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Racially Clueless Featuring Stacey Dash

Earlier this week I listened to an article about Stacey Dash, supposedly a black woman, and how some members of the black community are calling her a racist for her support of Mitt Romney in his bid to unseat America’s first black President Barack Obama.  I have no doubt that Ms. Dash was, is, and will be labeled a racist by many black people.  And while the tag meant to condemn may have been inarticulately applied, the sentiment behind the branding is very real and very valid.

In his bid to become the most legitimate contender against Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney has to prove himself to be the most ardent politician to wear the conservative moniker.  He has to prove himself to be the most sever conservative available.  One of the ways conservatives prove their bona fides for conservative values to other conservatives is to demonstrate their insensitivity to issues of race specifically to black people and other people of a color other than white.  Mr. Romney has offended many people with a connection to the black community.  His address to the NAACP was followed by an address to his base constituents where he said that if black people wanted a handout they needed to vote for the other guy.  In Mr. Romney’s view, handouts are for the wealthy and people who live in Massachusetts.  The undercover video clip where Mr. Romney is dismissing forty seven percent of the nation as nothing more than moochers for their support of Mr. Obama and the supposed welfare state was all but a direct condemnation of black people for their nearly unanimous support of Mr. Obama.  Mr. Romney is about as sensitive to black people and the black community as Adolph Hitler was sensitive to people in the Jewish community.  And while that might sound a little harsh, Mr. Romney has done much to cultivate his image as racially insensitive.

Now Stacey Dash knows as much about politics as she knows about picking a husband.  The actress known best for her role as the black girl in the movie Clueless has been through three husbands in little more than a decade and it is a fair bet that it is no mere coincidence that all three of her husbands, Brian Lovell from 1999 to 2005, James Maby from 2005 to 2006, and Emmanuel Xuereb 2007 to 2010, have been white.  So here is a black woman with a history of marrying white men endorsing the racially insensitive white man running to unseat the black President.  Is it fair to say that a black woman that would endorse a racially insensitive white man, a black woman with a history of marrying only white men, might herself be racist against black people?

The forty six years old Ms. Dash has never inserted herself into politics before.  So why is she being vocal enough to make the news now at the black Mr. Obama’s expense?  Even if she was a conservative at heart, what would cause the black Ms. Dash to overlook the racially insensitive tones of Mr. Romney and conclude that he would be a better representative of the people?  The answer is nothing.

Without a doubt, a lot of black conservatives think that anything conservative is better for the country at large.  There are plenty of people in the mode of Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Lynn Swann, Mia Loves, Joseph C. Phillips, Alan Keyes, Alan West, J.C. Watts, John McWhorter, Jimmy Walker and plenty of other people who are black only in melanin contact only.  The racially insensitive political views of these people flow against the welfare of the vast majority of people in the black community.

Most black people will recognize these anti-blacks as nothing good for the black community.   Instead of being able to thoughtfully articulate their disgust, a lot of people will slap the label of racist on black people who don’t give a shit about other black people.  But considering Ms. Dash’s marriage record, the woman really could be considered a racist who would prefer to keep black men at arm’s length.  Ms. Dash isn’t qualified to pick a husband let alone a President.  The idea that she has some insight into what makes a person qualified to represent the people is rather laughable.

As Herman Cain once said, the majority of black people have been brainwashed against conservatives.  The reason black people have been brainwashed against conservatives is because conservatives have relentlessly attacked any program, institution, agency, and anything else that would actually help the black community.  Conversely, most conservatives have been brainwashed against anything that supports black people.  As Rick Santorum once hinted at, most conservatives don’t want their hard earned tax dollars going to blah (meaning black) people.

A black person who is so racially clueless that they support the antithesis of support for the black community is nobody black people can support.  In fact, black people would be smart to identify such brain dead black people in our midst as something to be avoided at all costs.  And what do black people recognize as more anti black than racists.  All things considered, if black people are calling Ms. Dash a racist it sounds like they just might have her number after all.

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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