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Governor Brewer Gives President Obama The Finger

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was recently caught on film wagging a disapproving finger in President Obama’s face in his recent visit to the state.  What do we know?  The President descends the stairs from Air Force One, the Governor welcomes him with a smile, a handshake, and a letter asking the President for more of his limited time to talk about issues pertaining to Arizona.  And then we see the previously mentioned photograph where Ms. Brewer seems to be in attack mode and Mr. Obama appears to be at the end of his patience.  After that, the President turns his back on the Governor and walks away.

Mr. Obama said that the altercation was no big deal.  Ms. Brewer said that the President was upset over something she said about him in her book.  The President felt that the Ms. Brewer distorted a previous conversation the two had shared regarding immigration.  Ms. Brewer criticized the President saying that she would have never walked away from somebody having a conversation with her and felt that Mr. Obama disrespected.  Instead of walking way, we all know she’d take that boney finger of hers and start wagging it like a panic ridden Harry Potter trying to get his magic wand to work before one of Lord Voldemort’s cronies can get him.  She’ll start working her jaw muscles in a way that only reinforces her resemblance to a wrinkled up harpy or an evil step mother from a Grimm fairytale or some combination of the two.  She’d never disrespect the President by walking away from him.  She’d disrespect the President by sticking her finger in his face with all the gall she can muster.

But what was even more disrespectful and a better indication of Ms. Brewer’s thoughtless thinking process, Ms. Brewer tries to justify the encounter by going on the television news camera and telling the world that she felt threatened.  I guess the assumption is that her aggression on the President was a preemptive attack because she felt that at any moment he was about to bitch slap her wrinkled boney ass to the tarmac.

What could have prompted Ms. Brewer’s feeling of danger?  Could it be Mr. Obama’s behavior?  I could be wrong but I don’t think Mr. Obama has a violent history.  I don’t think he’s ever cold cocked anybody because of something that was said or written about him.  And for the record, there has been a bazillion instances of negative critiques of this man and much of it has been baseless, inappropriate, exaggerated, and/or totally without merit.  He’s never even raised his voice to utter a disapproving word.  So why the hell would he lose his composure and would open up a can of whoop ass on Methuselah’s mistress now?

Could it be that Ms. Brewer is an Osama bin Laden wannabe and with Mr. Obama’s successful history of taking high profile al-Qaeda operatives out was worried that a predator drone had her in its crosshairs?  That’s pretty doubtful.  The man was standing right next to her and that would’ve been suicide for him.  Did she fear his Secret Service detail?  Again, that’s another doubtful.  If the photo was any indication Mr. Obama’s posse had its attention focused elsewhere.  Did Mr. Obama lean over and threaten Ms. Brewer?  Nope!  By Ms. Brewer’s own words she said that she only felt threatened and not that she was actually threatened.  So what really snapped Ms. Brewer’s sense of eminent doom from Mr. Obama?  When you examine all the possibilities and eliminate them as not possible you’re left with just one conclusion: Not a fucking thing!

This blond headed albino California raisin never felt threatened.  Mr. Obama did nothing to fire her temper other than to tell her he didn’t appreciate what she said about him.  She claimed that Mr. Obama didn’t have a thick skin.  Really?  Because I didn’t see him losing his cool and getting too close to her grill with a Lee Press-On.  I saw the Governor doing that.  Judging from the picture it’s a safe assumption that Ms. Brewer’s skin only looks thick and copious.  If anything, he should have felt threatened.  One of those boney daggers could’ve been poison tipped.  The Secret Service probably should review its policies about letting harpies get too close to POTUS.

But because she’s a white woman being confronted by a black man she’s unable to control, she’ll throw a hissy fit and then play that “I was so scared” card to draw some sympathy and compassion.  And because of America’s total lack of respect and understanding for anyone that can be visibly identified as black, especially a black man, too many of us will buy that crap from Ms. Brewer hook, line, and sinker and judge Mr. Obama as the instigator.  He has the right to say he didn’t like his depiction in her book.  A lot of authors have to deal with readers who don’t like their work.  People are constantly writing how they don’t like whatever.  She gets so bent out of shape on that shit that she has to slam the President in his face?

The irrational fear of the threatening black man has been part of America’s shameful racial double standard since the first day an African man set foot on this continent.  People have been programmed to see the face of black men as angry or threatening even when the black man is wearing the friendliest of smiles on his visage.  So when the old white lady says that the black man is threatening despite all the evidence to the contrary, a large portion of our population stand ready to support this uncouth shrill of a woman that belongs in an old folks home and throw our first black President under the bus of public condemnation.

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