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Who Really Threatened Who?

Another unarmed young minority man is murdered in a mysterious altercation with an armed white man who found the young black man suspicious.  And in all too typical fashion the white murderer is allowed to go free, go home, and go live his life while the family of the black man is left wanting for answers and justice.  Where have we heard this type of thing before?

Three weeks ago seventeen year old Trayvon Martin took a walk to the corner convenience store for snacks and a can of iced tea.  He decided to take the jaunt during the half time break of a televised basketball game.  As he was walking back home, twenty eight year old George Zimmerman spotted the young black man with the hood of his jacket up walking through his neighborhood and looking suspicious.  Mr. Zimmerman was driving through the area as part of a neighborhood watch program when he decided that the young black man walking alone at night was trouble, so he used his call phone to call the police.

A recording of the call to emergency operators show that Mr. Zimmerman had no reason to suspect the young black teenager of anything.  Mr. Zimmerman said that he was following the young black man who he referred to as an asshole.  The operator told Mr. Zimmerman that a patrol car was on the way and that he should stop following Trayvon and he should definitely not get out of his car.  Mr. Zimmerman did and not long afterward young Trayvon Martin lay dead face down of a gunshot wound to the chest.  The dead black teenager had a bag of Skittles.  The neighborhood vigilante was armed with a smoking Kel-Tec 9mm pistol.

George Zimmerman was never arrested nor charged with anything.  The police say that there isn’t any evidence to contradict his story that the young black man attacked the armed patrolman that was following him.  The only witness to what actually happened was Mr. Zimmerman and his dead victim.  And since the dead black guy isn’t able to contradict anything Mr. Zimmerman said, his word is as good as gold.

According to Mr. Zimmerman, he is the victim of this tragic incident.  He had to defend himself with deadly force after he had admitted that he was stalking and following a young black man who was doing nothing but walking home.  We heard the tapes of the operator telling Mr. Zimmerman not to follow the guy.  So we know for a fact that he disregarded instructions and was bent on creating an altercation that would lead to a young man losing his life.

While it is true that there were no other witnesses to what exactly happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, many neighbors have come forward to say that they heard a male voice pleading for his life and calling for help before hearing a gunshot and then hearing the voice calling for help go silent.  We heard another 911 recording from a neighbor talking to the operator.  In the background of that call we could hear the pleas for help.  We heard the gunshot and we heard the following silence.  But Mr. Zimmerman claims that was him crying for help as he was pulling the trigger.  The police must’ve heard all of this evidence and decided that is was reasonable to mistake Trayvon’s Skittles as a weapon and ruled it an open and shut case of self defense.

According to police Florida law has a “stand your ground law,” which allows for the use of deadly force if someone feels reasonably threatened.  The problem comes with the laws application.  What constitutes reasonably threatened?  Was it reasonable for the neighborhood watcher to feel threatened at the site of a single black man walking down the street at night?  For a lot of people, based on the social programming that constantly paints young black people as little more than thugs and lowlifes looking for an opportunity to commit crime, a single black man walking in the dark wearing a hooded jacket is a frightening sight and so it’s okay to shoot to kill.

Now let’s try and look at this from the flipside.  Let’s say that a young man knows that he will be mistaken as a good for nothing cretin hell bent on crime simply because he’s black.  He’s walking along minding his own business when he notices he’s being stalked by a white guy in a car.  After a few minutes of being followed, the white man gets out of his car and starts to walk up to the young black man.  The white man is carrying a pistol so at least one of his hands is in his pocket ready to pull the gun out at a moment’s notice if necessary.  The black youth has nothing but his snacks.  It’s dark.  Would it be reasonable to assume that the black youth is being reasonably threatened?  Who actually started threatening who?

The police say there’s no evidence to contradict Mr. Zimmerman’s claim that he was only defending himself.  But we know for a fact that while he was armed and dangerous he instigated an altercation with someone that he was stalking and he ignored instruction to leave it alone.  We know that his Kel Tek was fired.  We know that Trayvon is dead with a bullet from Mr. Zimmerman’s gun.  We know that Trayvon was unarmed.  Who decided to attack who?

Trayvon committed no crime and had a good reason to be where he was.  He never bothered to arm himself to attack anyone.  Who really made the decision, who took the steps to put themselves in a situation that was bound to go wrong based on assumptions without any foundation other than an appearance?  What made Trayvon Martin so suspicious that Mr. Zimmerman had to put himself into a situation where he knew he could wind up killing someone?  But based on his appearance of being black and being male and being too dead to contradict the word of a murderer, the local police department says there’s nothing criminal here, pat Mr. Zimmerman on his head and send him away to live the rest of his life.

But really, who is surprised?  We saw Joe Horn get away with the murder of a couple of minorities robbing his neighbor’s house after he called 911 and reported something suspicious.  Mr. Horn was instructed not to get involved by the operator.  He ignored what he was told.  The man took his shotgun outside and confronted the burglars.  We heard him tell the burglars that if they moved they were dead and then we heard two shotgun blasts not two seconds later.  He said he was in fear of his life and that’s why he killed them.  He was never charged with a crime.

We saw a group of seven boot camp guards surround and beat the teenaged Martin Lee Anderson until the young black man’s lifeless body slumped to the ground.  It was his first day at the camp and within hours of his arrival he was dead.  An investigation ensued and, surprise, the guards were acquitted of any criminal wrong doing.

