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White On Rice

Arizona Senator John McCain has the distinction of being the first white male to lose his bid for the White House in a general election to a non white.  In 2008 he was so close to being President that it was perceived as inevitable to some.  Nothing but white men called the oval office theirs.  Tradition, which is very paramount to conservatives, dictated that his ascendency was little more than a formality.  That was all true before Barack Obama, a superior politician with a superior campaign that appealed to a far larger portion of the electorate, ended Mr. McCain’s dream of being the commander in chief.  Mr. McCain became just another also ran with the double distinction of being the man who introduced his protégé Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the world and opening a Pandora’s box of hard care right wing rhetoric that continues to exercises incredible influence over the happenings within the Republican Party.

In his first four years as President Mr. Obama had to deal with a recalcitrant Republican Party that was dead set against helping him do anything to help improve the condition of the country for the welfare of everybody in the country.  With heels dug in the GOP did its best to turn the country against the President and Mr. McCain was no doubt happy to participate in its blockade against progress.  But if the recent presidential election is any indication it appears that that strategy backfired spectacularly.   While the GOP made considerable gains the midterm elections of 2010 which helped them double down on their impersonation of a political anchor, Mr. Obama easily won his bid for reelection.  Mr. Obama was elected to spend a total of eight years in an office Mr. McCain will never spend a single day holding.  That’s got to burn.

Four years after their first political battle in the public arena Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain appear set to go toe to toe again.  John McCain was very vocal in the GOP’s bid to tie the Obama administration to the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stephens.  More specifically the GOP insist that the Obama administration is involved in an elaborate cover up to hide any mistakes that were made that could have led to the death of four Americans serving their country.  UN Ambassador Susan Rice presented the official Obama administration’s position on a number of political talk shows a few days after the attack using the talking points prepared for her by others and became a lightning rod for GOP criticism.  Ms. Rice is also a prime contender to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State when she steps down at some point in the near future.  Unable to win political attacks against the President directly, the GOP sees an opening to attack the President indirectly by going after his representatives.

Conservatives have used the same language to describe Ms. Rice as they have used to describe Mr. Obama before he became President and all during his presidency.  Based on nothing more than the fact that they didn’t like her talking points when she appeared on the talk shows, they labeled Ms. Rice as dishonest, lazy, stupid and not very intelligent.  It is no coincidence that the adjectives for the black Ms. Rice are the same ones used on the black Mr. Obama.  Some people might want to pretend that there’s no connection to the fact that a party with a history of appealing primarily to white people and their traditional conservative values that seem to promote the status quo that reinforces the disparity that runs along racial lines.  But there’s a reason the appeal of the Republican Party is decreasing for just about every demographics other than white men.  After this fact became so apparent in the last election, it is as if the GOP wants to reinforce their toxic nature against non white males by attacking a minority woman.

John McCain wants to lead this attack calling Ms. Rice dishonest, lazy, and stupid.  This from the man who thought Sarah Palin was smart enough and had enough integrity to be one step away from being President of the United States.  The woman was an intellectual fraud and didn’t have near enough gumption to go back and finish the job the people of Alaska voted for her to do.  Mr. McCain doesn’t have a problem with being lazy.  He himself was too lazy to vet Ms. Palin to be his second.  For Mr. McCain to call Ms. Rice lazy and therefore ineligible to be Secretary of State is truly dishonest and the epitome of hypocritical.  He is on this woman like white on rice, pun intended.  Mr. McCain’s dishonesty knows no bounds.

It’s a fact that Mr. McCain doesn’t have a problem with people being lazy.  It’s a fact that he doesn’t have a problem with people who are dishonest.  It’s a fact that he doesn’t have a problem dealing with people who have no integrity.  If I had to guess, Mr. McCain’s problem is that he doesn’t like to lose.  He lost to the black guy four years ago and can’t put it behind him.  He worked with the other Republicans to try and make Mr. Obama a one term President and they lost that fight as well.  Every time Mr. McCain has gone up against Mr. Obama he has lost and each lost gives him even more of an incentive to try him again.  And instead of doing his homework to actually make his challenges appear to be somewhat substantial or honest, he’s quick to grab at anything that comes his way.  His criticisms have lost anything remotely resembling credibility.  And if we’re lucky, the next time he faces an election people will see him as the cranky old man he is who has a problem living with himself after he lost to President Barack Obama.

