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Cain’s Train Wreck

Texas Governor Rick Perry has got to be the worst candidate for the presidency that ever achieved frontrunner status in America’s history.  Watching clips of this man’s debate performances were a combination of excruciatingly painful and side splitting comedy.  The man has about as much intellectual curiosity as a stale fig newton.  Paper bag sales should be off the charts down in Texas where the people actually voted this man into their highest office five times straight.  Cowboy boots and a John Wayne vernacular can’t save this wayward tumbleweed.  If people in Texas had any sense of humility they would hide their faces out of embarrassment.  Mr. Perry should take his six shooter and hunt down all those people that encouraged him to run for President.

But not far behind had to be Herman Cain.  I saw his interviews and I asked myself, “What the hell do people see in this man?”  He was hypocritical and all over the map on many issues.  He said he doesn’t think abortion should be legal but in the next sentence would say that it should be a choice.  He said that there is no racism against minorities but cries racism because people want to know about his past.  He said that people should blame themselves if they are not successful but then blames everybody else when his bid to become President began to unravel.  He promised that he would be the champion of the institution of marriage, but then is besieged by a series of women who claim to have had a tryst with the former head of the National Restaurant Association.

While just about every politician has to deal with skeletons and explain their past, Mr. Cain simply said that everybody was lying on him and he was under an attack by the liberals who didn’t want to see a conservative black man become our next President.  It’s funny, during those debates he shared the stage with a number of conservatives who didn’t want to see a conservative black man succeed the black man that was already calling the White House home.

Like a lot of conservatives running for office, Mr. Cain appeared to revel in his ignorance.  He claimed he didn’t care to know foreign leaders in faraway lands.  He didn’t even care to know the name of countries on the other side of the globe, invoking gibberish as a reference to a third world country that isn’t really important enough for him to know as President.  He told us that in his presidency he will have people for that.  It was his contention that the people weren’t electing him to read, they were electing him to lead.  In Mr. Cain’s mind, it doesn’t make much sense to ask a leader to be knowledgeable and read about what happening in the world.

And if all of that isn’t enough to cause intense scratching of one’s head as one wondered what is so attractive about this conservative candidate, he declares that he’s the billionaire Koch brothers other brother from a different mother.  Obviously it was a lame attempt to endear his self to wealthy men who use their largess to influence political races across the country.  Mr. Cain might as well have grabbed a harmonica and tap dance a jig with a cheesing smile on his face like some black wannabe in an old Shirley Temple film.

The United States is experiencing precarious times.  We are experiencing difficult times like just about the rest of the world.  We don’t need leadership from people who refuse to read first hand what’s happening in the world and prefers to be ignorant.  We don’t need world leadership from a man who refuses to learn the names of the other countries in the world.  If I were to guess I would say that our leaders would be the type of people who were constantly learning and staying on top of issues and not having people on staff who will take care of that for him or her.

We need real leadership from people with real ideas and with real experiences with real ethics and morals and with a well understood sense of self and with a full understanding of the responsibilities that come with the job.  The White House isn’t a place for somebody who talks about all the things twirling around in their head when asked a simple question about the country’s policies regarding a political hotspot in the Middle East.  These days more than any other we need smart people at the country’s helm who have a clear understanding of domestic policy as well as foreign policy.

We don’t need people who can come up with catchy slogans and we don’t need people who wear their ignorance like a badge of honor.  We don’t need common folk with obviously little interest in the bigger picture.  The world is far more sophisticated than many of us will ever know.  We don’t need your average Tom, Dick, or Harry employing their simple, scratch the surface understandings to things that require a lot of thinking.  Today, the country and the world is a lot more complicated than it was just a few years ago.

So when a person who wants to be President is at a loss when asked a relatively simple political question, how do you think he or she will respond when they find themselves in the hot seat and the world is looking for leadership?  That would be a train wreck just waiting to happen.  I for one am glad that Mr. Cain got his wreck over with.  Now if we can get some of the other candidates derailed, not just for the presidency but throughout our entire political system.

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  1. What I can’t figure out is how YOU know about Rick Perry in the first place. You have already admitted that you do not watch the debates, and 99% of the people in the world know that the chances of of a black person actually VOTING for ANY Republican, Black or White, is about as likely as my chances to nail Beyonce. Wasn’t it Jesse “I am some DADDY” Jackson who once said “ANY Affican-umurcan who COULD vote for Republican is a TURNCOAT”? Precisely the reason why for almost a decade my username was BLACKTURNCOAT.

    But enough about me.
    I’ll bet you just watched a 30 second sound bite on some liberal media TV “news” program and ran straight to the computer.
    Until I see a single article where you or any of your writers give an objective ananlysis of a political candidate I will continue to believe that even if Jesus Christ ran as a Republican against Democrat

    Comment by Steven Lemon | Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Steven Lemon,

      If you have a little trouble figuring out how I knew about Rick Perry I’m not really all that surprised. It’s not really necessary to watch the debates as they happen to see highlights of what happened. It’s not necessary to watch an interview firsthand to see a candidate’s inability to answer a question. With video clips aired on television shows and articles and videos on the internet, it really isn’t necessary. To make the claim that people have to watch them as they air in order to be qualified to comment is only a diversion tactic to keep people from looking at the reality of the situation.

      Black people who vote for conservatives aren’t the issue here. There are plenty of black people around who will be more than happy to defend an obviously unqualified conservative candidate. We have you as a first class example. I’m sure you’ll tell us that you watched every minute of Governor Perry’s performance and you are convinced now more than ever to throw your vote away for him. But despite your penchant to toe the line, the majority of conservatives who wanted Rick Perry to run are now looking for an alternative. They know now that he is unqualified and I seriously doubt it’s because they saw thirty seconds of him on a liberal media television show.

      Whether or not Jesse Jackson thinks black people are wrong to vote conservative is not the issue here. Like everyone else, Jesse Jackson has his opinion and he’s entitled to it. Whether he’s right or wrong is depends on your perspective. Herman Cain said black people are brainwashed. Doesn’t mean he was right. It’s just his opinion. If Mr. Jackson was running for President I’m sure you could use that quote against him even though you probably didn’t watch the entire interview when it was given. See how that works? Besides, if a quote from Jesse Jackson was precisely the reason you proudly wore the moniker of the black turncoat, you probably were looking for any excuse to turn your back on the black community.

      With all the conservative black people standing ready to vote conservative despite all the Republican presidential candidates’ promises and signals to take care of the upper crust at the expense of the rest of the nation, it looks like your chances of nailing Beyonce are looking pretty good. I have a suggestion for you. Buy yourself a dog, call her Beyonce and nail the bitch. Maybe if you got your rocks off you’d stop with the bitching and actually add something meaningful to the conversation.

      But that’s enough about you!


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, December 1, 2011 | Reply

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