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It’s All Win And No Lose And Not How You Play The Game

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint initiated the three day gathering of the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual convention in Washington, DC Thursday, telling thousands of cheering supporters that the divided Republican presidential contest is good for the party and will produce a stronger nominee to take on President Barack Obama.  In his speech, Mr. DeMint said that the Republicans don’t share the same goals as the Democrats.  In Mr. DeMint’s view, every time conservatives compromise their principles the country winds up spending more, borrowing more, and growing the size of the federal government.

Mr. DeMint compared the 2012 presidential elections to the Super Bowl, saying that he could guarantee that Coach Coughlin did not tell his Giants to go out on the field and work with Tom Brady and the Patriots.  The two teams had different goals and their entire purpose was to work against each other to win the game.  In Mr. DeMint’s opinion, the conservative agenda to cut spending is incompatible with Democratic goals.  Mr. DeMint used analogy comparing talk about a balanced budget with a liberal is like putting kryptonite in front of Superman.  That analogy is more appropriate that he could have imagined, making conservatives akin to Lex Luthor trying to undermine the public’s welfare in order to create more wealth and power for his super multinational conglomerate Luthor Corp, and focusing his attention on everything that is against Superman for the sake of being against Superman.

But getting back to the football analogy, while the Giants and the Patriots are both trying to win the game at the expense of a loss for the other team, the two indeed have very similar goals, to entertain their fans and put on a contest of the gridiron that will keep fans wanting more.  The goal is not just to win a game but to participate in a contest of strategy and to put on a good show.  And when the other team wins, it’s not game over.  It’s time to prepare for the next meeting, to improve one’s game, and to come back stronger, faster, and better than ever.

Now that the Giants have won the biggest game of the season, the Patriots and the rest of the teams aren’t going to just go home and criticize everything the Giants do and say from now on.  In fact, the Giants organization along with the Patriots organization and every other organization that participates in the game will be working to make the show better for the next season, doing everything they can to convince their fans to come back and watch the whole show over again next season.  The last thing these teams will do is become obstructionists who will sit on the sidelines and deny anything and everything the winners have done.  No one who truly loves the game will lose sight of the fact that another season is coming and there’s more work to do.

The teams of the National Football League absolutely work together.  It is an organization of people who work very closely with each other.  The last thing they’ll do is whip their supporters into a hate filled frenzy convinced that everything the other team has done is wrong and/or is against everything that they hold dear.

The United States of America is a collection of people who should have a similar singular goal, the continuous improvement our country for every citizen of the nation, as well as divergent interests.  The idea that our politicians on opposing sides of the ideology aisle feeling like it is impossible to work with the other side does not bode well for any us.  It is a concept rooted in division.  And a house divided from its self is a house that will not function to its full capacity and, potentially, will be a house that will collapse upon itself under the weight of its own self inflicted inertia.

It’s natural to want your favorite team to win.  That’s a part of life.  But even when your team loses it’s a fact of sport that you go up to the victor, embrace them, and say good game.  That’s called being a good sport.  Everybody wants to win but it’s a fact of life that at some point in time we all have experienced what it’s like to lose.  How we handle a lost says more about our character than how we handle a win.  And when politicians stand before the public and declare that as a nation our differences are more important than our similarities then we indeed have a problem.

It has become orthodox politics that our politicians are regularly shocked and outraged over trivialities that really don’t amount to a mound of shit but are very useful to exploit derision.  Our politicians have been polarized into two flavors, the good and the bad with nothing in between.  Everything is black and white and there is no grey.  And if that side says the issue is black, then it’s only natural for this side to say that the issue is white and cast a curse on anyone who thinks otherwise.

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