday, November 11, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts


  1. If Americans would like to see their religion represented in the White House they should change the constitution so that the Pope, Jesus and Muhammud can run for office.

    Comment by loudefrog | Sunday, November 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. But hey, the Romney campaign ran up huge margins in Utah, West Virginia and Alabama!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 🙂

    ps: this was good day for math types too; those who understood what a confidence interval is correctly predicted the outcome of the election.

    Comment by blueollie | Monday, November 12, 2012 | Reply

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