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You Don’t Have To Do Anything You Don’t Want To

Mitt Romney is pushing back against calls for him to release more of his personal tax returns if he wants the White House.  He refuses saying that he’s under no legal requirement to release anything else of the sort.  He points to other presidential candidates that only released a couple of tax returns.  He said that 2008 candidate John McCain only released two years and 2004 candidate John Kerry.  Both of those guys lost their bid by the way.  So if that’s what Mr. Romney has selected for role model all I can say to him is good luck with that.

Mr. Romney feels like he is being personally attacked.  He feels that the President Obama is bereft of anything to give the people of America a reason to reelect him and has desperately settled on personal attacks against his opponent.  Mr. Romney says that nobody cares about his taxes.  But if that was true then whenever somebody from the Obama campaign said anything about Mr. Romney’s tax returns it would fall on deaf ears and people would move on to something else.

Instead, people hear that Mr. Romney has only released one tax return and they want to know what he could be hiding.  Mr. Romney has made a lot of money over the years and he says that the size of his wallet has become his calling card.  He says he loves America and as President he would put his business acumen into reviving the economy and putting this country back on the right track.  He promises lower taxes for corporate America and will cut the budget of every government program he deems unnecessary.  He wraps himself in the American flag and promises to put America first.  Mr. Romney says he loves America so much and wants to do all he can for the country’s economy.  But if that’s the case, wouldn’t he pay his fair share in taxes so that he’s not a drag on the economy?

So far, Mr. Romney has released only one year of tax returns and it was discovered that his tax rate was less than a meager fourteen percent, far less than the pay rate for the average joe.  He promises to release his last tax return when it’s ready for viewing.  But until then, people are going to have to make do with that single year because his opponent will never be satisfied.  He released one tax return and they want to see more.  He promises he’ll release 2011 when it’s ready but his opponent wants more.  Based on the fact that he will release two years of tax returns and his opponent wants more, the conclusion is that anything more than that will not be enough and so enough is enough, despite the fact that his father who started the tradition of candidates releasing tax returns gave twelve in his failed bid for the White House.

Now Mr. Romney might feel like he’s being held to an unfair higher than necessary standard.  Never mind the fact that his opponent released something like eight years of tax returns in his first run.  Never mind his father’s twelve tax return release.  Mitt Romney doesn’t want to give into pressure to do something he doesn’t want to do.  But if Mr. Romney wants the job he’s applying for, he really needs to step to the plate and give his potential employer, the American people, what they want to feel comfortable with him as President.

Obviously Mr. Romney doesn’t apply for many average jobs.  Almost every employer I ever went to work for wanted me to submit to a drug test.  I didn’t want to do it.  But that’s what I was asked to do if I wanted the job.  There wasn’t a legal requirement to do so and I could’ve pointed that fact out.  The potential employer would’ve said that I was completely within my rights not to submit to a drug test and would have thanked me for my interest as they threw my resume into the shredder.  It’s what you do to get the job.

I have had employers ask me to submit to a polygraph.  I have been asked to do take a test to prove my ability to do programming and database design.  I have been asked to submit to forms of testing that nobody in the office I went to work in had to perform.  The way I understood it, it wasn’t about them, but whether or not I wanted the job bad enough to jump through the hoops I was being asked to jump through.  If I thought the hoop wasn’t fair or if I felt that I simply didn’t want to submit to what I was being asked to do, I was always free to decline.  It’s funny, not one time did I get the job when I declined to do what I was asked.

If Mr. Romney doesn’t want to release his tax returns, if he wants to let that cloud hang over his application to run the company called the United States of America, that’s fine.  If he doesn’t feel that he needs to do anything about what people are asking him for, then by all means he shouldn’t do it.  But then he shouldn’t be too surprised if questions remain and people aren’t all that confident that Mr. Romney is the best man for the job.   Romney should remember what happened the last time he asked a candidate for a job to do something and they refused.  I bet it didn’t go very well for the candidate.

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Mitt Romney, Thoughts

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