Mr. McCain refused to believe that Ms. Rice was only doing her job.  Days after the Benghazi attack Ms. Rice went on television to reveal what she had to say while an investigation was going on.  As more information came in and the understanding of what happened that day became clearer, the story being presented changed.  His first reaction was to say that she was being dishonest and would do everything within his power to prevent her promotion.  He wanted to form a committee and have congressional hearings that resembled the Watergate hearings that eventually brought Richard Nixon’s presidency to an end.  As he got more information his position changed.  He eventually said he would be willing to drop his objection to Ms. Rice if she would apologize for what she initially said about Benghazi.

But then Mr. McCain heard testimonies from people like former director of the CIA General Petraeus.  Now that the good Senator has gotten even more information he is ready to drop his objections to Ms. Rice without any conditions.  But now where is his apology to Ms. Rice, Mr. Obama, and to the rest of the American people?  That’s a prime manifestation of hypocrisy.  This whole matter has been a nothing more than the rant of a two faced man who proudly wears his penchant for double standards openly on his sleeves.  But do you think he’ll stop now?  All this will do is to give Mr. McCain more incentive to blow the next unfortunate event that happens into a conspiracy that could threaten the US Constitution.

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Conservatism Creates Monsters Like Mitt

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Mitt Romney has suffered a relapse of his “foot in mouth” disease.  On Wednesday, commenting on what exactly went wrong with his bid to unseat President Obama from the White House, Mr. Romney said that he lost because Mr. Obama lavished promises of gifts on his largest supporter base, black people, Hispanics and Latinos, and women.  His cynical comment sounded a lot like his comment regarding the forty seven percent of America that he said was not his job to worry about for they had little interest in taking responsibility for their lives.  At the time that earlier comment became public, Mr. Romney claimed that he was inarticulately trying to say that he could not reach the people who were intent on voting for Mr. Obama and promised that if he would become President he would work on behalf of all Americans.

Enough people bought that explanation to give Mr. Romney a pretty good shot at sending Mr. Obama to the unemployment line, but not enough.  Mr. Obama easily won reelection.  Mr. Romney conceded the election and asked his supporters to prey for Mr. Obama as he continued to lead the country.  It all sounded pretty good.  But the comments Mr. Romney made earlier in the week not only revealed Mr. Romney’s valorous sentiments on election night hollow, those words proved beyond a doubt that the initial interpretation of Mr. Romney’s forty seven percent comments were indeed accurate.  Mr. Romney proved himself to be little more than a plutocrat with about as much compassion for his fellow man as a drug resistant infliction of the flesh eating virus.

When Mr. Romney’s forty seven percent comments were made public, many high profile conservative pundits groaned and shook their heads.  Mr. Romney was judged to be the most incompetent of politicians.  But they still wanted this man to best Mr. Obama.  He was the champion of everything conservative.  Even though his comments were harsh and can even be considered vulgar, they were not in contradiction with conservative values.  Some politicians admitted that they would not have used his words, but they never condemned Mr. Romney’s sentiments.  These people still saw Mr. Obama as the one politicking on a platform that was bent on dividing the country.  It was Mr. Obama who was blaming everyone else for everything that was going wrong with his performance.  It was Mr. Obama who refused to take responsibility for the lack of progress in the country’s welfare.

Many conservatives are singing a different tune this around.  After his latest comments Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal finally admitted that Mr. Romney was being divisive.  New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayote and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty condemned Mr. Romney for his thoughtless comments.  New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said Mr. Romney was an example of what set the Republicans back as a party.  Now that Mr. Romney is indeed proven to be a loser beyond the shadow of doubt, many conservatives are ready to step up and dump on his parade.  But while conservatives are ready to get in line to hang their most recent champion in effigy, what about the conservative values, policies and sentiments that led so many of these people to give cover to and lend their voice in support of a person so ready to dismiss half the country’s voters as irrelevant to the political conversation or care so little about the nation’s welfare that a promise of contraceptives is all it takes to win their vote.

Mr. Romney didn’t happen in a vacuum.  Everything this man said about dismissing the poor and everything he said about supporting corporations and the rich had conservative values written all over it and conservatives were ready to ride that dressage dancing horse all the way to the finish line.  Nearly half the popular vote supported this man despite everything he said and now they want to dump on him?  The people who sat in that room and clapped and laughed as he made his comments against forty seven percent of the population still supported him.  The majority of the people on the phone call with Mr. Romney as he talked about Mr. Obama’s gifts still supported Mitt Romney until the Electoral College gave him the big smack down.  For many people, that support still continues to this day and I’m not talking about his family members.