Twenty three year old Amadou Diallo was shot by four New York police officers when he was sighted walking home with a couple of bags of groceries.  When he was confronted by the police who thought he was acting suspicious, Mr. Diallo reached for his wallet to identify himself.  His mistake was trying to identify himself when it was already identified as being black.  The police didn’t put their guns away until they had fired forty one times.  They were found not guilty.

So now we have another incident.  This time we have a young black man minding his own business when somebody felt that his life wasn’t worth leaving him alone or leaving him to be questioned by the police.  We have a neighborhood watchman say that he found the man suspicious and based on nothing but his appearance initiated a confrontation that wound up with death.  He didn’t have the right or the responsibility to say anything to the teenager let alone pull his gun out to kill him.  But police say that Florida law gave him a green light to kill because he was so scared.  If dude was such a pussy, so easily panicked, why was he out stalking people with a gun?

Three weeks ago a black teenager was murdered in cold blood.  Odds are pretty good that eventually Mr. Zimmerman will get off without so much as a slap on the wrist.  The parents of Trayvon will have to learn to grieve without justice.  All the propaganda that paints black people as nothing more than criminals waiting for an opportunity will continue.  Nothing will change.

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  1. It is obvious that this law just made it even easier, as if it wasn’t already, to chase, accost or otherwise purposefully interact with a black person, man, woman and or child for the sole purpose of blowing them away and then cry how scared you were that YOU chased them. Then you can say “hey, just standing my ground” and it’s all good. You don’t even get a slap on the hand.

    This guy has no excuse. He is a murderer plain and simple. He is a murderer and in my book that makes him look awful suspicious. I hope that people in Florida will see him for the suspicious person he is and they stand their ground as it is only right for them to do so. And if someone “does” stand their ground after seeing Zimmerman, don’t blame me. Hey, I am just stating the obvious, he is suspicious based on more than what he used to call Trayvon suspicious.

    Oh, and don’t forget that carrying a candy bar, a comb and a one year old baby have also been triggers to cause shaky white hands to panic and pull the trigger between 10 and 40 times over. I mean after reloading of course, as you can’t be too careful. You never know what those black folks were going to do with a candy bar, comb or a one year old baby. Looks mighty suspicious.

    Great article. I am hoping that the justice department will go over the stupidity of Florida “law enforcement” (I use that term lightly), and go ahead and arrest and prosecute this criminal and show him that it takes more than black skin to look suspicious. And it takes more than proclaiming yourself as white, as in his case he claims he is a white Latino.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, March 19, 2012 | Reply

  2. Here’s an article about a recent incident in which a black man defended himself against two white guys, with clear 911 tapes that should’ve resulted in him going home just fine, and also being pushed as to why Iowa needs a “Stand Your Ground” Law (at least as far as true intent of the law should be), to have POSSIBLY avoided huge hassles regarding the idiocy of our local County Attorney

    Comment by mikelovell | Monday, March 19, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback mikelovell,

      But ain’t that a bitch! Sounds like a man got thrown in jail when it was a justified shooting! The man he shot was drunk and coming at him! What the hell does a black man have to do to avoid jail when he’s being confronted by an aggressive white man? Yield and you die. Resist and go to jail. Either way it goes the black man will lose his life. And this is supposed to be racial process? This is supposed to be the post racial society that was ushered in with the election of the first black President. Where are we going as a people? Is this what we are supposed to be in an age of racial enlightenment?


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | Reply

      • First black President??? I thought that was Bill Clinton, and it was his light skinnedness that threw everyone for a loop! LOL. As for post-racialness… there are a lot of people on all sides still alive that aren’t going to allow such a thing. I don’t care how many minorities get elected to the White House, it just won’t change certain ignorant people’s minds.

        Yeah, this story seems to be quite a bitch for the black man. The local county attorney is pretty much anti-gun if I’m remembering correctly, so what better way to go after a gun crime when you can get a black man shooting white people. And the charge “going armed with intent”???? Puh-LEASE! That’s like me getting out of my car and charged with serial stalking and rape because a lady backs into me in the parking lot…

        Comment by mikelovell | Tuesday, March 20, 2012

      • D’OH!!! I forgot about Slick Willy!


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, March 21, 2012

  3. BTW…You have received an award for your blogging efforts. Review my latest blog to see the details and how to translate your newfound accolades!

    Comment by mikelovell | Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | Reply

    • You like me! You really like me! Thanks for the award Mookie! It only took you five years to recognize my talent and effort.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, March 22, 2012 | Reply

  4. Are we even sure this kid was really shot in the chest and not in the back trying to get away?

    I’m not just going to take their word for it and if I were the parents I would have had an independent autopsy done before I buried him … Why? Because I read somewhere that 75% of people who are found face down are shot in the back running away

    Comment by Longjohn | Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | Reply

  5. Who is the “armed white man” who shot the unarmed young minority man? Is the truth not as rage-worthy – that the shooter is Hispanic? Still a tragedy in my opinion, but this isn’t white on black crime.

    Comment by JollyRogrs | Saturday, March 24, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Jolly Rogrs,

      Yes it is true that George Zimmerman says that he is Hispanic. But he is a white Hispanic. While it may be true that he comes from a Hispanic lineage, he considers himself a white man.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, March 24, 2012 | Reply

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