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How It Happens

When it comes to race relations this country is truly in a psychotic hell.  What happened with Trayvon Martin is just the latest nationwide example of how bad things have gotten.  In the twenty first century we continue to manifest obvious racial disparity in our law enforcement system, our legislative system, our legal system, and our judicial system.  And the fact that we are so willing to tolerate this racial disparity shows how much our social system is so rooted to the idea that black people are inferior and are not entitled to the same levels of consideration and respect for our very lives as white people.

First we have act one.  An obviously white man kills a black teenager trying to run away because the white man is stalking him and so the white man feels justified to run the boy down and kill him for the crime of looking suspicious.  The white man saw the black teenager walking home and that was all it took to initiate an unfortunate set of events that wound up with the boy dead.

Act two is the behavior of the police.  They show up at the scene, see a dead black boy, see a white man with a gun in his hand and they do nothing.  Open and shut case of another black thug that probably got what was coming to him.  White guy is allowed to walk away with his murder weapon while the police start looking for any evidence that the boy was no good.  They check for the boy’s record and he doesn’t have one.  They couldn’t be bothered to find the teenager’s family, so they let his body sit in the morgue for three days before his parents are notified.  When people start asking questions, the police throw impartiality out the window and start to defend the white shooter during one of the resulting press conferences.   The police say that Florida’s “stand your ground” law prevents them from charging the shooter with a crime and that there was no evidence to counter the shooter’s story that he was trying to defend himself.  But since this law was enacted there are many instances of black people in Florida being taken to jail and are convicted for their use of deadly force to defend themselves.

Act three is the legislatures that pass such ridiculous gun laws.  It wasn’t enough that Florida already has laws that allow people to defend themselves.  We have to have a lackadaisical and irresponsible law that will give police departments the discretion to say whether or not there’s enough evidence to take someone into custody until it is proven that there is enough evidence to take someone into custody.  The police don’t even have the responsibility to take a perpetrator’s murder weapon.  And it is interesting that the threshold of what constitutes enough evidence is so much lower whenever the perpetrator is a black person, which leads to act four.

Act four is our judicial system that is far from blind.  Too many judges, juries, and prosecutors that have some psychosis that makes them see the world only through the eyes of a white mindset people and refuse to see things from another perspective.  These are the people that will allow police to shoot a man trying to go home one his wedding day only to die in a hail of deadly bullets.  These are the people that allow police to shoot a black man for making the fatal mistake of identifying himself when he surrounded by four undercover officers with their guns pointed at him scaring him out of his wit.  And because they protect police for their heavy tactics against black men we have to put up with the Joe Horns who will take his shotgun outside to kill, tell the emergency operator on the phone that he’s going to go kill somebody, and then plead self defense after shooting two burglars as they tried to run away.  This is why a police officer feels that it’s okay to use a taser on a black man lying face down on the ground with his hands in cuffs behind his back, only the dumbass pulled out his service piece instead and fatally shot the man in the back.  These are the people who give passes to SWAT cops when they fatally shoot a black woman as she held her infant son who was also injured as one of the bullets passed through his body on its way to kill his mother.  We tolerate that shit because we provide are act five.

Act five is the rest of our society that does everything it can to minimize, demoralize, demonize, ostracizes, and victimizes black people.  We see it in our entertainment that makes black people the background to white people’s foreground.  We see all the detective shows and police shows and sitcoms and reality shows that revolve around white people’s world with a few black characters to serve at the edge of the story’s periphery to add a little color to a particular scene.  The black character is far more likely to be portrayed as the betrayer or the comedy relief or the incompetent sidekick buddy instead of a real hero.  White guy is more apt to be the playboy and drive the Ferrari while the black guy makes due with a twenty year old Cadillac that looks like a pimp’s ride.

We watch television shows that often portray young black people as violent and uncontrollable out for no good and with no redeemable value.  Our local news television program tells us all about black on black crime and how it’s the biggest contributor to misery in the black community and yet white on white crime is a phrase we have never heard.  We see a black person in the news in handcuffs doing a perp walk to the court house for an act considered a criminal that would never even register on somebody’s crime scope if it was Opie Cunningham or Greg Brady.  And this is what leads to act six.

Act six is the deviant part of our society that is more susceptible to the racial programming that operates at the fringe of such a racially polarized society that was founded on the pretense that black people are inferior and can be owned by white people as a commodity.  A society that has never done anything to actually reverse the damage that was inflicted on itself by the black subjugation, but instead pretends that ever since black people stopped being referred to as property, ever since black people were allowed to vote like their white peers, ever since we passed laws that made blatant, in your face, it’s because somebody used a racial epithet or wrote a memo about how they hate black people, types of racism was considered illegal everything is now fine.  It is not.

We have a society that gives an obvious white guy the idea, fueled by the obvious racial disparity that we tolerate as a whole, the impression that if he killed a black guy fleeing for his life, the white guy would be justified and held up as a hero for stopping a character that represents a problem in our collective, the typical young black male.  It would have worked have worked if Trayvon Martin was one of those character we have been taught to see as the definition of blackness.  But that is not the case.

Trayvon Martin wasn’t a character rooted in somebody’s single minded portrayal of black people.  He was the real deal.  He was smart.  He worked hard.  He stayed out of trouble.  The only problem Trayvon Martin had was that he happened to fit a stereotype of what one delusional man thought was the very epitome of trouble.  That’s just a quick description of the basic way our society operates when it comes to looking at the way we condone and feed our racial disparity.

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  1. Sadness and anger beyond words…

    Comment by blueollie | Sunday, March 25, 2012 | Reply

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