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A Seasoned Politician

President Obama once said that he thought he was doing something right because people on both sides of the political divide were complaining about his performance.  People were giving him a little feedback about his job performance and he arrogantly dismissed it as nothing worth listening to because as President of the nation, he’s never going to get everyone’s approval all the time.  He wanted to prove he could govern the country down the middle without showing any favor to the people who supported him in his bid for the White House or any rejection of the people who tried to deny him.  Such thinking is very noble and gracious and fair in a perfect world.  But politics are about as far from perfect as one can get.

Four years ago, Mr. Obama’s critics said that he didn’t have the experience to govern the nation.  Unfortunately, it looks like they were right.  When Mr. Obama was elected his conservatives opponents made it clear that they would do whatever they could to prevent Mr. Obama from having any success.  Conservatives openly hoped that Mr. Obama would fail.  Politicians brazenly declared their number one goal was to prevent Mr. Obama from having a second term.  People have disrespected this President by boldly calling him a liar as he addresses the Congress.  His political opponents continue to question his citizenship and educational achievements long after he won the right to lead the country.  Through all of that, Mr. Obama continued his quest for bipartisanship with people who vowed never to work with him for the benefit of the nation.

Early in his presidency Mr. Obama was asked about the frustration that was building in the black community, by far Mr. Obama’s most fanatical supporters.  In essence, Mr. Obama replied that he’s not interested in being the President of black America but the President of America.  The message was clear.  Mr. Obama was not going to do anything that could be construed as a deliberate quid pro quo for anybody without the political clout to make waves, especially the black community.  Now, people who supported him four years ago are asking themselves what incentive is there to doing this again.  Given the chance to do the bidding of his supporters Mr. Obama would rather govern straight down the middle.  The end result is that right now, enough people think Mr. Obama has been so lame that he has left himself vulnerable to a challenge from somebody like Mitt Romney, the epitome of lame.

Now Mr. Romney is a classic politician.  Scratch his back and he will scratch yours.  Support him with his endeavors and he’ll return the favor.  That’s probably why there are so many millionaires and billionaires on the right spending huge wads of cash on super PACs whose sole mission is to kick Mr. Obama out the White House.  These people know that Mr. Obama isn’t likely to exchange favors.  Dude wasn’t even willing to help the people who got him elected in the first place.

Mr. Romney is a businessman promising businesses across America that his administration will be a sharp contrast to Mr. Obama’s pie in the sky, keep everybody at arm’s length approach to governing.  Mr. Romney isn’t going to do anything down the middle.  Like a zombie focused on eating its next victim Mr. Romney is focused on profits and isn’t afraid to say so.  He promises to reduce the unemployment rate by slashing federal funding that helps communities keep their teachers, firefighters, police, and other government personnel.  Reducing unemployment by firing people might sound good when you have a super PAC that is buying commercials to drive that message deep into our conscience.  But, when you look at that concept from a more intuitive perspective it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Reducing the number of consumers with buying power doesn’t lead to economic growth.  But if that’s what his sponsors want, Mr. Romney will make sure that’s what his sponsors get.

Mr. Romney, like many politicians, suffers no qualms about playing favorites.  If the top one percent is going to be instrumental in his successful presidential bid he will do whatever he can to reward their faith in him.  That’s how a seasoned politician gets things done.  Seasoned politicians don’t spend a lot of time reaching out to people who are more interested in failure.  Most politicians know that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  That’s so you can bitch slap them back in line or split their skull open when they try to stab you in the back.  The last thing you want to do as a politician is spoon feed your opponents when all they’re interested in doing is spitting and shitting all over you.

In many respects Mr. Obama is a politician like no other.  He appeared to be a seasoned pro ready to do the bidding of the people.  He inspired millions of people to give him the keys to their future with hopes that he would turn their lives, their community, their country, and their world around.  Instead of fighting for the people who gave him a chance, he did his best to win the favor of people who would rather cut the nation’s economic throat than see Mr. Obama succeed.  Only a naïve politician would take such a tact when there’s so much at stake.  Maybe he just wasn’t ready.

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts


  1. Obama had some success in reaching out across the aisle…IN ILLINOIS. I think that he had an assumption of the “inherent goodness” in people; that everyone really wants wants best for the USA.

    I think that the country was ready for someone to try. Hopefully, he learned his lesson.

    Comment by blueollie | Thursday, June 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback blueollie,

      I’m pretty sure he’s learned the lesson. Let’s just hope it’s not too late.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Friday, June 15, 2012 | Reply

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