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Black People Will Only Make The Water Cloudy

This photo of a sign indicating a white only swimming pool wasn’t taken back in the day when the United States wore its racial discrimination proudly on its sleeve.  According to the Time Magazine article, this photo was taken this past June in Ohio by the parents of a black teenage girl.  The parents were staying at a duplex apartment with a pool when their daughter came for a visit and took a swim.  Shortly thereafter, the landlord posted the sign.  And shortly after that, the parents filed a racial discrimination complaint with the state’s civil rights commission.

The landlord, Jamie Hein, claimed that she only posted the sign to prevent the chemical products in the girl’s hair from making the water in the pool cloudy.  But leave it to those dastardly bureaucrats at the commission to reject the poor landlord’s excuse and see the whole affair as something racially nefarious.  According to the commission, the sign restricts the social interaction between Caucasian Americans and African Americans and reinforces actions of racial discrimination and the oppression of non whites.  Of course Ms. Hein objects.  When she filed for an appeal, Ms. Hein claimed that the sign was just an antique and was not meant to convey anything else.  How in the world could anyone think that Ms. Hein was a racist?  Who can blame her for thinking that all it took was a single swim from a black girl to turn chlorinated water unfit for white people’s usage?

According to a lot of people, many of which come here to visit my blog and point a damning finger at me as a relic of a less racially sensitive time, the racial bigotry and discrimination that was institutionalized across America from the first day of its inception were long ago ironed out as just a misunderstanding between people and now we are all living in a racially inclusive melting pot void of any racial prejudice.  People like Ms. Hein are the rare exception and if we just ignore their racial intolerance we can move forward in our all race welcoming utopia.

However, the simple fact is that we are far from living in a country where racism is a thing of our past.  We have politicians saying black people are just too brainwashed to think for themselves.  Other politicians are saying that the urban poor have no work ethic unless it is for a criminal enterprise and child labor laws should be rewritten so that the children from these neighborhoods can be hired as janitors.  It is in this environment that we find politicians who not only tolerate, but would actually pay their hard earned money to hunt and participate in activities at a place called Camp Niggerhead.  And even Donald Chump will profess his good relationship with the blacks as he insinuates that the black President Barack Obama didn’t earn his way through life but received the benefit of a free pass because of the color of his skin.  And even more politicians will say that Mr. Obama wants to develop a culture of entitlement and dependence for his people on a culture of big government because it worked out so well for him.

Some people hear the contempt and disdain some of our white political leaders express for the first African American President, they see the lack of respect and appreciation for all that went into the life experiences of the path that actually led to the first black man to become President of the United States with all of its history of racism, and they think to themselves if they don’t respect America’s first black President, why would I have respect for the average black joe next door, down the street, at the job, or the next black joe that crosses my path?

We hear politicians talk about people having the right to be racist and that property rights should trump the rights of people to be treated equally and talk about people should have the freedom to be bigots without any thing to fear from others.  Nobody ever says that allowing a rapist to commit their crimes is an indication of how free and wonderful America is as a place to live.  Crimes of racism and discrimination should be given the same importance.

These days, racism and bigotry is very much alive and well.  Just keep it somewhat on the down low and you too can discriminate until the cows come home.  But when put your fondness for racism out there and make it an irrefutable, undeniable fact, something so far beyond the grays of outright ignorance or beyond a poor, tasteless joke at black people’s expense, then you really do need to face the music and admit to your racial bigotry and prepare for the consequences.  In the words of Herman Cain, if you are being prosecuted because you wanted to discriminate against people because of the color of their skin, blame yourself.

The sign was no antique and it wasn’t there to protect the pool water from becoming cloudy.  It was a blatant sign of the times.  It was bigotry.  It was more than a sign.  It was a symbolic representation of the backwards direction this country is taking with respect to race relations.  People can pretend this is the exception.  But this is becoming the norm for a lot of people.  It is similar to the signs telling the President to go back to Kenya.  It is indisputable proof that the black people are different and will not be accepted.  If we don’t accept black people to be our President, why in the world would we think they can swim in our pools?

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  1. When I think about history, I am reminded that the devil has a sense of humor because it tells us that when Caucasian people were manuevering about less upright, egressing from caves and huts while digging up the carcasses of their dead loved ones for consumption, black people were living in palaces with immaculate baths and hygenic standards that were fit for someone entering the chamber of the most holy in the temple. How dare white people mis-convey that it is they who historically are hygenically inept and therefore have a lesser degree of humanity to equate to. Discrimination in nature is based on ostrisizing elements that are genetically inferior to the prototypical specimen for fear that the genetic abnormality will corrupt the resilient genetic makeup of the superior. Leave it to white people to make a nation believe that the superior will infect the inferior and castigate us like we are on the remedial ebb of the gene standard. The fact is that whites should have their exclusivity because they bring nothing meritorious to the black electromagnetic field, we would be better served to leave them to their low sink of humanity and take our talents to south beach, i.e. Africa.

    Comment by giftnappyabyss | Wednesday, January 4, 2012 | Reply

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