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Zimmerman Is Hardly The Hand Of God

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to write about George Zimmerman, the Florida watchman who appears to have shot seventeen years old Trayvon Martin for the crime of walking home from the convenience store while being a young black teenager in a hooded jersey.  But the more I hear and see of this man the harder it is to remain silent as he tries to lie his way out of his predicament.

In a recent interview with Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, Mr. Zimmerman and his interviewer did their best to explain away Mr. Zimmerman’s crime of murder.  Mr. Hannity asked leading softball questions as if he was talking to get a toddler going through potty training to understand why he or she had shit in its diaper.  You know poo-poo is bad?  Why did you poo-poo in your diaper?  Did you forget to go to your poo-poo chair?  You want to keep clean don’t you?  And as Mr. Hannity asked his lame questions Mr. Zimmerman did little more than to say yes or no.

But at one point, George Zimmerman was asked if he had to do anything over again would he.  Mr. Zimmerman replied that he would do nothing different that night.  If he had to do it all over again he would stalk the young black teenager.  When Trayvon tried to run George Zimmerman would get out of his car with his gun and chase him down.  When he finally caught up with the teenager and initiated the confrontation, he would pull the gun out and shoot him again.  And then, most infuriatingly and surprisingly, George Zimmerman said that he believed it was god’s plan for him to kill Trayvon Martin that night and it was not his place to question god’s motives.

It was speculated and admitted by his lawyers that Mr. Zimmerman did the interview with Sean Hannity in order to raise cash donations for his legal defense.  When the black community brought attention to the fact that the murderer of Trayvon Martin had been released with the murder weapon by police just a few hours after he had killed Trayvon, many conservatives interpreted the outrage of black people as an attack on white conservatism and began to push back.  If black people were attacking Zimmerman, white people would defend him.  And many white people donated their money to help pay for the defense of George Zimmerman.

I was initially appalled by the way opinions of this murder fell along racial lines.  White people saw nothing wrong with a white man stopping whatever he was doing to stalk, follow, and eventually murder a black teenager.  There is the prejudiced notion driven by our national culture dominated by white people and rooted in race based slavery that a black teenager is little more than a thug in waiting with a propensity for criminal intent imbedded in the DNA.  George Zimmerman did nothing wrong because he only killed a suspicious black teenager.

But it was the generosity of white people that helped to expose Mr. Zimmerman’s propensity for criminal behavior when he went before the court and lied about his financial status.  When the court asked Mr. Zimmerman if he had assets to pay his bond George Zimmerman and his wife testified that they had nothing even though their total donations was well into the six figures.  When the court discovered the subterfuge, the bond was revoked, George Zimmerman had to return to jail, and his wife was arrested for giving false testimony to the court. If you were one of the many that donated money to the Zimmerman defense fund, thank you for your role in helping to expose this man as a calculating liar.

Understandably, the donations began to dry up.  They would have naturally slowed down over time as people’s attention turned to other things.  But the fact that Zimmerman was proven to be a liar probably sped things up a bit.  In order to jump start the gravy train, Mr. Zimmerman did his interview with the conservative darling of the most conservative television news network.  That is, if you consider Fox News a news network.  Add a little talk about doing god’s work and you have a perfect formula for appealing to the heartstring of conservatives for more money.

Zimmerman’s statement that he believed he was only doing god’s work is disgusting.  We’ve all heard that god works in mysterious ways, but why would god want George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin?  If god wanted Trayvon dead all he had to do was stop Trayvon’s heart or have the boy suffer a stroke.  That way, nobody has to go to jail for murder.  The death of Trayvon would’ve been natural with no questions asked.  That’s what I would do if the objective was just to have Trayvon dead.  Maybe Zimmerman’s god has a thing about black teenage boys going to the convenience store in a hooded jersey.  And like a lot of people, Zimmerman has the tendency to make his god in his own image.

But even if it is true that Zimmerman believes he was murdering Trayvon on behalf of god, it doesn’t absolve him of the crime.  Even if god comes down from heaven, takes the stand, and testifies that Zimmerman has operating on his behalf, all that means is that according to our laws god would be Zimmerman’s coconspirator.  It doesn’t mean that Zimmerman should be shielded from prosecution.

If Zimmerman believes he was committing murder on behalf of god then he should be more than willing to go down for his crime steep in the belief that his faith in his murderous god will comfort him as he rots in his prison cell for the rest of his life.  If god told used Zimmerman to kill, maybe the ultimate objective wasn’t to kill Trayvon but to lock Zimmerman away for the rest of his life.  And if that’s true, who are we to question the will of god?

Maybe god’s ultimate objective was to give Zimmerman the opportunity to make a choice to do right or to do wrong by his fellow man.  Maybe god was putting Zimmerman to the test to see if he has the morals and values not to use his prejudice to judge somebody different.  And if that’s the case, it’s pretty obvious that he failed that test miserably and now has to pay the price for his stark lapse judgment.

But to be real, nobody has any idea of god had an active role in this mess or not.  We believe that Jim Jones killed more than nine hundred people under the guise that it was god’s will.  David Koresh said he was doing god’s work when he helped to construct the confrontation that led to the fire at the Branch Davidian ranch that led to the deaths of more than eighty people.  We know for a fact that these people were demented and their claim to be operating under the direction of a mysterious god was just poppycock.

It looks like Zimmerman is just another poppycock sucker (pun totally intended) using god as an excuse in his crime.  Hopefully, the people he’s trying to appeal to, the predominantly white group of conservatives who believe in god and watch conservative television and believe in the word of Sean Hannity, will recognize this man for the murderous charlatan he truly is and stop supporting his attempts to find a believable defense to his indefensible act of murder.

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  1. I sure hope the prosecution takes this interview into the fold as the number 1 exhibit to refute his claim of the “Stand your ground” defense. He essentially admitted that he would willingly go forward with initiating a confrontation that would lead to the death of another individual. If time machines were a reality, he basically lays out his own premeditation. Now, obviously it isn’t enough to legally go for Murder 1 by legal definition, but he clearly has assuaged this conservative white guy (not that I ever sided with Zimmerman at all in this case) and his belief that Zimmerman is guilty as hell. By using the “stand your ground” law as one of his excuses, he also gives those of us who believe in the spirit of said law a big fat smear on our faces, when he clearly violated both the spirit and letter of such law in willingly going after Trayvon and killing him.

    Comment by mikelovell | Tuesday, July 24, 2012 | Reply

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