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More Conversative Than Human

The misses came home with a parking ticket today.  If anybody is familiar with St. Louis’ Central West End (CWE) they will know the area is lined curb to curb with parking meters and not enough parking spaces.  At the corner of Lindell Boulevard and Euclid Avenue sits the Schlafly’s St. Louis Public Library.  She was in making use of the public computers when time started running short.  Actually she had it timed perfectly to get every nickel of time she paid for.  With seconds to spare she got up, put her coat on, packed her gear, and left for the car.

When she had gotten outside the meter maid was standing at the meter in front of her car across the street.  The misses could see the meter was flashing its red out about to run out of time signal from where she stood.  She yelled to get the meter maid’s attention.  The woman looked up, looked right at her, and commence to pushing buttons on her little ticket generating iPad wannabe.  The car was on the other side of Euclid and the light at the corner was green and traffic was pretty heavy.  The moment the meter flat lined with a solid red signal of time’s up the maid looked back up at the misses with a smile on her face as the ticket popped out of her machine.  She put the ticket on the windshield and with a last spiteful instance of eye contact the maid turned and walked away.

She made the misses angry and that made me angry.  For a brief moment I actually thought about ways of getting back at that ticket dispensing Russian black bear.  The misses told me that the woman regularly patrols the CWE.  I thought about things like the misses and I donning a couple of ski masks and pelting old grizzly with a couple of water balloons in a drive-by bathing.  But we would run the risk of getting caught and charged with cruelty to animals or something.  I thought about lodging a complaint with the police station of how disgusting it was to make that woman walk on her hind legs all day like that.  That would probably explain why the woman had such a bad disposition.  But chances are if the woman’s attitude was truly as nasty as the misses described then the chief of police probably has all kinds of complaints about her already and another one isn’t going to make much of a difference on her next review.

Then I conceived of my ultimate plan to extort some form of revenge.  I thought that the misses and I could use our ballot box power to vote for policies and politicians that would put the thumb screws to the public servants.  The next time there was a referendum to increase the local sales tax so that the police department could have a raise or to save their jobs, they could count on two more people to vote against it.  I thought the next time a politician runs for office, it didn’t matter if it was local, state wide, or federal, with the promise to be tough on meter maids, he or she could count on two more supporters.  We could make sure to vote against any initiative to make their lives easier.  The next time that zoo escapee and the misses meet up the misses can give her a smile with the knowledge of things to come.  That would show her cholesterol clogged bear claw heart.

I took a second to reflect on that thought.  The parking ticket was only ten bucks.  Yes it’s a bitch but it’s not going to break our bank, at least not at the moment.  Next time we’ll just have to not cut the time so close else that parking meter predator might be lurking.  But what she did wasn’t right.  It was inconsiderate.  That smile on the visage of that Yogi Bear replica was a challenge, what are you going to do about it?  And after thinking about it I thought that f I really wanted to jack her jovial ass up I could join the push for more conservative social economic public policy and politics to make public employees pay for the inconsideration of one wretched meter maid who takes pleasure in her ability to inconvenience others.

The misses and I are doing fairly well these days.  We have health insurance.  We have a good income.  We have our own little company still is in its infancy but with the potential to have truly great expectations.  We have the ability to save and plan for our future.  Who needs to be sensitive to the needs of others when other people wouldn’t bother to give a rat’s ass about our needs?  I’m sure that hibernating ho and more than just a few of her ticket writing buddies don’t care to be a harmonic part of our larger community.  These are the type of people that actually enjoy causing a bit of misery in other people’s lives.  Feeling too powerless to do anything about their own miserable living conditions they assuage their personal pain by trying to cause pain in others.  The negativity they have for themselves is radiated outward.  And all too often, the negativity is like a boomerang, and it is only a matter of time before it comes careening back amplified.

What really got to me was the thought that I could become mean and get my revenge by becoming a conservative.  For the most part, I find some conservatives to be really mean and nasty and full of rhetoric that doesn’t add up.  I see and read and listen to the news and hear the audience at some Republican political rally cheer and applaud and whoop and holler at somebody making the suggestion that we should let people who don’t have medical insurance die.  I watch people clap at the suggestion that our gay and lesbian fellow Americans should be officially treated as second class citizens and deny them their freedom to marry who they want because of religious doctrine.  I hear conservatives blame black people for white people having to contribute so much in taxes.

I listen to Republican politicians as they blame the state of our social decline on the idea that women should be denied proper a proper healthcare insurance package because they work for somebody who has a moral or ethical objection.  I watch some very rich people, people who can already buy just about anything for sale on the entire planet, say that they need more for their selves and their family and make the argument that the poor the working poor, people already struggling to make ends meet and failing very badly at it, need to suck it up and pay their fare share to offset our national deficit.  I watch a man call a woman a slut because she has the audacity to take an opposing opinion that contraceptive is part of a comprehensive healthcare package.

I watch conservative politicians make the suggestion that people are snobs for making the suggestion that everyone should have the opportunity to go to school to better his or her self.  I watch these politicians say that corporations have all the rights of people because it is actually believed that corporations are doppelgangers of flesh and blood, just created with a legal instrument submitted to and accepted by a courthouse somewhere.  I watch these same politicians make the suggestion that we should let our automobile manufacturing industry supply chain collapse instead of coming together to do what we can to try and save jobs at a time when our unemployment rates are skyrocketing.

I watch these conservatives argue that we have to change our voting laws so that people have to purchase state identifications to make sure nobody commits voting fraud.  But if some of these conservative primaries are any indication these people have bigger problems on their hands with all the difficulty they are experiencing just trying to tally their votes at the end of election day.  Voting districts have lost entire boxes of conservative ballots.  In some instances, it has taken days to count ballots and subsequent recounts have overturned previously announced results.  And although they focus on policies that will deny many non conservatives the right to vote because they don’t have a gun license or a driver’s license, they advocate that super PACs can run amok with limitless donations so that the corporation can have complete and utter free speech.

I have watched a lot.  And when I sit back and take an assessment of everything that I’ve seen, I really don’t want to be associated with those kinds of people.  My values are different than most of the conservative values that I watch on television, listen to on the radio or read about in a magazine or at a website.  I come to my own conclusions and I often use my own little corner of the internet to make my own comments to our public conversation and like clockwork I will get personally attacked by people who buy into all the conservative rhetoric hook, line, and sinker.  Unable to articulate a concise, intelligent, defensible argument to support their opinion, these people often stoop to name calling and criticisms that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.  And I want to be like that?

If nothing else the badge wearing bear has reminded me of how important it is that we not lose sight of a bigger picture.  It would be silly to toss values into the gutter just because somebody else is a jerk.  If I’m going to be mean to somebody I think the meanest thing to do would be to promote conservative policy that could severely impact others to earn a living, people who are more than likely teetering on the edge of ruin already.  That grumpy grizzly won’t turn me into something that bears a closer resemblance to being mean and nasty.

But that meter maid is still a bitch.  I’m sure if she had things the way she wanted she wouldn’t hesitate to use public policy to undermine others.  How do I know?  She’s the type of person who’s more than happy to use her little ticket pad to hurt others.  Then again, under that badge, fur, and nasty disposition probably beat the heartless heart of somebody who is more conservative than human.

Being a conservative in and of itself is not a bad thing.  I have family and friends and associates who are more conservative than I could ever be.  And I appreciate these people being in my life.  Some I admire as a person and we can discuss our differences without rancor and malice and look forward to seeing each other the next time our paths meet.  But the über conservatives that are given a public soapbox to air hate, derision, and division are the type of people I would truly hate to have in my life or to represent me in my government regardless if I voted for them or not.

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