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Dump The Chump

It should be no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I’m no Mitt Romney supporter.  The day a “Romney for President” sign goes up in my yard is the day somebody else put it there.  I’ve heard too many gaffes from Mr. Romney that leads me to believe that he has no compassion for anyone who isn’t worth millions of dollars.  He says that corporations are people and he doesn’t care about the poor.  He says he likes to fire people who provide services for him.  He actually laughed about his father George Romney closing factories and firing people to move jobs from Michigan to Wisconsin.

Combined with the positions he espouses as a member of the Republican Party, I really find it difficult to think Mr. Romney would do anything that would truly help the black community.  His tax proposals would do more damage to black neighborhoods.  He wants to deregulate corporate America and leave responsibility for our environment to the self interest of businesses that could make far more profit by operating without any need to adhere to anything that remotely resembles required standards.  He would everything he could to make the United States the most business friendly nation the planet has ever seen, and more than likely will ever see if he gets his way and reduces air pollution standards.

But I am willing to put my distrust and anxiety of Mr. Romney aside to give him some advice: Dump the Chump.

As I write this, Mr. Romney is arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada to conduct a fundraiser with fellow Republican Donald “The Chump” Trump.  This only begs the question why.  Republicans and conservatives are already focused like a warp powered phaser beam on doing whatever they can to get President Obama out of office for whatever reason.  These people already have carte blanche to give to any super PAC they please until their heart is content.  The super PACs are already collecting massive amounts of money.  And while a warp powered phaser might sound good to the trekkies among us, few things in real life are more powerful than a practically limitless money powered political campaign.  The super PACs aligned against Mr. Obama have already proven that they are ready to do almost anything to get Mr. Obama out of office.  One super PAC already tried the strategy of rehashing Mr. Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright.  If money alone could buy the White House then Mr. Romney already has this election in the bag.  So why does Mr. Romney feel the need to associate himself with The Chump?

Like a court jester performing to win the favor of his or her audience, The Chump would stop at nothing to win the favor of his audience.  Long after the President has produced his long form birth certificate as proof that he was born in Hawaii and is in fact an American born citizen, The Chump continues to push the issue saying that he has yet to see a Hawaii state document that sufficiently proves to him that Mr. Obama is a citizen, noting that the document that Mr. Obama posted was not in fact a birth certificate but a certificate of live birth.  Everyone thought the issue was laid to rest.  But leave it to The Chump to create a technicality to keep the issue alive for all of the people who cling to their insistence that Mr. Obama is not legitimate.  They are already united against the President.  Why do they need more toxic fuel for their Obama hating fire already burning out of control?

The Chump says people are asking him to keep the birth certificate issue alive.  That might be true.  Like I said, a lot of people hate Mr. Obama for the sake of hating Mr. Obama.  But a lot of people are scratching their heads and asking why we’re going back here when there are so many other challenges that are facing the nation?  Why indeed!  Far more people are asking The Chump to sit down and shut up.  So why is Mr. Romney giving The Chump a platform to show his willful ignorance and his self importance of mythical proportions?

If Mr. Romney becomes fortunate enough to become President, he runs the risk of having his administration shadowed by his Chump affiliation.  We will forever be the United States of Chumps.  So it is in his best interests for Mr. Romney to stiff arm The Chump and does his campaigning sans the orange jester.  Otherwise, The Chump and his distractions will become a distraction for Mr. Romney.

Nothing good will come from his affiliation with The Chump.  He might be able to turnout more rich people who want to give more money.  But then again, when it comes to donations, Mr. Romney already has the backing of a lot of people with a lot of zeroes in their accounts to buy whatever it is that their heart desires.  And right now those people desire a change in the White House.  The Chump might like to think he had a hand in making that happen.

But then again, the way he pushes people’s off button with his delusion of grandeur, The Chump just might be the manifestation that proves Mr. Romney doesn’t have the courage, insight, or good political sense to keep focused on running a campaign that is worthy of someone seeking the White House, but instead will do anything to make it happen.  That is a sign of a desperate man.  And if that is truly the case, then may The Chump be with you.

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  1. You know, when this whole birther crap came up, I looked at a copy of my birth certificate which is from California. It too said Certificate of Live Birth on it as well. Now I know that California is a whole different world than a lot of the U.S., but still a state nonetheless. While, I’m not a huge fan of Obama, I’m also not a huge fan of Romney either, but I do get especially tired of GOP hardliners trying to bring up stupid crap like this instead of focusing on issues that may or may not already be decided that actually help “We the people”.

    Somedays, I feel, even as a self professed conservative (although I’m rather moderate, I do lean somewhat to the right – guess I should’ve had my V8), that the so-called conservatives that are supposed to embody the republican party leadership have lost their goddamned minds to the point that I almost begin to believe the conspiracy theorist baloney rather than anything coming out of the republican mouthpieces.

    Comment by mikelovell | Friday, June 1, 2012 | Reply

    • MOOKIE!!!

      It just goes to show how much bull comes from the mouth of madness. People want to say that Donald Chump has credibility because he keeps marketing himself as a very successful businessperson. If he’s so successful then he should let his business sense speak for him instead of spending so much of his time reminding people of his business success. I really don’t understand how people can buy the snake oil this man is selling.

      Whether you like Obama, Romney, Ryan or Biden, what’s important are the issues. They should be studied and carefully thought out from a clear perspective without an over reliance on rhetoric and ideology that can prevent a logical assessment of our choices and an understanding of how those choices will impact us in the future. Everyone should be educating themselves instead of relying on talking points from somebody else. Watching TV is not conducting research.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, June 4, 2012 | Reply

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