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All’s Well That Ends Well

If it came to light that someone I have been dealing with for years was an unrepentant fraud more than likely I’d stop dealing with them if it was in any way possible.  I wouldn’t want to associate myself with someone who could possibly harm people in the community.  I wouldn’t want to do business with someone who would rather take so much more from the community for their own selfish benefit than what they provide in return.

But that’s just me.  It doesn’t take much to realize most people are more forgiving and more tolerant of those who would work against the welfare of everyone.  I learned that watching episodes of Lost In Space where everyone in the Robinson family went out of their way to keep Dr. Zachery Smith as part of the group, even when they knew he was directly responsible for them being hopelessly lost with little hope of ever returning home.  They kept Dr. Smith around even when they knew he would instantly betray them the moment a better opportunity manifested.  If I was in the group, Dr. Smith would’ve found himself floating home on the bad side of an airlock.

So knowing how bygones are bygones for the majority in most instances, I was looking forward to seeing how people would respond to the next round of Race for the Cure events hosted by the Komen Foundation after all the partisan political revelations made by the administration of that organization earlier this year.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure made a fateful decision to sever its relationship with Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood worked diligently to protect women’s access to abortion services and many of the Planned Parenthood locations offered abortion services or assisted women with obtaining abortion services.  In today’s atmosphere of sharp political leanings with little room left for compromise, Komen made a calculated bet that they could put the conservative values of its upper management personnel ahead of its advertised purpose of finding a cure for cancer.

A lot of people were shocked to find the organization’s administration to be so narrowly minded that it would take its eyes off the bigger picture.  In the race for the cure, the Komen organization stumbled badly right in the middle of its stride.  It was automatic that people who cared about Komen’s mission would support the organization.  But the pink ribbon was just a mask.  When the mask fell off, too many people were disenchanted by what they saw.  And many people vowed to sever their support of the organization.

The collection of Race for the Cure events simultaneously held around the nation was the first major Komen event since the conflict.  As expected, many people stayed away.  Participation was down across the board.  I have yet to find a single Komen event organizer to report that it had more people participating or more dollars collected that last year.  Some locals reported a drop as little as ten percent, some reported a drop of nearly half.  However the organization says it will be weeks before they can say for sure what the numbers are for sure.

All things considered, it looks like the Komen Foundation recovered well enough.  While it might not look as impressive as it did at one time, it is still hosting events and people are still participating.  The partisanship debacle was just a stumble and nothing fatal.  By the look of things, some Komen affiliates might be able to get their numbers back up to pre-stumble levels by next year if the estimate of ninety percent participation holds true.  Others might take a while, but they will surely get there.

So it looks like the majority of people have decided that they can tolerate the true nature of the Komen handlers and are willing to let bygones be bygones.  The Komen Foundation made restitution by sacrificing an escape goat.  Whether voluntary or required, the executive that allegedly pushed for the severance from Planned Parenthood resigned and the organization reinstated Planned Parenthood support.  For the time being the wraps have been restored on any blatant manifestation of politics within the organization.  For most people, all’s well that ends well.

For some people out there, it’s kind of hard tolerating fraud that is just quickly and easily swept under the rug as if nothing ever happened.  We can’t go back to the way things were without finding out how things really are.  The trust in Komen was broken and very little was done to repair the damage wrought.  And instead of just pressing on like before, maybe it is time to build a new relationship now that we have a better understanding of who exactly we are dealing with.

But something like building new relationships and working on a better understanding takes work and it takes time.  A lot of people don’t have that kind of commitment to the process.  It’s better to keep on keeping on as if everything is just like it was before, at least until the next time somebody lets the mask down and reveals what he or she truly is or has become.

Monday, June 4, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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