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Mitt Romney Reaps What He Sowed

The harder Mitt Romney tries for the presidency the more out of synch he seems to be with the art of being a relatively average human.  At first, when I saw the video clip of his appearance at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan I was amazed at how empty it was.  In a stadium with the capacity to seat upwards of sixty five thousand people his campaign scrapes up a mere twelve hundred people to actually care enough to go out of their way to show up and actually watch what he had to say in his presence.  That was sad enough.  His own base doesn’t have enough interest to support him.

He gives his old spiel about his bold new conservative plan for economic growth.  He talks about the unemployed, vanishing house values, too much debt, and how President Barack Obama is in over his head and doesn’t have the experience or the leadership skills to lead the country out of this economic malaise.  But that’s enough about the other guy and his performance.

Mr. Romney then starts trying to sell himself to his audience.  Mr. Romney says that he’s our only chance to restore America’s promise.  And with that, he goes off his prepared script to improvise a connection to the locals.  He says that he loves Michigan.  He grew up there.  It feels good to be back.  Again, he uses the phrase “the trees are the right height” as if to give a middle finger to everyone who criticized him as awkward the first time he used it.  He says the streets are just right and he likes to see all the cars made in Detroit.  And then he talks about his cars and how much he loves them.  He then tells the crowd that he drives a Mustang and a Chevy pickup while his wife Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually.

In and of itself that phrase probably wouldn’t mean much coming from just about anyone else.  But coming from Mr. Romney, gaffe prone Romney, it’s like that burning ember from the camp fire you thought you put out that starts the forest fire that symbolizes our collective dislike and mistrust for this man.  It’s a reminder of how out of touch this fellow is and how he just doesn’t get it.  Even though him and his wife’s car collection is rather modest for someone of his largesse, he sounds out of touch with people who are probably struggling to maintain or even obtain just one or two cars in their household.

His handlers tried to mitigate the self inflicted damage by explaining why Mr. Romney and his wife drive two cars.  It’s because they have to have something to drive when the travel between their homes on the east coast and the one in California’s west coast.  The reason he has two sets of cars is because he has two sets of houses, mansions really.  Why, that explains everything!

Listening to Mr. Romney profess his love for cars and the automobile manufacturing and the entire industry built around the automobiles it sounds hollow after he endorsed letting these people fail and run the risk of going into oblivion.  He also says he loves his dog but that didn’t keep him from strapping that dog to the roof of his car and driving at high speeds until the dog started shitting on itself.  Mr. Romney likes to tout the fact that he saved the Olympics, but then he wants to let the automobile industry die without lifting a finger.  So when he starts talking about how much he loves automobiles and how much he wants to help bring America back, it sounds totally insincere.  Mitt Romney didn’t care about the automobile industry then, and if his speech is any indication, he couldn’t care any less about the industry now.  He doesn’t even care enough to make a sincere effort to sell himself, the hatchet man who advocated the destruction of the automobile industry.

Mr. Romney talks about his acumen as a business man and how he knows what it takes to create jobs.  However we have to remember that this is the man who wrote that if the government stepped in to save General Motors and Chrysler, and at one time Ford, the automobile industry would be weaker and the industry would be doomed anyway.  Their ultimate demise would only take longer because the car companies would learn to rely on handouts instead of learning to rely on its own bootstrap to do whatever it had to do in order to survive.

Two years later after the federal government took the steps necessary to keep those industries up and running, the American auto industry is stronger than it has been in a very long time.  Our domestic automobile industry is experiencing profits like never before and are now making products that are true award winners as well as market share winners.  The industry is back and will only get better.  And everything that’s happening with the automobile market now pretty much runs contrary to what Mitt Romney said would happen.  This does little to bolster the business credibility of one of the richest men to run for the presidency.

Now the man who wanted our automobile industry to fail is trying to convince us that he has the business experience to bring the economy back to healthy levels.  Mitt Romney said that unemployment is too high.  But his solution to the problem is to let industries fail and putting more people out of work.  He said that house values are vanishing.  But his solution is to let the housing market bottom out so that people can lose their homes and investors can move in, buy homes on the cheap, and rent them back to the people who couldn’t afford them in the first place.  He says that country is mired in debt.  But his solution is to cut taxes which will cut revenue and lead to more deficits.

Mr. Romney says that Mr. Obama is in over his head.  But the economy is actually showing signs that things are getting better.  Unemployment is going down.  Automobile sales are going up.  People who assembled cars were looking at the real possibility of joining an unemployment line not too long ago.  But now, they are enjoying the benefits of working for a resurgent auto industry.  And if we were to take an honest look at who is truly over their head, it would be Mitt Romney as he  says anything to convince us that he’s the right man for the job of leading the country when everything he does says otherwise.

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