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No Bounce For The Dreary

I really hate moving.  Not only is there the hassle of packing, moving, and unpacking.  There’s the organizing, the decorating and the endless trips to the stores for all the things it takes to make a house feel like a home.  It feels like a never ending process.  At least it does for me.  Not quite two weeks since the move and we’re still making a daily list of all the things that need be purchased and things that have to be done.  And the more we do and the more we buy it seems like the more we need to do and the more we need to buy.  We’ve been busy and I really didn’t have the time to sit down and write an article.

But I had a little time to sit down and do a little writing today.  It’s not like I didn’t want to write over the past few days.  I spent the past week listening to FOX News at work.  That network’s spin on the Democratic National Convention was truly predictable.  Everybody did a wonderful job with their liberal speeches with the exception of President Barack Obama.  No matter what happens or what anybody says they refuse to even acknowledge the man has a brain.  I’m sure some dull witted Obama hater will try and capitalize on that last remark with something droll like, the Mr. Obama doesn’t have a brain.  I’m sure somebody out there will appreciate the sentiment.

The day after the convention closed there was a new jobs report and the unsurprising news flash that jobs were still lacking and the unemployment rate was still high.  Although it dropped another tenth of a point, it was concluded that the drop was the product of people abandoning the job market and not the result of more jobs being created.  But that was just what FOX needed to ignore the DNC conclusion and focus only on something else negative about Mr. Obama’s presidency.  And before I forget, they did say that Mr. Obama’s acceptance speech was flat and uninspiring.  This was from the same people who thought Clint Eastwood deserved a standing ovation for addressing an empty chair during the Republican National Convention.

Usually, after an inaugural convention, the political party enjoys a little bounce with more favorable poll numbers.  But the poll numbers after the RNC was as flat as Kansas.  You would have thought that the RNC didn’t have a pulse.  Considering their nominee that metaphor is a lot more accurate than you’d think.  But there are a number of factors that could explain the lack of a bump.  Considering whom the President is and who is the Republican contender for the White House, a lot of people have already made their choice as to who they want to vote for.  There are a very few swing voters out there who remain persuadable.

But right after the DNC, Mr. Obama was able to open up a little daylight between himself and his conservative rival.  Mr. Obama’s campaign is now up a few points despite the poor job numbers that seemed to be the sole focus of some.  At least the DNC looks like it has a pulse.

The conservative political pundits are worried.  Rush Limbaugh was on his radio show telling people that it didn’t matter who was running against Mr. Obama.  People need to vote against him regardless of who he’s running against.  Anything’s better than the President.  Good thing a lot of people are a lot more discerning in their wants and needs for the presidency.  Laura Ingram used her radio show to tell people that if the Republicans can’t defeat Mr. Obama then you might as well shut the Republican Party down and start over with fresh blood.  I don’t think Ms. Ingram ever spoke truer words.

Ever since Mr. Obama announced his bid to become President a lot of conservatives have done nothing more than expressed the most irrational hate for this man.  People oppose everything he does like a reflex.  It has gotten to the point that a lot of these people look cartoonish and rather difficult to take seriously.  Many wear their penchant for opposition against Mr. Obama on their sleeves by openly declaring themselves a member of the tea party or a tea bagger or a patriot for freedom or whatever.  And the leaders of the Republican Party are stuck on catering to these people to their very own peril.  The conservatives are pulling further and further to the right and are alienating the rest of us who may have a different opinion on things.

After winning the Republican primary everybody thought that Mr. Romney would try to tack to the political center and appear more moderate.  But the instant he does, he loses all those conservatives stuck in no compromise mode.  These people are part of his base.  If he does anything that can be construed as reasonable he’ll have negative bounce numbers.  Such is the life when you have to cater to people who are unreasonable.  And now that he has his base, he’s stuck with them.  And as long as he’s stuck with them, fat chance he’ll get enough of anybody else to give him anything resembling a bounce, even after your inaugural convention.

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