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Still No Sign Of The Global Warming In Our Face

Yesterday was the first day in forever where the temperature in St. Louis didn’t pass the century mark.  There are a number of cities across the country suffering from record setting broiling temperatures.  And the high temperatures are only being compounded by record setting droughts across the nation.  The recent Waldo Canyon fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado saw thirty two thousand people flee the area and watch from afar as the fire destroyed hundreds of homes.  Fire fighters will tell you that the drought conditions and days of high temperatures are the perfect combination for wildfires.  And with each year that passes the country gets drier with less rain fall while the temperatures climb higher.

Cynics continue to say that there’s no scientific evidence to support any connection between the continued drastic changes in weather and global warming.  Some people will continue to claim that this is just the nature of weather on the planet and all we have to do is ride it out until it’s over when it’s over.  The other day I watched a conservative political pundit dismiss the record breaking weather as nothing more than a replay of the dust bowl days the country suffered in the early part of the twentieth century.  Records were broken then just like records are being broken now.  It’s nothing new.

What the professional naysayer forgets is that the record drought conditions of today followed record snowfall in the northeast over the winter that followed record rain fall in the south that followed record hurricanes in the southeast that followed record heat in the west that followed record breaking weather patterns everywhere else.  These days there are record tornadoes scaring the landscape across the Midwest.  And every year these events are happening earlier or later in the season or in places that haven’t seen a tornado in years if ever.  Weather patterns are changing and some people are continuing to say that all of this is nothing new and there’s nothing to see here.

But more and more people are looking at what’s happening and are coming around to the understanding that there might be something this strange weather behavior.  With each weather related disaster we encounter more people are developing a suspicion that global warming or climate change is something real and something to worry about despite the fact that there isn’t a unanimous scientific opinion that there is a man made component impacting the weather.  With each cluster of tornadoes or wildfire or massive area flooding or hurricane, more people are getting bitch slapped out of their indifference and/or ignorance.  As more and more people get firsthand experience with these record breaking and life shattering phenomenon, more people will come to the realization that climate change is something real and something that needs our collective attention before it becomes too late.

To hear people say we should do nothing until we have a unanimous scientific consensus that we have a problem is shortsighted and foolish.  But if that’s the path our political and corporate leaders want to take, if that is the path the people want to be led down, then that’s the path we will take as a global community.  It would be fitting if only the people responsible for the doom that awaits us were impacted.  But global warming’s impact will hit everyone.  There isn’t a cave deep enough or a mountain tall enough not to be affected by weather change.  We’re on this rollercoaster for better or for worse and there will be no getting off anytime soon.

People who continue to doubt the future with respect to weather, people who will need more convincing before they come around to the reality that something is wrong will inevitably get their proof.  Without a doubt there will be more days with temperatures well above a hundred.  Without a doubt future years will have reveal record shattering weather patterns that cannot be unnoticed.  When more people watch their homes go up in flames or disappear under water or be destroyed by a tornado, more people will understand albeit a little late.

Some people who don’t need convincing are the firefighters who already see the number of wildfires growing every year, insurance adjusters who see more and more damage to people’s homes and businesses because of weather phenomenon, people who pay close attention to the water levels along our shores and see the oceans and seas rising, the people who have to prepare for and respond to weather related disaster, and all the people who have already had their lives turned upside down because of weather related disasters.  Some people don’t need to get their own hands burned in order to learn that fires are hot.  Some people are able to learn from the experience of others.

Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, some people don’t think they have anything to worry about.  A lot of people won’t know what’s coming until it’s too late to do much of anything but wait for the worse to be over.  But the problem with the storms of climate change is that it might take centuries before the worse of these human enhanced storms pass.

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