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Cut From The Same Cloth

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has proven himself to be gaffe prone and self destructive throughout his campaign to become the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States.  But in his off script comments during interviews and in various campaign stops, Mr. Romney shows little difference and little personal connection to the average joe.  Mr. Romney has said that he doesn’t care about the poor because he believes that they already have a social safety net and wants to focus his attention to the ninety five percent of Americans in the middle class.  He doesn’t make a lot of money from his speaking engagement.  Just six times what the average middle class American family earns.

When asked about issues pertaining to people in the middle class, Mr. Romney says that the economy will get better when people lose their homes.  He advocated letting the automobile manufacturers fall into bankruptcy and run the risk of ceasing to exist even though millions of jobs would be lost and the resulting negative ripple through the economy would devastate an already fragile economy.  He jokes that he’s unemployed when the unemployment rate is pegging nine percent.  He claims that corporations are people and deserve the same considerations as their flesh and blood counterparts.  He pays a fourteen percent tax rate while the working stiff pays more than twice that rate at thirty percent on his or her earnings.

If all that’s not enough, Mr. Romney will change his position on any stance in as little as twenty minutes if the conservative political winds change or if his initial reaction to any issue happens to be what he believes but counter to what most conservatives believe.  With his conservative credibility and his personal likability wanting Mr. Romney needs help connecting to the people he hopes to make his constituents.  So enters his wife Ann Romney.

Mitt swoons over his wife.  Born Ann Davies she knew Mr. Romney since they were in elementary school.  When she went to the private all girls school Kingswood School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Mitt Romney attended the affiliated all boys school Cranbrook.  The two began dating in March of 1965 and were married four years later.  She stayed at home to raise the family while he went to the office to earn their fortune.  And now that Mitt’s on the cusp of earning his place in history as the next President, the two are campaigning together because dude can’t pull it off on his own.

On Monday, Ms. Romney was on the stage with her husband doing her best to sell him to the public as the most viable candidate to bump President Barack Obama from the oval office.  In an interview with FOX News, Ms. Romney was asked about criticism that her husband appears out of touch with the average American.  In her response, Ms. Romney said that she doesn’t consider herself to be wealthy.  She said this even though her family is worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars, live in three different mansions, two on the east coast and one on the west, and own a couple of Cadillacs, actually.

If Mitt Romney said that he doesn’t feel rich despite all the digits in front of the decimal place in the number that represents his bank account all the late night comedians would have been working on more zingers to show Mitt being typical Mitt.  How much money does it take for a multi millionaire to be rich?  Does he need another hundred million or so?  Does he need another mansion?  Is that why he wants to give rich people more tax cuts and give them all the houses of all the people struggling to keep their homes?  Is this why he wants to build a financial safety net for people in the upper one percent?

Ms. Romney elaborated on her answer saying that her personal struggle with multiple sclerosis has given her compassion for people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis, cancer or other diseases.  Ms. Romney said that she doesn’t consider herself wealthy because money and wealth can be here today and gone tomorrow.  However, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s a lot better to have wealth that might be gone tomorrow than it is to not have any wealth at all today and you know for a fact that you are going to be just as broke tomorrow.

Ms. Romney says that she measures riches by the friends that she haves and all the loved ones she haves and all the people in her life that she cares.  That’s where her values are and that’s where her riches are.  I guess we all are supposed to believe that all the travel between the mansions and all the wealth that the Romney family have is just a hobby to keep them busy as they count all their friends and all their loved ones.

I understand what Ms. Romney was trying to say.  I must admit that I would find the sentiment commendable in other circumstances.  But the clumsiness in the delivery of Ms. Romney compounded by the bull in a china shop levels of gracelessness that have become synonymous with being Mitt Romney leave me with the understanding that there is a distinct possibility that no one in the Romney family is equipped to make that connect to ninety nine percent of us.

Ms. Romney wants to remind us of how spiritual and emotional wealth is so much more important than material wealth.  But that’s an easy thing to say for someone who has a ton of wealth to their name.  Spiritual wealth doesn’t pay bills.  Spiritual wealth is an intangible that has little meaning in the American economic system that demands an exchange of wealth to get anything done.  Ms. Romney has a disease that gives her more compassion for people who suffer from disease.  And she has to suffer her affliction with all the resources at her family’s disposal.  I wonder if she can imagine what it would be like to suffer that same illness while she was struggling to make ends meet.

You would think that if Ms. Romney was dealing with health issues and learning compassion from the experience, her husband would be right there with her learning the same compassion.  But Mr. Romney has proven himself anything but.  He’s not concerned with the poor because they already have safety nets.  What’s the safety net for the person who is poor and/or without sufficient healthcare coverage when it is discovered that he or she or someone else in their family has multiple sclerosis?  Instead of giving me the feeling that he would do what he can to help people who might find themselves in that kind of situation, Mr. Romney has made assurances that if he becomes President he will do everything he can to unravel our national healthcare reform and put us back to square one.

The Romney’s are probably fine people.  I never met them so I wouldn’t know.  More than likely I’ll never meet them so I will never know.  All I can do is go by what I see, read, and hear about them from a distance.  Based on the evidence, Mitt Romney proves his self to be aloof and out of touch to the average citizen and is more geared to the Mortimer and Randolph Duke kind of crowd.  He gives me no confidence in his ability to understand what it means to not have a ton of money in the bank and face all the problems that the average person has to face.  From what I see, his wife appears to be cut from the same cloth.

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