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Dementors In Our Midst

“How completely offensive. The Harry Potter series is written by a Brittish woman who doesn’t owe black people a thing. She’s telling her story and doing her thing, and if black people enjoy and appreciate it, there’s nothing wrong with it. I find it insulting to have anyone tell me that, as a black woman, I can only be interested in pop culture that features or includes black people. I’m not so narrow minded or limited in my ideals. I also love Anne of Green Gables books, The show The Big Bang Theory, Fraiser, Seinfeld and the Chronicles of Narnia. I also adore Bill Cosby, Toni Morrison, Stevie Wonder, MJ the musician and the basketball player, and the list goes on and on. I have natural hair and am with a black man. So I like Harry Potter. So JK Rowling wasn’t worried about featuring black people. So What?

“Furthermore, if you knew anything about the books or movies you’d know that there are very heavy themes around a “supremacist” group trying to oppress and persecute those that are different than them. The books draw very stong parallels to the civil rights movement and the holocost. There are also very diverse nationalities represented and there is a featured black character. He’s the sports announcer and has lines and significant scenes in the movies. You’d never hear some Jewish person or Asians commenting on this because they have better things to do, like making a way for themselves regardless of what white people are doing to include them.” – A comment from Olivia regarding the post Harry Potter and the Nonexistent African

Thanks for the feedback Olivia,

But I find your oversimplification of what’s actually being said offensive. The post brings attention to the fact that black people are being excluded from mainstream entertainment productions. No one said that anybody owed black people a thing. I find it insulting that you want to pretend that someone is trying to tell you that you cannot be interested in what interests you. You say that you aren’t narrow minded, but your response says otherwise. Anytime somebody says that the black community is bereft of adequate positive role models and/or the black community should want more for itself somebody will misinterpret the message as somebody trying to control the way black people think. If you actually believed that we shouldn’t be criticizing anything, you wouldn’t be trying to add your two cents to the conversation in order to criticize me and control the way I think. Don’t look now, but your hypocrisy is showing.

Despite however much some people will say black people should have more identification with black issues and other happenings that pertain to the black community, some black person will come out of the woodwork to defend the status quo with all the faux indignation he/she can muster because they feel that somebody is trying to tell them what is and is not acceptable. Back in the day they would call a black person who would manifest such behavior an uncle tom.

Even if I wanted to tell black people what and how to think and I felt that no black person should support non black centered forms of entertainment, it is a fact of life that such an endeavor would be hopeless because there will always be black people, such as yourself, who are more than ready to leave anything resembling the black community behind in order to plunge headfirst into the racially generic culture that is practically void of anything that might resemble the full wealth and depth of the black experience and not just the stereotypically negative and/or pseudo copies of the Bill Cosby and Toni Morrison examples of good Negro stereotypes. It should be noted that all the black entertainers you named, I assume, as proof of your blackness just so happen to be from the pool of black entertainers who are deemed acceptable and worthy of praise by the racially generic culture predominantly controlled by white people, heavily influenced towards the white community, and tailored to tell the wide spectrum of taste and experiences of white people.

I find it insulting that you think I’ve never read a Harry Potter book or seen the movie to know what I’m talking about. How would I know that it was void of any black characters of substance playing a key role in the story if I had not indulged? But like a lot of people, you feel that anytime a black person says something against white people’s culture that person speaks out of ignorance. Probably because you’ve been programmed to think that black people don’t matter. Probably the result of your skewed focus on things like that Big Bang Theory.

But if you ever bothered to take a moment to think about the HP storyline, you would understand better. Harry Potter is a story revolving around two groups of people, the Harry Potter team and Lord Voldemort and his minions. One group of people is trying to eliminate its competition. This happens to be very similar to the way white people have eliminated black people’s true sense of identification with each other and replaced it with an undying loyalty to the racially generic culture that holds no meaning for anything black that doesn’t reinforce a stereotype. In the HP storyline, the group with the threatened existence is ultimately able to survive. However in real life, the powerful has successfully emasculated the weak to the point that we don’t even allow people to speak of this racial subjugation without our own black people coming out to attack and defend the system responsible for black people’s subjugation. You are more than happy to defend this subjugation. If I may use another Harry Potter analogy, you are like one of those dementors that should be protecting Azkaban prison but instead you are employed to harass the opposition to your master.

Lastly, I don’t hear Jewish people or Asians commenting on the unfairness their racial minority groups suffer? Finally, something we agree on. The case of how black people are underrepresented, demonized, and oppressed in movie culture is unique to black people, the only people who have been enslaved against their will for who they were, bought and sold and controlled like cattle. We were the only race of people who have been subjugated solely for the color of our skin and programmed not to support each other. You would know that if you truly were thinking like a black woman and not just thinking like a “white people approved” black woman.


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  1. smh, I can’t believe we’re having this discussion.

    Comment by dianne | Tuesday, January 31, 2012 | Reply

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