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What Goes Around Comes Around

Newt Gingrich has some nerve!  Not too long ago, this is the man that threw baseless accusations of young people in the poor communities amongst us suffer from having role models wish the most deplorable work, moral, and ethical standards.  Mr. Gingrich said that the public needed to respond to this “neighborhood wide lack of character” crisis by firing the majority of the janitors that work in schools and replace them with the poor students.  That way, the students can learn what it means to go to work every day, follow the rules, and earn something that isn’t part of some criminal activity.  Mr. Gingrich used this rhetoric to double-down on his suggestion that child labor laws should be revoked because they’re outdated and are keeping the country from being as economically competitive in the global market.

This man claimed to be so successful that he didn’t have to lobby for organizations that paid him seven figures to be a historian because he made sixty grand a lecture and business for him was booming.  As far as he was concerned, his work ethics were just fine.  He was the epitome of achievement and as America’s President he would serve the country with a discipline and maturity that nobody knew he was capable of.

But just this past weekend it was reported that Mr. Gingrich’s campaign, along with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s team, failed to qualify for the primary ballot to be held in Virginia, his adopted home state.  Mr. Gingrich’s organization failed to produce the required number of signatures necessary to qualify by the December 23rd deadline.  In response to this news, Mr. Gingrich’s organization made the suggestion that it was prepared to launch a write-in campaign.  One has to wonder why anybody would want a man who couldn’t even organize his campaign enough to get on a voting ballot, much less run a country.  What could be the marketing message?  We know we screwed on a crucial task for Newt to become President by forgetting to do our homework so that Newt can be on the ballot so he can be elected but vote for Newt anyway because he’s the most qualified to do the work necessary to turn the country around.

Nevertheless, in Virginia write-in ballots aren’t legal in a primary.  So in essence, Mr. Gingrich really screwed himself.  Now, Mr. Gingrich says that it’s time to change the Virginia law so that he can be elected.  In order to make up for the fact that he didn’t have a solid work ethic, because he didn’t show up when it was necessary and do the work that was required to get what he wants, Mr. Gingrich’s real work ethic manifests itself.  It’s not the hard work that comes from doing a good job every day that has gotten Mr. Gingrich where he is today.  It’s his ability to change the rules in his favor.

Mr. Gingrich has the nerve to say that poor people don’t know what it means to go to work as necessary and yet he can’t be bothered to turn in the paper work to become President in his home state.  If he doesn’t want to follow the rules as they’re written in Virginia, what makes us think he will follow the rules as the commander-in-chief?  At this point, any one of those janitors that gets up and goes to work each and every day to earn a living to support his or her self and the family looks like a much more responsible bet.  Even one of the students from one of those poor neighborhoods void of people who go to work every day looks like a more responsible choice.

Rhetoric pointing a damning finger at entire neighborhoods, condemning entire swaths of poor people as unfit to be even considered a welcome part of our employed collective, is pretty easy to slap around.  But one would think once such slander was made, the slanderer would then work to assure his or her personal work ethic would be kept well above reproach and out of public scrutiny.

Instead, we’re given another first class example of hypocrisy laced with blatant prejudice and racism to boot.  Without anything to support the supposition, Mr. Gingrich is ready to label an entire group of people as nothing important and nothing that contributes anything to our national collective because they don’t have the capacity to earn their keep and follow the rules of success like the rest of us.  But then he doesn’t think rules for being on a primary ballot in Virginia, the state he calls home, should apply to him because he believes he has the political muscle to have the rules thrown the rules out.

If Mr. Gingrich thought the rules were unfair he should’ve said something about them a long time ago.  The only reason he’s making a case about it now is because he didn’t have enough personal responsibility, or political responsibility, to get the signatures required.  That’s a pretty important detail to let slide.  That’s like somebody trying to get a job but that person don’t have the sense to apply before a deadline.  Nobody would say that the problem was the fact that they had a deadline.  The problem was that I didn’t do what I needed to do to get my paperwork in by the deadline.  The rules shouldn’t be changed just because Mr. Gingrich is a slacker.

As it has been demonstrated so many times before, Mr. Gingrich doesn’t have the discipline or the sense of responsibility to be President of the United States.  Hopefully, a lot more people will take note of this little hiccup of his in some of the other states where he did remember to do his homework and get the necessary documentation in before any deadline.  Mr. Gingrich doesn’t have whatever it takes for him to become President.  Coincidentally, he probably doesn’t have the discipline to be a janitor either.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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