Conservatives have created an environment that breeds contempt for people in need.  That contempt has led to a person like Mitt Romney getting an opportunity to actually become President of the United States.  Mr. Romney may have proven himself unfit this past week to some conservatives.  But really, what was so different this past week that was so different to what he has said and, much more importantly, what he has done with his actions for practically his entire life?  Conservatives dumping on Mitt now after they’ve ignored everything he has said and done are nothing more than the like minded people who see their own opportunity for the highest office in the land as the work to keep their cynicism for people in need at bay.

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Post Election Chit Chat by Jen Sorenson

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Leaving Is A Lot Quicker

I don’t write as much as I used to. And the subject matter lately has been more about politics than the disparity of the country that practically falls straight down racial lines. I used to write quite a bit of criticism for the way this country refuses to take responsibility for its history of institutionalized racism that has led to today’s conditions in the black community. It’s been a while since I’ve written an article that got the goat of people who would prefer not to examine America’s history of racism for what it truly is. So it’s been a while since somebody replied to one of my articles with the suggestion that if I’m unhappy with the way things are going here that I should leave the country. I would reply to their comment that if they weren’t happy with my article and if they think leaving is such a viable option then why don’t they take their own advice and leave the country.

Last week Barack Obama defeated his rival the conservative Mitt Romney to win another four years in the White House. Despite their best attempts at painting Mr. Obama as ineffective and feckless, a Kenyan imposter pretending to be an American and perpetrating a complex fraud against the citizens of this country, a lazy retarded person who doesn’t understand the economy or what it takes to lead a country, Mr. Obama will be our President for the next four years if the good Lord, and the American people, are willing. If all of that was true then what does it says about Mr. Romney that he lost so resoundingly against such a person.

Within days of his winning the election the people who spent their blood, sweat, and tears trying to beat the Kenyan imposter and failing miserably were motivated enough to take other steps to keep Mr. Obama from being their President. People across the country have decided to sign a petition asking the government to allow their state to secede from the union peaceably. These people, no doubt conservatives who wear their patriotism on their sleeves and fly their stars and stripes on a flag pole in their front yard with their tea party flag waving in the breeze just below it, now say that they want to leave the country they love so much because they can’t stand the fact that their boy lost the race.

These people want to pretend that their convictions are so deep that they can’t spend another minute under Mr. Obama’s leadership for the next four years enough. But instead of holding those beliefs dear enough to actually leave the country, they want the country to leave them. Like a lot of things these people do, they want to keep things convenient for them and inconvenience others. They don’t have to leave. The people in the country that would elect Mr. Obama to be President for another four years should go through the rigmarole of withdrawing from around them.

But we know that’s not going to happen. If history is a guide, we know that secession doesn’t happen without a lot of people fighting and a lot of people dying. The American Civil War showed us the extent of how strongly the United States will fight to keep its self whole. And it might just be one big coincidence, but the inspiration for people trying to secede then is the same reason people want to leave today. It all boils down to the color of somebody’s skin.

People might think they’re sending a message of “don’t tread on me” when they sign their petition asking the country to leave them. But we all know that’s not going to go anywhere. A bigger message would be sent if people actually packed their bags and took their angst with them as they head to the other side of America’s border. Even if the government acquiesced and allowed these people to secede, a peaceful secession would take years if not decades. People can pack their bags and be on a plane in days if not hours. Those folks angry enough to want to reject the United States can relinquish their citizenship anytime they want. The end result is the same. Those people would be free of Mr. Obama and the people who elected him. But better yet, Mr. Obama and the people who elected him would be free of those people.

Please don’t mistake what I’m trying to say. I understand how people can be really unhappy with an election result. I still shudder whenever I think about all of the years the country suffered under the leadership of George Bush, Jr. But people need to suck it up and bear with it. In another four years you’ll have another chance to influence the direction of the country. Suck it up and you might be surprised at how quickly it passes or how it won’t be the disaster you foresee. Unfortunately Mr. Bush was a disaster. But if you don’t feel you can stick it out, don’t ask to secede. If you feel that strongly about it then don’t let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split you. If you’re that unhappy then get the hell out and quit wasting our time.

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Endangered Species by Steve Sack

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It’s A Good Day In America!

To say that I’m happy that Mitt Romney lost his bid for the White House is a woeful understatement.  The idea of that man getting the keys to the oval office was about as welcome as me running across a rabid grey wolf while wearing red meat underwear.  I fall into that “forty seven percent” category that Mr. Romney believes is a moocher on America’s teat because I don’t have a bank account with lots of zeroes and I believe that the federal government has a duty to pool resources from people across the country for the welfare of the country just like my state has the responsibility to pool resources from people for the welfare of the state and my local government has the responsibility to pool resources from the  local community for the welfare of the people locally.  I heard way too many times that Mr. Romney doesn’t care about the poor and people who might be in need of help and all his promises to dismantle the finances of institutions and agencies designed to help people at the bottom of the financial ladder.  I heard him make too many promises to take us backwards to a time when states were allowed to run roughshod over its citizenry and deny people rights under the pretense that we have to protect states rights to deny human rights.  I heard Mr. Romney promise he would implement policies that would only lead to hard times for everyone but the people who are well off.  His defeat is a win for the country.

