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Fixing Akin’s Bacon

I don’t plan on staying in Missouri for long.  One of the main reasons for moving back here was to take care of my Mom.  She passed away a couple of months ago so that tether has gone.  And the local school system has been woefully neglectful when it came time to enroll my son in school.  We tried to get him enrolled in a school better capable to meet his educational needs last year.  We found out just two weeks ago that he would have to enroll in one of the failing schools in the area where nobody wanted to go.  He has special needs and he needs more attention than the average little joe.  So why would we settle for what they want to give the rest of community?  So why would we stay in a city that refused to do anything to meet our needs?  We tried to be more inner city oriented.  We discovered that it isn’t the neighborhood that fails to help the black community.  It is St. Louis City and Missouri State government that has made our stay here intolerable.  Sorry people, but since you refuse to act like you want my business, I’ll take it elsewhere.  Like Mitt Romney I like firing people who fail to offer me services.

To that, add the fact that I really don’t care for Missouri Senator the Democrat Claire McCaskill.  I understand that the state is going more and more to the conservative right.  Missouri used to be a bellwether state, predictably voting for the President of the United States every election since Abraham Lincoln give or take a POTUS or two.  But in 2008, the state went more conservative than most and went for John McCain as Barack Obama took the White House.  Ever since then the state that produced such notable conservatives as Rush Limbaugh is letting its conservative colors show.

The Republican National Committee knows this too.  They know that Missouri is going more and more conservative and they smell blood in the water.  They see that Senate incumbent Ms. McCaskill is probably the most vulnerable Democrat in the Senate.  So the GOP is trying to use the conservative’s general dislike of Mr. Obama against Ms. McCaskill, showing her and Mr. Obama standing together in a lot of their local campaign commercials.  And in response, Ms. McCaskill is stiff arming Mr. Obama and the Democratic party so as not to look too liberal, kind of the way Mr. Obama sometimes stiff arms the black community.  She has to appeal to conservatives so she does her best to manifest a neutral political demeanor.  She really doesn’t convince me that she’s a politician willing to fight for my interest.  Polls show her trailing her opponent.  Now that I’m leaving the state, I really don’t care what happens.

But while the alleged liberal tries to be neutral and cater to conservatives just as much as she caters to liberals, Congressman Todd Akin, the conservative guy on the ticket, is doing nothing of the sort.  He’s a hardcore conservative with traditional conservative values oozing out every pore of his being.  This guy can make Michele Bachmann almost look like a reasonable alternative.  The key word is almost.  If politics were a poker game, dude would be doubling down, tripling down, and doing a couple more downs after that.  And if the majority of people of Missouri want such a man as this to represent their interests, why in the world would I want to hang around.  But after his interview with local television station KTVI this past Sunday, I think even the people of Missouri are waking up and taking another look of the deep seated crazy they may be about to embrace and send to Washington, D.C. to represent the state.

Mr. Akin went on record to say that, as far as he understood from “doctors” a woman becoming pregnant after being raped is a rare event because if it was a “legitimate” rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Christmas came very early for Ms. McCaskill.  And if she’s able to defend her seat and help her party maintain their Senate majority, Christmas came very early for the Democrats as well.  The Republican National Committee knows this too.  They can see their chance to retake the Senate slipping away like voting rights.  What may have looked like a sure thing just a little while ago has turned into anything but.  And the GOP has shifted into damage control and recovery mode.  Mr. Akin is now facing a fury of calls from the leadership in his own party to drop out of the Senate race so that they can get someone else to run against Ms. McCaskill.

In order to act like he really hasn’t lost his mind, Mr. Akin released a new campaign ad early Tuesday apologizing for his comments about rape and asking for forgiveness.  In an attempt to shift into reverse and back off his foot that ended up in his mouth, Mr. Akin said that rape is an evil act.  He went on to say that he simply used the wrong words in the wrong way and for that he apologized.  He said he had a compassionate heart for the victims of sexual assault and says that he prays for them.  I’m sure he does pray.  Pray that this whole ordeal can be put behind him, right where GOP leaders have their foot up his ass.  Even Mitt Romney condemned the remarks saying that they were offensive.  You know it takes a lot to get Mitt to express an opinion on an issue that isn’t about how bad Mr. Obama is for the economy.

In an interview on Mike Huckabee’s radio show, Akin apologized for his comments but said that he would not drop out of the race because he’s no quitter.  He never said that he wasn’t dumb as all hell.  Following the interview with Mr. Huckabee Mr. Akin tweeted that he was in this race to win and that we needed a conservative Senate.  He has a new campaign set to hit the airwaves the day after the conservative super PAC Crossroads GPS announced it was pulling money to assist Mr. Akin in his race for the Missouri Senate.

Claire McCaskill may have dodged a bullet but there’s still a chance that Missouri voters will embrace crazy.  A lot of conservative politicians have seen what happens when they go off the deep end with right skewed rhetoric.  There has been a rush to the right for many politicians, Mitt Romney being just one of them.  Michele Bachmann got a lot of attention after she accused Hilary Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin of consorting with terrorists.  It worked for Alan West when he said that Communist had infiltrated the Democratic Party.  It worked for a lot of politicians who say Mr. Obama needs to release his real birth certificate and not that Photoshop job from Hawaii.  And as long as we see politicians embracing conservative rhetoric and being rewarded for it, a lot of politicians are going to try and push that envelope further to the right.

But when some politicians go too far, the GOP wants to try and distance themselves from their wayward brethren in a bid to try and minimize the ugliness of their political stance.  Many conservatives say that they believe that there is no justifiable reason for abortion.  Period!  So when one of their politicians follows that hard line with rhetoric that gives the public a glimpse at the naked truth.  Whether or not it is legitimate rape or not, forcible rape or not, it is the position of conservatives that abortion is not an option.  He might have said it in a rather ignorant way, but it is what a lot of conservatives want to hear.

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  1. So if you leave the big MO, where do you plan on going?

    Comment by mikelovell | Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | Reply

    • MOOKIE!!!

      I intentionally made that sound a little more drastic than it actually is. I’m headed just across the river to Illinois. I’m still in the area.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | Reply

  2. And here I thought you might head upstream to Des Moines and use our growing technology center as a good jumpstart to making some money… and of course basking in my made up glory!!! LOL

    Comment by mikelovell | Thursday, August 23, 2012 | Reply

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