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Romneya Anntionette

I didn’t see Ann Romney criticizing the conservative commentators criticizing her husband the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt. Mr. Romney got caught with his proverbial pants down around his ankles and burning like brimstone when he was caught on video telling a group of wealthy donors how if he is fortunate enough to become President of the United States it won’t be part of his job to care for the forty seven percent of the American population that would vote to give President Barack Obama a second shot at running the country. It should have been expected that if what he said ever made it to the public there would be serious consequences. The video revealed the depth of Mr. Romney’s partisanship and his plan to improve the country’s condition by discarding the poorer half of the country the way a cold hearted CEO would improve his company’s bottom line by discarding workers. If workers had any say in the matter they would’ve voted to fire the CEO instead. Fortunately, the people who Mr. Romney planned to turn his back on have that exact luxury.

Writing off half the country is not a smart election strategy if you want to win. Most people know that, including the conservatives with anything even remotely resembling an open mind like Peggy Noonan and David Brooks. Instead of being empty shills ready to toe the conservative line no matter what, these conservatives have seen enough and are more than ready to call their champion for the White House incompetent.

But now Ms. Romney wants condemn them for their fickleness. Ms. Romney feels that these people are unfairly criticizing her husband without fully understanding how truly hard it is for Mr. Romney to run for President. Ms. Romney says that these people should step into the ring if they think running for President is so easy. In her opinion the country is lucky to have someone like Mitt running to be our President. Lucky isn’t quite the first word that would come to my mind. However, not that she mentions it, I do consider myself lucky that somebody exposed Mr. Romney’s charade and gave us a better glimpse at his true character.

Mr. Romney is no man of the people. His total lack of any ability to connect with people makes our chances of sticking with Mr. Obama an easier choice to make. He has a total lack of compassion for people in true need of help and he has a total lack of understanding of America. In the video he talked to rich people about the half of America who feels that they are victims. He talked to his wealthy supporters as if to convey the message that they were the true victims of the poorer classes who only make ends meet by waiting for their government handout. And the video shows exactly how Mr. Romney feels he is entitled to be our next President. And Ms. Romney’s criticism that people should stop criticizing her husband shows that she feels just as entitled. They actually believe they should be President and First Lady simply because they are not the Obamas. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, it doesn’t work that way.

So many months ago Mr. and Mrs. Romney sat in an interview and were asked if they had a message for Mr. Obama. Giddy with the success of winning the Republican primary against such undistinguished competitors as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor Rick Perry, pizza mogul Herman Cain, and hopefully soon to be unemployed Michele Bachmann, the Romney couple’s message to the President was that he should start packing his bags because the Romneys were coming. Since then they have described Mr. Obama as being woefully incompetent. They’ve slandered the President as being divisive and trying to instigate class warfare. They said the President didn’t understand economics and that his views for the nation were so foreign to the American way of thinking that it was obvious that he was in over his head and incapable of leading the country out of our malaise. In fact, a lot of things that people said about Mitt Romney in the past week or so, the Romneys said about Mr. Obama ever since Mitt Romney officially declared his bid for the White House and then some.

Mitt and Ann were free to criticize Mr. Obama with reckless abandon. But now, after just a few months of running for the White House and being the subject of other people’s criticism, they feel that criticism against Mitt is unfair and out of bounds. Did these people think that being President was easy? Maybe they did and that’s why they climbed into the ring themselves. And now that they’ve experienced the hard work of just running for President, the frustration of dealing with a public watching every flaw, misstep, slip of the tongue, and the latest episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos is beginning to show on Mrs. Romney. She didn’t really sound very First Lady like when she was demanding that people stop with their criticism. She sounded very hostile and devensive. Makes you wonder what she’d be like after a year or two of having her husband’s every move scrutinized as President. Just like Mr. Romney doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in his ability to run the country, I don’t have much confidence in Ann Romney to be the First Lady of the Untied States.

Monday, September 24, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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