But what’s even more satisfying than Mr. Romney’s defeat is President Obama’s win in the face of blatant racist accusations from people on the right doing their best to tarnish Mr. Obama’s image.  For the past four years we’ve heard conservatives label our President as lazy, unintelligent, retarded, sleepy, untrustworthy, and etcetera.  A lot of the unwarranted comments made against the man are rooted in racist negative stereotypes that have been lobbied against black people for centuries.  The only reason people voted for him is because he promised to give people free stuff and he has no understanding how our national economy works.  Some conservatives still refuse to accept Mr. Obama as a citizen of the United States.  Some conservative politicians promised to make his a single term presidency and have done their best to thwart his every move.  And if that’s not bad enough, some high profile opponents of the President are trying to hound him to produce his school records to show him unfit to serve in our highest office.

Through all of that, Mr. Obama was able to beat back all of the unfounded and baseless rhetoric against him.  The coalition assembled to support him was, and is, greater than the coalition assembled to oppose him.  High off the success of the midterm elections of 2010 that allowed so many conservatives to come into office, the opposition knew it had Mr. Obama’s defeat in the bag, even with a politician as incompetent and so poorly prepared to be President as Mitt Romney.  Full of hubris over their ability to tap into the well of racism against black people in general and America’s first black President specifically, combined with deep pocketed financiers ready to spend vast fortunes to defeat Mr. Obama, conservative pundits were confident going into Election Day with the stacked deck.  All of those people got bitch slapped Tuesday night when it was announced that Mr. Obama was going to get another four years to be President.

The analysis of what went right for Mr. Obama and what went wrong for Mr. Romney continues to this day and will probably run for many years to come if not decades.  Mr. Romney made his concession speech and has disappeared into the ether while his campaign handlers made excuses for his defeat.  And the excuses run the gamut from America has become a country of people who just want free stuff to the reelect Obama campaign had suppressed white voters.  Ain’t that a bitch?  Despite the nationwide attempts to There they went again with the racism to lob baseless accusations against the black guy.

But there are a few undeniable facts.  Mr. Romney received overwhelming support from white males, his one and only support demographic.  White males are taking a look around and aren’t taking much of a liking to the way the landscape is changing.  For centuries they had a lock on the very seat of political power, the American presidency.  But four years ago Mr. Obama shattered the door to that exclusive clubhouse and they have been angry with what he represents ever since.  Something in the neighborhood of seventy percent of white males voted to take their country back from Mr. Obama and they lost.  On the other hand, Mr. Obama won the majority of voters from a wide variety of demographics.  He won the majority of black people, Hispanic and Latino people, Asians, and white women.  His coalition is a better representation of the changing face of America.  Those simple facts make a lot of traditional white people that are unable to adapt to the future very uncomfortable.

A lot of white people are waking up to the realization that they no longer have the ability to dictate their wants onto everybody else.  In order to meet this fact, many conservatives see that the future of their party lies in their acceptance of racial minorities to represent their traditional values.  There is talk about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley rising up to lead the party.  Both of them are from Indian ancestry.  And then there’s the junior Senator from Florida Marco Rubio of Cuban descent.  The only problem is that these people are pushing conservative values that are centered on policies that are designed to protect the interest of traditional America that is deeply entrenched around what is good for white people.  The problem is that although this might be a shotgun wedding for the well respected minority conservative and the Republican Party, it doesn’t work for the rest of the minority demographic.  It’s kind of like Herman Cain getting the support of black people for the conservative cause.  It ain’t going to happen.

So conservatives will have another four years to try and put a better game plan together for the future.  Instead of really doing the work necessary to analyze the future of America’s changing demographics and adapting to it, they’ll try to placate the masses with platitudes that do little to address the needs of everyone in America. Four years from now Mr. Obama will be closing on his second term and America will be picking its next President.  America will be even more racially diverse.  White males will makeup an even smaller share of the demographic pie and will have even less influence on whatever happens.  Without a coalition that appeals to more than just white people conservatives will no doubt lose again.  The days of white people dictating what happens to the rest of America from a political perspective are numbered if not over.  It’s a good day in America.

