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The Leave It To Perry Show

Rick Perry proudly defended Texas’ record with the death penalty.  When asked if he ever had trouble sleeping knowing for a fact that the state of Texas puts to death more people than any other state if he ever wondered that anyone innocent was ever the victim of Texas state sanctioned death, to a roaring applause Mr. Perry said never.  He said something to the effect that if people came to Texas and broke the laws then they should be prepared to pay the consequences.  What’s good for the goose is more than applicable to acowboy boot wearing gander.

It was revealed this past weekend that Rick Perry, along with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and a few other conservative contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, failed to qualify for the state of Virginia’s primary ballot to be held in early March.  The contenders had until Friday to submit the required signatures necessary to qualify.  Mr. Perry’s solution to this problem is to sue the state of Virginia in federal court under the belief that his civil rights are being violated because he is being excluded from competing.  In the words of Herman Cain, if you failed to submit the necessary paperwork to qualify for the Virginia state primary election then blame yourself.

It’s rather interesting the fact that a lot of people had their civil rights violated in the Texas death chambers.  And instead of acknowledging the fact that mistakes happen, Mr. Perry is happy to keep the Texas murder machine running at peak efficiency.  Texas has laws and when those laws are broken people need to pay.  It is as plain and simple as the rock that sits at the side of the entrance to Mr. Perry’s old hunting grounds known by his family as Camp Niggerhead.  And if the Texas Governor is ready to give a big ol’ Texas “yee-haw” to upholding Texas law, you’d think he’d understand people’s penchant in Virginia to uphold their own laws.  So if Mr. Perry is thinking he can go to Virginia and do whatever he wants and give that state a big Texas middle finger, that just don’t seem right.  In fact, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that it sounds downright hypocritical.

People waiting for their turn in the Texas murder machine filed appeals with Governor Perry for leniency and Mr. Perry wouldn’t give a rat’s ass to help any of those people.  Laws are laws and people need to follow them is his conservative mantra.  But now Mr. Perry finds himself the victim of a Virginia state law that continues to give credence to the observation that Mr. Perry is unfit to be the next President of the United States and makes us scratch our heads and wonder how in the world was he able to convince the people of Texas to send him to the capital city not just once but five times.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot and Mr. Perry needs an intervention to restore his opportunity to further humiliate himself on the political stage, he wants to file a lawsuit in federal court to force Virginia to put him on the ballot despite the fact that he doesn’t deserve to be there and has not done what was necessary to get there.  Another example of a conservative presidential candidate failing to live up to the very standards that they say are at the very root of what it means to be successful.  Where is Mr. Perry’s belief in self reliance and his devotion to hard work, individual preparation, personal bootstrap pulling, and adherence to rules and the laws of the land?

Like many high profile conservatives, Mr. Perry has said that he wants the federal government out of our lives.  As President he would eliminate so many federal agencies he can’t even name them all and various social programs and make the federal government as inconsequential as possible.  But now he wants to use that same federal government to force Virginia to ignore its own laws because he failed to take the steps necessary to become President in the state of Virginia.

For just a moment, let’s pretend that we haven’t seen all the mistakes Mr. Perry made during his brief bid for the oval office.  Let’s pretend we’ve seen nothing of his debate performances or his speeches.  Let’s forget about the fact that he’s more than comfortable taking his family and friends to his Camp Niggerhead.  Let’s forget all about his talk of Texas seceding from our Union.  We can forget all of that.  But how can we forget the fact come March, Mr. Perry won’t be on the primary ballot in Virginia when those people go to vote?  If Mr. Perry is so irresponsible that he can’t be bothered to file the required paperwork to be President, what makes us think he’s ready to be President?

And one other thing, why would the Perry organization seek help from that overbearing, too big to help anyone, federal government that needs to stay out of all of our lives?  This just goes to support my contention that even some of the most ardent of conservatives wants federal intervention when they need help.  In other words, a lot of these people are simply hypocrites who refuse to acknowledge the fact that our federal government has a place in our lives.  We might not need it today for ourselves, but it’s bound to be helping someone else.  And who knows?  We might just need it for something unexpected that might happen tomorrow.  We would be wise to make sure we don’t do anything to prevent it from being there when and if we need it.

And just like most conservatives, I believe that people who are irresponsible and simply refuse to help themselves should not be given a handout.  If the Perry people didn’t have the organization and structure to qualify for a primary ballot according to a state’s law then that’s between them and that state.  Mr. Perry would use his Texas drawl to scream “tarnation” if somebody from Virginia went down to Texas and threw a monkey wrench into that world class killings machine that is so efficient at killing citizens legally, Mr. Perry should think twice about his supposed conservative values before he goes to Virginia and tries to throw their laws out the proverbial window.

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  1. Conservatives only cry victim when they feel they are. Anyone else crying victim is just whining in their red eyes, and that’s when you hear things like “blame yourself” and “bootstraps”. Conservatives have a screwed-up mindset that only cares about their own, white people, and the rich and wealthy. Anyone else isn’t worthy in their eyes it seems.

    Comment by brothawolf | Sunday, January 1, 2012 | Reply

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