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Quick Notes 201208

Friday, Aug 24, 2012
Lance Loses

Without admitting guilt seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong decides to throw in the towel and end his fight to clear his name of doping charges.

Monday, Aug 20, 2012
Akin’s Claim

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, a conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and a previously unknown expert in human biology, said in a Sunday interview that a woman’s body can prevent a pregnancy in a “legitimate rape” and therefore conception is rare in such cases.

Thursday, Aug 16, 2012
Gold Digging Nike

As the official outfitter for the London Olympics, Nike claims it doesn’t understand why women are offended over one of their latest Olympics-inspired t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase “Gold Digging.”

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012
Ron Palillo Dies

Ron Palillo, the actor who played Welcome Back Kotter’s Arnold Horshack, died at the age of sixty three. Did that guy do anything else in his life?

Friday, Aug 10, 2012
Morpheus Crashes

Just days after shooting Curiosity 350 million miles through space to land picture perfect on Mars, NASA’s experimental explorer Morpheus crashes and burns in NASA’s backyard.

Monday, Aug 6, 2012
Curiosity Parachutes To Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover is caught on camera as it successfully, flawlessly parachuted to the Mars surface.

Friday, Aug 3, 2012
Gabby’s Doo

Some people are giving Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas some flak because she won the gold but didn’t make having a fabulous hairdo a priority. People don’t stop and think. If she made her hair top priority she probably wouldn’t be winning the gold.

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012
Eat More Chicken

The flap over Chick-fil-A publicly taking the staunch conservative stand for marriage between a man and a woman and the condemnation from liberals is turning into an advertising bonanza for the chain.

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  1. Gabby’s hair looks natural and fools complain…If her hair were straightend or weaved fools would complain…Our women just can’t get a break. Let alone NBC not really giving her proper airtime. But, wait, I really think NBC is ignoring most of us and what we are doing in what me and my Wisdom joke and say their week of the Olympics. They are not going to talk about any melanin rich beings during what they feel it “their time of the games.” They will give us the next week… J/K

    Peace brotha!

    Comment by Amenta | Friday, August 3, 2012 | Reply

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