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John Sununu Is A Professional Race Baiter

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu decided to wear his racism on his sleeve after former Secretary of State Colin Powel went public with his decision to endorse Barack Obama for a second term as President of the United States instead of his Republican associate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  Way back during the GOP primaries Mr. Powell was critical about Mr. Romney.  After Mr. Romney made the comment that Russia was the number one geopolitical foe of the United States Mr. Powell made the suggestion that Mr. Romney should actually think about what he’s saying if he wants to become President.  Instead, Mr. Romney doubled down on inconsistent nonsense and conservative rhetoric meant to excite the Republican faithful but few others.  In the end Mr. Powell made his critical endorsement.

Like a pit bull trained to attack, Mr. Sununu leapt to criticize Mr. Powell.  During an interview with CNN’s Pierce Morgan, Mr. Sununu made the suggestion that Mr. Powell suffers from being black.  Mr. Sununu said that when some black people are conditioned to support other black people in a key position or role no matter what.  Mr. Powell supports Mr. Obama only because of the commonality of their skin color and not because Mr. Powell made an honest assessment and concluded that Mr. Obama as the better choice to lead the country.  Mr. Sununu wants people to believe that a black man that served three conservative white skinned Presidents is now so color struck for another black man that he can’t think straight.

Later, Mr. Sununu offered an apology to his “good friend” Mr. Powell and retracted his statement.  Like a lot of conservative politicians these days, he says his words filled with race baiting rancor were being taken out of context.  But the message was clear to the racially bigoted voters who could be motivated to keep a couple of Negroid boys from working together to keep America out of the hands of people who are most assuredly more competent simply because we know that they aren’t black.

Yes it is true that a lot of black people have a lot of pride in the fact that Mr. Obama is our first black President.  And it is also true that there are black people who will support Mr. Obama for President no matter what simply because of the color of his skin.  But Mr. Powell hardly fits into such a category.  Mr. Powell is one of the many black people who understand facts from their personal perspective and have decided that Mr. Obama is a better choice for the black community as well as the larger community of America as well as the world.  And in the grand pantheon that comprises the black community, some black people might isolate between the two conditions of color struck and thoughtful analysis.

But just like some black people may suffer from a color struck condition that will drive their preferences, this malady is far more prevalent in the white community.  Far more white people will see a black person and respond instinctively to skin tones.  White people’s penchant for judging people by the color of skin is so strong that they have an entire history of enslaving people for nothing more than having the wrong skin color.  And with white people’s history of blatant, disparate racism, why would a white person like Mr. Sununu feel compelled to accuse Mr. Powell of overt racism?  Mr. Powell explained his position in thoughtful detail and yet Mr. Sununu felt compelled to play the race card and say that it all boils down to black people wanting to see each other do well.

So do white people ever feel compelled to see other white people do well?  Or more appropriately we should ask do white people ever feel compelled to make sure black people don’t do well?  All we have to do is look at America’s racially polarized history to find the answer to that question.  American history proves that white people will go out of their way to keep black people from being successful or credible.  For some white people, to see a black person do well is to see a target that needs to be attacked and taken down at all cost.  Some white people are so driven by this instinct that they would be willing to throw the country into chaos just to keep a black man from being successful.  How else would you explain why four years ago a group of white politicians got together to make sure the term of America’s first black President would be as ineffective as possible and do their best to block his every move with filibusters and legislative maneuverings meant to being government to a screeching stop.

Mr. Sununu’s assessment of Colin Powell was a twofer.  He knocked the black former Secretary of State for being so racist that he would support a black President with nothing to base that decision on but the color of his skin.  Both Mr. Powell and Mr. Obama have a history of working for white people and with white people that should prove their willingness to put everything else to the side for the bigger picture or the issue at hand.

The same can’t be said about Mr. Sununu.  In his eye, the only reason black people support other black people is the commonality of skin color.  Unfortunately, Mr. Sununu is one of those white people who cannot stand to see black people do well and is driven by an inherent need to follow his racially biased instincts at all costs.

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Quick Notes 201211

Thursday, Nov 22, 2012
No Allen West Thanksgiving

Have a happy, Alan West-less Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012
Susan Rice as Secretary of State

President Obama indicated that he will protect Susan Rice from further baseless accusations from the Republican right. Now that’s a President!

Sunday, Nov 11, 2012
Mitt Romney

Has anyone seen Mitt lately?

Thursday, Nov 1, 2012
Michele Bachmann Tries Comedy

Sensing her political career might be coming to an impromptu end Michele Bachmann tries her hand at comedy by telling a debate audience that she doesn’t do political speeches.

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