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Potshots At Poitier

People in Idaho can be seriously crazy. I should know after spending an adventurous year there living in the ninety five percent white environment with a less than a one percent black population. Feeling emboldened by the comfort of having so many of their obviously melatonin deficient brothers and sisters around to back them up a lot of white people in Idaho feel like they can wear their racism on their sleeve and go out of their way to make a seriously under represented minority feel out of place, unwanted, unwelcomed, and unfortunately, sometimes living in fear. Some people in Idaho will go out of their way to give a black person a hard time.

But even with my personal firsthand experience, I have to admit to some surprise to see somebody from Idaho travel twenty five hundred miles to do a drive by shooting against the absolute last black man on the planet to be fucked with living in the absolute last house on the planet that anybody should be pointing anything other than a finger at, let alone a loaded weapon. Twenty one year old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez is believed to have done just that. Late last Friday, eight gunfire shots were reported in the vicinity of the White House. On Tuesday, investigators from the FBI discovered bullet holes in the White House’s façade. I can only imagine the chain of events after that. Mr. FBI got on his two way radio to initiate their defense of the White House plan codenamed “Potshots At Poitier”.

Although I have never been there and probably will never go there without an invitation, I’m sure the White House is a virtual fortress with armored walls and bulletproof windows and its own garrison of defenders who have been itching for some kind of action for years. With the proper code words were given people were quick to action. It probably took all of two seconds for some HAL-9000 supercomputer somewhere to review every person and vehicle that may have wandered into the vicinity of the White House for the past week to determine who they were after. Medical records were tapped to identify the shooter, and it took another six seconds to task the President’s personal satellite to hone in on traces of the shooter’s DNA. After that, it was only a matter of time before police, FBI, CIA, the national guard, the coast guard, the boy scouts, the girl scouts and everybody else had the shooter in custody. Once PETA found out that Beau the dog could have been the target they were on that bandwagon as well.

Anyone who would spit in the direction of the White House is probably looking for trouble. Mr. Ortega-Hernandez took eight shots. Eight shots at anybody is enough reason for authorities to do an investigation. Eight shots at the White House is an attempt at suicide. Even by Idaho standards this is seriously crazy behavior. People locked away in Guantanamo Bay will say “damn” and scratch their head at this man’s audacity. And those same prisoners will thank their lucky stars and whatever gods they may believe in that they won’t get the same punishment that’s about to fall on Mr. Idaho. Mr. Ortega-Hernandez is facing charges of attempting to assassinate the President of the United States. His life is forever screwed.

In the quick investigation work that has happened since this incident, people who knew Mr. Ortega-Hernandez said that he had become agitated against the federal government in recent years. One person who knew him said that he actually admitted that he wanted to hurt Mr. Obama personally. Imagine that, a white man in Idaho wanting to hurt a black man. When investigators inspected his car that he quickly abandoned right after the shooting, they found a Romanian Cugir SA semi-automatic assault riffle with a large scope and three loaded magazines. I don’t know exactly what particular model it was but if it looks anything like the model pictured it sounds like Oscar had planned on doing some really serious damage.

Even people in Idaho have to scratch their head on this one. Although there aren’t very many black people in Idaho, surely Mr. Ortega-Hernandez could have found a much more convenient target for his angst a lot closer to home. And the way some courts operate the penalty for being found guilty of harming or attempting to harm black people is relatively tame. We’ve heard of boot camp guards killing unarmed teenagers too tired to run on camera getting off. We’ve seen a police officer kill an unarmed, handcuffed black man lying on the ground by shooting him in the back get only two years.

But Mr. Ortega-Hernandez wanted to do something big, and he’s about to pay big too. More than likely he’ll have the rest of his life to reflect on the bigness of what he tried to do. He won’t have anything else to do with all of his new found free time.

Friday, November 18, 2011 - Posted by | Barack Obama, Life, Thoughts

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