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Of Course You Built It

I’ve been kind of busy lately.  Mom passed away a few months ago.  While I have been officially assigned the responsibility of executor of her estate, for the most part the misses has been handling that chore.  Me?  I’ve been busy with a new client on the Illinois side of the river that requires a minimum of forty hours a week commitment for the foreseeable future.  Add to that fact, our son was denied entry into the St. Louis school of our choice and so we had to move.  Before we could do that, we had to find some place to move to.  A lot of time spent looking for houses to lease.  After our experiences with our neighbors in the last apartment, sharing walls with rude, loud ass strangers was to be avoided at all costs.  We went from a two bedroom two bath top floor loft apartment just outside the downtown area to a four bedroom two car garage in the suburbs pretty close to the rural zone.  Our son had to be registered for his new school district.  A move had to be organized and coordinated.  Utilities had to be cut off and on.  The old place had to be packed.  The new place had to be unpacked.  Countless trips to the store to replace all of the things that didn’t survive the move had to be made.  Believe it or not, this is the first time in days I’ve had the time to sit down and actually write.

One thing that has changed in my life is my access to news.  My new client is the biggest devotee to FOX News and does not allow the transmission of much of anything else on the premises.  As if by coincidence, this coincided right when the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  The gathering of conservatives to give Mitt Romney his official title as presidential nominee is arguably one of the biggest political events for the Grand Old Party short of a conservative presidential inauguration.  And the way FOX tells the story, you’d think that Mr. Romney and his sidekick Paul Ryan was the best thing that ever happened to all things conservative.

FOX and Friends praised everything about the convention.  They even praised Clint Eastwood’s stuttering, off the cuff and woefully unprepared soliloquy with an empty chair representing President Barack Obama as something unexpected (true), well executed (false), and flawless (totally false).  Now I have to confess that I didn’t have an opportunity to see any of the convention live.  We packed our televisions and networking equipment away on Monday and didn’t get service in the new place until Friday.  So for nearly the entire week, I was dependent solely on FOX as a news source.  Fair and balanced is what they call themselves.  But I couldn’t help but notice that their interpretation of the news was anything but.

The overwhelming theme of the convention was “We Built It”.  The meaning behind the message was clear.  It was/is a not so subtle acknowledgment that the Republicans are focused on the needs and desires of entrepreneurs and business people who are successful.  Mr. Obama lied when he said that people didn’t build their businesses and it was all the government.  The fact that Mr. Obama never said that business people didn’t build their businesses doesn’t matter.  What Mr. Obama said, albeit a little inarticulately, was that the bridges and roads and infrastructure that we all enjoy are built by funding from government.  No businessperson volunteered to pay for any bridge across the Mississippi or our interstate highway.  But like many things about Mr. Obama, reality is often tossed aside so that some of us can put our faith behind some of the most despicable untruths about the man.  It’s why some people chose to continue to believe that Mr. Obama is not an American citizen but was actually born in Kenya and was smuggled into the United States while he was still in diapers to fulfill his mother’s nefarious plan that he would become President.  Without a shred of credible proof people are willing to believe the very worse of Mr. Obama, that he is not qualified to be an American let alone President of the United States.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that Mr. Obama did say that entrepreneurs did nothing to help build their businesses and the Republican did build “it”.  What are they trying to say about the rest of us who didn’t build it?  Are we not American citizens?  Did we not help the entrepreneurs who built everything in our own way?  Didn’t the rest of us pool together our tax dollars to help educate the entrepreneurs and the people who went to work for them?  Didn’t we pool our money together to build the utilities and infrastructure that helped the businesses become successful entities?  And while the businesspeople were focused on their businesses, didn’t the rest of us do our part?  What about the rest of us who may not have something to point to and say I built that?  Instead, some of us can only point and say that we helped work to build that.  What about that part of the population?

Another theme that I heard while watching FOX’s coverage of the convention was that Mr. Obama was focused on the politics of separation.  But if theme of the Republican convention was that they built it, obviously they weren’t interested in the people who didn’t.  If you didn’t build it, you’re obviously not the target market for their message.  Their message isn’t meant for everyone.  It’s a message meant for the few that are worth the Republican’s time.  And if that doesn’t sound like somebody building seeds of separation, I may not know what is.

Sunday, September 2, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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