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Your Assets Will Be Assimilated

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the gift that keeps on gaffing.  No sooner does hi annihilate his opponent former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in the throw down for the Florida primary, Mr. Romney goes on camera to tell everyone that he doesn’t care about very poor people.  In Mr. Romney’s esteemed opinion poor people already have a safety net so they’re already taken care of just like the wealthy at the other end of the financial spectrum.  Mr. Romney’s concern is the ninety to ninety five percent who exist in the middle class, real American people.  Realizing his gaffe Mr. Romney tried to explain that his words were taken out of context.  He cares he just wants to focus on the middle class because that’s his focus.  He wants to focus on the people who are really struggling. The assumption is that poor people aren’t struggling.

Mr. Romney’s latest poor choice of words wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so many other poor choices of words that seem to reflect the same theme that Mr. Romney is practically void of any compassion for people who struggle to make ends meet.  He jokes about being unemployed.  He says that there was one time he wondered if he would lose his job.  He says that more than three hundred sixty thousand dollars wasn’t very much money.  He says that corporations are people too and that they need to be protected from higher taxes.  Maybe Mr. Romney thinks that corporations are part of the middle class.  Mr. Romney has suggested that people should lose their homes so that the market will bottom out and investors can purchase real estate on the cheap and make money off of the less fortunate.  He enjoys firing people.

Mr. Romney pays less than fourteen percent in taxes for his investment income and says he’s done nothing wrong and it was all legal and then says that it’s unfair that people who are so poor that their income does not warrant taxation don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  As part of the upper one percent of the upper one percent, Mr. Romney continues to show his self oblivious of what it means to struggle to make it in America.

It should be noted that the safety nets that Mr. Romney says the poor already have are the same safety nets that many conservatives, and Mr. Romney himself, wants to either eliminate completely or cut significantly in order to give more tax breaks to those wealthy people that he really doesn’t care that much about.  If these conservatives were to have their way, Medicare and Medicaid would suffer, food assistance programs would undergo drastic cost savings, housing vouchers would be cut, investments in education at the national level would change for the worse, and anything that resembles a European style social program would have its existence questioned.  Mr. Romney says he’d fix any safety net for the poor.  But don’t take his words out of context, when he says fix he probably means neuter.

The reason these programs are called safety nets is because their number one purpose is to prevent the poor or those vulnerable to true poverty from falling below a certain level that we deem necessary for survival.  People who find their selves relying on these nets have fallen to a point where they have to temporarily rely on our government in their time of need.  As a whole, the struggle of the poor is greater than the struggle of the people in the middle class.  These people are usually in more dire straits than any corporation that might have to pay higher income taxes.  Mr. Romney refers to these people as little more than an afterthought without worth of consideration.  In fact, if Mr. Romney has his way, he’d let people in the middle class lose their homes so that they could become part of the class of poor and then drop off his mental radar.  If that’s how Mr. Romney shows his care I for one would rather he focuses his attention elsewhere.

I seriously doubt if Mr. Romney’s latest gaffe is being taken out of context.  It’s just another indication of how he views people.  This is the same man that would sponsor the destruction of a company existing under its potential by buying up control, separating the company from its assets of value and leaving it with debt, and then selling the remainder off to anybody willing to pick up the pieces while pocketing huge profits.  And then Mr. Romney would take a huge chunk of that money and invest it in offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and other places and put that money to work elsewhere instead of investing it back into this country’s economy.  When you’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars I’m pretty sure such a move is standard procedure and doesn’t warrant much attention, kind of like poor people in Mitt Romney’s America.

But when you’re running for President of the United States, and you have a history of doing and saying things that indicate your only real focus is profit at the sake of anything and everything else, including people, it’s hard to dismiss your record as nothing more than a gaffe and something that’s being taken out of context.  I’m not surprised that Mr. Romney would go so far as to say that he doesn’t care about the poor.  Everything about the man indicates he wouldn’t care.  It’s not a gaffe when everything about him indicates it’s a true reflection of the way he feels.

Friday, February 3, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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