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Too Small To See The Bigger Picture

When two planes were used as guided missiles to take down the twin towers of the world trade center while another plane smashed into the pentagon’s front door and yet a fourth plane had crashed into a Pennsylvania crop field before it could be used to kill unsuspecting citizens going about their personal business, when the people of America woke up to the realization that we were being attacked by terrorist, the people of the United States got behind the commander-in-chief with our full support.  President George Bush, Jr.’s approval rating for the entire country shot up to ninety plus percent.  That’s practically a unanimous consent.  People on both sides of the political aisle, people of every race, creed, color, ethnicity, income bracket, tax bracket, tennis racquet, and picnic basket put aside our differences to rally behind our leader.  Whether you agreed or disagreed with Mr. Bush’s policies didn’t matter.  This country was attacked and the people of this country were going to respond.

On the eleventh anniversary of the attacks that became known as 9/11 the United States embassy in Egypt and the embassy in Libya were attacked by militants using the cover of an unruly mob supposedly protesting some low budget unknown film ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad.  An embassy is the sovereign territory of the country it represents and for all practical purposes American territory was violated.  Most of the embassy workers were evacuated prior to the attack without harm.  Nobody wanted to see a repeat of the debacle in Iran so many years ago that only seemed to confirm the incompetence of the Jimmy Carter administration.  If the embassies were going to be stormed, better for it to be stormed empty of personnel than hand potential terrorist American citizens as hostages.  But the United States ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, along with three other American citizens serving their country in a diplomatic capacity, were killed, the likely result of a rocket propelled grenade.  RPGs are certainly not the typical weapon of choice for an impromptu angry crowd.

In remembrance of the 9/11 anniversary, the political campaigns of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney agreed to put partisan political bickering to the side for the day.  But within a handful of minutes after midnight the Romney campaign released a statement highly critical of the way the Obama administration was handling the situation, accusing Mr. Obama of apologizing to the terrorist that had just murdered United States citizens and a United States ambassador.  Americans are murdered and within a handful of hours after a critical event with possible global consequences that was still unfolding at the time, Mr. Romney was trying to spin the affair in order to score political points in its desperate bid to do something, anything, to win the White House.

Global politics is not a game for the faint of heart.  It is complicated with the potential for massive, world changing consequences.  Rarely is the obvious a true representation of what is actually happening.  Without a detailed and careful analysis of current events, previous events, the people and organizations that are involved, as well as an analysis of the people who are watching from the sidelines and are anticipating outcomes, it really is rather foolish to rush into areas where even the mightiest angels fear to tread.

Mr. Romney obviously has political policy differences with Mr. Obama.  Whether or not they are legitimate, Mr. Romney will choose a different path to follow regardless if the path Mr. Obama chooses is a good one or not.  In typical modern conservative method of operation the exact opposite of whatever Mr. Obama does is more palatable than walking in step with the President.  If Mr. Obama runs out of a burning building his political opponents would think the better option would be to run inside and burn.  We already see this.  We already know this.

The President operates in a realm where a lot of times he or she has no choice but to put partisan politics aside for the greater good.  Normally, lay people aren’t privy to everything that has to go into the decisions the President makes to go left instead of right, up instead of down, or extend the olive branch of peace instead of beating the drum down the path that leads to war.  Not everybody has all the facts that the President has.  That’s a given.

But most people know that it is important to get behind the President during a crisis, especially one that promises worldwide ramifications.  Most regular folks know that much.  You would think that a man with a reasonable chance of being voted into the highest office in the land would understand that point as well.  Unfortunately, it appears that Mr. Romney has another way of looking at things.  Mr. Romney appears to be one of the few who will keep their partisan politics on the sleeve to the very bitter end and then some.  This shouldn’t come as any surprise.  After all, this is the man that went to England and criticized the London Olympic Committee for everything it did wrong leading up to the games.  That was more important than acknowledging anything they did right.  If a man could be so petty on his worldwide debut as the Republican nominee as leader of the free world, he just might be petty enough to put his own selfish goals ahead of the global greater good.

Mr. Romney passed up on another opportunity to look like a person who is able to rise above the fray of politics.  Sadly, he is too focused on his personal benefit.  Kind of like the way he runs his business for sure.  Mr. Romney is too selfishly impulsive to recognize the time has come to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.  He may not agree with each and every step that Mr. Obama may take as our commander-in-chief.  To be honest, nobody does.  Not even his wife, the person closest to him.  But the very beginning of an international crisis is hardly the time to put politics at the top of the priority list.  It would have been much better for him to just keep his mouth shut and let more adult people do their job.  Mr. Romney is just too small a person to see a bigger picture.

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