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The Police Of Hazzard County

The more the public learns about the case surrounding the shooting of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in Florida.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Mr. Zimmerman claims he was in fear of his life and was only practicing self defense under Florida’s stand your ground law which gives people the right to use deadly force if they so much as feel like they are being threatened.  There are witnesses that say they heard the black young man pleading for his life and begging for help before hearing a single gunshot from Mr. Zimmerman’s nine millimeter gun.  We hear Mr. Zimmerman ignore the 911 operator’s instructions to stay away from the young man walking down the street and minding his own business.  We hear Mr. Zimmerman tell the operator that young Trayvon was trying to run away from him.  We know that the wannabe T. J. Hooker got out of his car in order to confront Trayvon.  When exactly did the tables turn and the young black man become the aggressor and made the fateful choice to attack Mr. Zimmerman with a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea?

But what’s even more horrendous than the behavior of Mr. Zimmerman was the behavior of the police that showed up at the murder scene.  Not very many of us have ever served as a police officer.  I’ve never, ever entertained the thought of being a servant of the public so I won’t even try to pretend that I speak from experience or anything, but would it not have been a standard professional police protocol to at least do a thorough investigation of a possible murder scene?  The first police officer on the scene should have apprehended the guy with the gun in his hand, standing over the guy bleeding face down on the ground.  I think it would have been smart to seize his gun as possible evidence.  I think it would have been professional to have listened to his explanation of the sequence of events that led to a possible murder.  When he was finished I would put him in the back of my police car while I took a closer look at the crime scene.  He is my main suspect in a possible crime.

I think it would have been standard procedure to ask the people in the neighborhood milling about if they heard or saw anything.  I would have listened to their stories.  I would have listened to the stories of the people in the houses nearby.  I would want to know if what they told me corroborated or contradicted my main suspect.  I would have taken pictures.  I would have taken measurements.  I would have noticed that the dead young man was unarmed and had nothing but candy and a soft drink.  I would have noticed that the dead teenager’s body was faced down with a gun wound in his chest.  After getting all the information I need from the scene I would take my suspect back to headquarters for further questioning and processing.  I would like to know if he had a criminal record or anything in his past that might be suspicious.  I would want a lab test on his metabolism.  I would tow his car back to the station and search it top to bottom.  I would do what I think would be a thorough investigation to get a complete understanding of what may have happened to cause someone to wind up dead.

But Instead of doing anything professional the local cops acted more like Cletus, Enos and Roscoe from Hazzard County on a bad day in one of their worse episodes in the perpetual pursuit of the infamous Duke boys.  And just like on the television show, it is unfortunate that they let the perpetrator get away.  Their investigation amounted to a little of nothing.  They asked the only eye witness at the scene what had happened and all the guy had to say was that he was defending himself.  With that, the man that was holding a gun in his hand and standing over a dead body was able to talk his way out of being investigated and walk away.  The police didn’t even take the murder weapon into custody.  They focused their complete attention on the dead body.

Instead of putting their energy into investigating the man who did the killing, the police put all their energy into finding all the secrets of the man who was killed.  They searched for all the evidence that would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trayvon Martin was the typical black teenager that was good for nothing and confirm Mr. Zimmerman’s story that he was the victim here.  They drew the dead young man’s blood and did the lab tests.  For three days his body sat in a morgue as the police waited for the lab results.  They didn’t bother to call any of the numbers from Trayvon’s cell phone.  While young man’s body sat in a refrigerator to keep it from decaying, Mr. Zimmerman was allowed to continue his life without worry.  And after three days of finding nothing, the police finally had to relent and called the young man’s family to tell them where they could collect the body of their son.  When the parents asked what happened, the police could only say what they were told by the boy’s killer, the entire extent of their professional investigation against a murder suspect.

When asked why the perpetrator was still free the police say that Florida’s stand your ground law meant they could run the risk of opening themselves up to legal action if they infringed upon Mr. Zimmerman’s rights.  There were no other witnesses so they had to take the killer’s word as to what happened.  But that’s such bullshit.  Police have the authority to take a person in for questioning when his/her name comes up as a possible suspect for jaywalking.  The police have the authority to hold people without charge for so many days and/or hours before they are required to release.  They had plenty of cause to suspect a crime was committed, if they only cared to do their job.  But Trayvon was just another black kid and they had to get back to chasing those Duke boys for Boss Hogg.

The police that showed up at the scene of Trayvon Martin’s murder should be investigated as accomplices.  At the very least they should lose their jobs for their utter incompetence.  A young man is killed and they sit on their hands and act as if they’re the ones who are helpless.  Even if the fucked up Florida law that allows people to shoot each other based on nothing but a perception of a threat is true, it’s not the police’s job to decide when and if that law is applicable to any given situation.  That decision is usually left for a district attorney, a jury, or a judge.  It’s not the police’s job to say when and if a crime was committed.  Their job is to help people whenever a crime might be or may have been committed.  They collect all the pertinent evidence and make sure they have the suspect in custody so that a judge can determine what’s necessary to keep this guy available if he is to be prosecuted for a murder.  It is sad to say, but if Trayvon was black there is little doubt that the police would have had a totally different take on what they could have and could not have done, what they should and should not have done, under Florida law.

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  1. Well said! I have been following this case and am convinced that George Zimmerman should have been arrested and interviewed. He is playing the his partial hispanic ethnicity in order to try to defuse the claims of racism, but I don’t buy it. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by ddifran | Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | Reply

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