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Un-Mitt-igated Gall

Wow! The video of Mitt Romney writing off almost half the American population is pretty damning. In front of a bunch of rich people, his peers, Mr. Romney admits that he isn’t going to win half the population. He believes that as much as forty nine percent of the population will vote to reelect President Barack Obama because they refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and prefer to live off of handouts from the government. Mr. Romney doesn’t even want to try and help these people. He wants to devote his attention to helping the hardworking rich people who are dependent on getting more tax cuts from the government.

Mitt Romney claims that half the population doesn’t pay taxes. But this from a man who refuses to release anything more than a year or two of his tax returns. Mitt Romney says that he believes that half the population considers his or her self a victim, and then he says that these people will be a victim of his administration. According to Mr. Romney, these people feel that they are entitled to housing, healthcare, food, electricity, and many other essentials for civilized living these days. He says he can’t reach these people and it’s not his job to care for them. That’s just what we need, another President who feels that the bottom half of the economic ladder isn’t worth his effort. What would President Romney do if another hurricane hit New Orleans? Probably wouldn’t even lift a finger.

Mr. Romney and his supporters have constantly accused Mr. Obama of being divisive. But what do you call this shit? What do you call it when you admit behind closed doors amongst your financially wealthy peers that you have nothing to offer the other people who are most in need of help? What do you call it when you cynically label half the country as moochers unfit for any type of government assistance in front of the other half? Is that not divisive? Is that not class warfare? People may want to slap that baseless accusation on Mr. Obama. But here is Mr. Romney playing divisive politics like a serious pro.

But really, what can you expect from a man who made a substantial part of his huge fortune off of investing in companies only to pull every bit of value out of it, saddle it with debt, then leave the company ripe for bankruptcy and let all the employees fend for themselves when they’re told they no longer have a job? Indeed, watching the video it’s not hard to imagine Mr. Romney giving a speech at a shareholders meeting detailing how they’re going to hit it big after they let half the workforce go. This from a man that wants to be President of the country, and by country we mean only the better half.

The video shows the often wooden Mr. Romney more relaxed and more composed than he’s ever been in front of a podium while running for President. Instead of fumbling for words and sounding unsure of himself, he sounded a lot more confident when he’s with his true voter base. This is the man who made the off cuff remark that he doesn’t care about the poor. This is the man who says middle class is the quarter million dollar income range give or take fifty thousand or so. This is the man who says he likes to fire people who provide services for him. This is the man who says corporations are people and are entitled to the same freedom of speech as flesh and blood. This is the man who cares so little about his own family dog that he’d put it on the roof of his station wagon as he barrels down the highway.

Most of us could and can see it. Many of us are willing to admit it. I believe Mitt Romney to be a cold hearted rich man with a tough love mentality that believes all it takes is a bit of hard work and planning and personal sacrifice and you too can be one of the fifty three percent that earn or are worth enough to be worthy of Mr. Romney’s time. I actually believe he thinks it is better for the economy if rich people were able to make more money that they would use all that extra money to build businesses and create jobs even though if they already have some pretty deep financial pockets there’s nothing really keeping them from creating jobs right now. I believe he thinks that we all have access to the same opportunities to get ahead.

It is Mr. Romney’s business focus mindset that gives me the impression that he would slash social programs that enable people who want to exercise a little personal responsibility so that they can do more to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Instead of helping people by helping people, Mr. Romney believes he can help by turning his back and letting people struggle. The strong will survive and the weak will learn to toughen up. And he has a lot of people who support him who think the same way. You want to go to school? Earn your way. You want money for food? Get a job. You need healthcare? Get a better job. Life’s tough and if you want to make it you got to be tougher. And when/if you do make it, then you too will be worth Mr. Romney’s time and attention. Until then, there’s nothing he can do for you.

Mr. Romney doesn’t give me the impression he understands or even wants to understand what a huge chunk of people in the country are going through. It doesn’t matter how many times he tells me he cares. It doesn’t matter how many times Ann Romney or Paul Ryan or anyone else tells me Mitt Romney cares. You, me, and everybody else with an ounce of awareness know that he could not care less. This is not a man to be President of the United States.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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