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Forty Five Days!

Forty five days after seventeen year old Trayvon Martin was shot dead for the crime of looking suspicious as he was walking home with a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, the long and painfully slow arthritic arm of the law finally has reached out to apprehend his murderer.  Special prosecutor Angela Corey has finally charged the twenty eight year old Mr. Zimmerman with second degree murder.  Mr. Zimmerman has turned himself into the custody of Florida law enforcement.

From the very moment that Mr. Zimmerman called the police to report a suspicious character in his neighborhood this case was suspiciously bizarre.  Within minutes Trayvon would be dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest.  Although we were told that there were no eyewitnesses who saw what happened, there were plenty of people who heard what was going on between Trayvon and Zimmerman.  People heard the pleas for help and called the police to report trouble.  Police were on the scene within minutes.  But after less than eight hours of investigation, the Sanford police closed the file with the assumption that it was an open and shut case of self defense.  Less than eight hours after he killed Trayvon, Mr. Zimmerman was a free man.

For weeks the police dragged their feet, stone walling while Trayvon’s parents searched for answers to the question of what happened to their son.  They were told that he attacked somebody and that person defended himself.  It wasn’t until the 9-1-1 tapes of Mr. Zimmerman’s call to the police were released did people understand the depth of the perversion that was trying to pass itself off as justice in Sanford, Florida.  It was revealed that the bias of the local authorities caused them to actively defend the actions on behalf of Mr. Zimmerman.  Bill Lee, he captain of the Sanford police, stood in front of a podium and told everyone that there wasn’t enough evidence to contradict Mr. Zimmerman’s story that he was attacked.  But that was before it became so obvious that he was working hard to sweep the whole affair under the rug.  Mr. Lee was forced to step aside and Governor Rick Scott appointed Ms. Corey to take over the case.

Suspecting yet another case of a young black man being deprived of his life based on nothing but the prejudice against black people, the community protested on Trayvon’s behalf.  No justice, no peace.  Tens of thousands of people descended onto Sanford to show their support for Trayvon and his family.  The President of the United States had to take a moment to acknowledge his disappointment.  People from around the world protested on behalf of Trayvon.

Everyone was advised to be patient and to stop trying to rush to judgment.  But forty five days to charge a man for the murder of an unarmed teenager isn’t rushing.  In fact, forty five days to charge and arrest a man who was at the scene with a smoking gun in his hand and who confessed on the spot that he had killed somebody that he was stalking just minutes before is agonizingly slow.  If Mr. Zimmerman was black, he would have been charged, arrested, and in custody behind bars well within forty five seconds after the police were on the scene.  And that’s only if they could restrain themselves from killing him as soon as they arrived.

If anything, the rush to judgment was made back when somebody decided to let Quick Draw McGraw go before Trayvon’s body had sufficient time to grow cold.  The rush to judgment was made by George Zimmerman when he jumped out of his car with his gun making a clear choice to create a situation that would result in the loss of somebody’s life.  And since he was the only one armed it was a foregone conclusion that the young black man that caught Mr. Zimmerman’s eye would be the one that would lose his life.

It took twenty days from the time she was assigned to the case for the special prosecutor and her team to gather enough evidence and information to put together a case they felt was strong enough to bring charges against Mr. Zimmerman.  If nothing else, it sounds like they took their time to uncover all the particulars of what happened that night.  It sounds like they were a lot more thorough than the keystone cops that spent less time than the number of hours in a normal workday investigating the death of a black teenager that night back in February.

All of the protest that was made that others try to dismiss as a simplistic rush for judgment was anything but.  The protests were pleas for somebody to step in and make the corrections necessary to put the train that wrecked the night Trayvon was murdered back on track.  And now that the train is back it looks like justice will actually get a chance to put right what went horribly wrong.

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  1. And now that George Zimmerman’s gravy train has jumped the tracks, I hope to god that someone tells this fool, the only person who rushed to judgement in this entire case was his dumb ass. If he had not rushed to judge an individual walking down a city street well within the rights of any citizen of the United States, none of this mess would be going wrong for him now.

    HE is to blame and the ONLY one to blame. I don’t care if Trayvon Martin clunked Zimmerman on the head with the Ice T AND skittles. He had NO business stalking an innocent citizen with a loaded gun. End of story. And for him to even bother crying about how his life is ruined, he might want to start crying about the life he took that is REALLY over and ruined.

    He chose this path. He could have easily enough allowed the cops to stop and question Trayvon and allow him to continue to his home unmolested by Zimmerman. He could have chosen to go get counseling for his unhealthy obsession with black males. He could have done a lot of things, even leaving his gun at home. But, he didn’t and now here we are. On a path where obsessive compulsion over ruled common sense. And now a young black life is gone with the wind.

    If justice is to really play a role here, then Zimmerman should spend the rest of his life exorcising his obsessive demons with butt loads of contact with his particular obsession daily in prison. There will be plenty of suspicious looking black males walking around to allow him to work through his idiocy and hopefully teach him a lesson on what HE wrought on society or at least the Trayvon Martin family.

    Great post.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, April 12, 2012 | Reply

  2. gz will never stand trial. even in her talk to the public where she announced the charges, the prosecutor menioned a possible plea deal for z in which they would be expected to reduce charges that will enable them to slap him on the wrist. clearly they don’t want the evidence of how this career criminal turned murderer stalked and killed this innocent boy who had recently turned 17. this is an open-and-shut case, prosecutors don’t need to offer plea deals in open-and-shut cases, unless for some reason, they don’t want the crimnal to undergo a public trail. when the da spoke about the “sweet” parents involved, she was talking about the murder’s parents (as tho’ he was some unfortunate teenager) as well as the martins.

    I must admit, I found the martins, their attorneys, and sharpton a bit over-the-top with praise for the da merely because she did what was expected of her. frankly, I still don’t know why the martins, et al, are not speaking up for trayvon’s right to stand his ground, which is what all the evidence points to him doing. why do they seem so willing to allow z to take away tm’s right to stand his ground since the law is on the books? true, it is an awful law but you can’t fight the law and protect trayvon’s rights at the same time.

    Comment by Larry Carter | Thursday, April 12, 2012 | Reply

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