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Get Rid Of The Pedophiles And Let Football Be Damned

Let me make this perfectly clear.  I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about a man that would associate himself wit an un-repentant pedophile.  People who prey on defenseless children for their sexual perversions are truly disgusting.  These kinds of people should be watched and should never be trusted to do anything as trivial as cross the street without somebody asking where he or she is going and why and when he or she will be back and what should happen if he or she fails to arrive on time.  I’ve never knowingly been around a pedophile.  If I found out somebody in my circle exhibited pedophile like behavior I think my relationship with that person would change.  I’d have to be vigilant.  I’d warn people.  If the person were a friend or relative of mine I would want to be supportive.  But children’s safety would be my prime concern.

Pedophiles can ruin young lives.  A pedophile will scar someone for the rest of their life.  A pedophile is an abomination and should not be able to find safe refuge anywhere if they have committed his or her crime.  If someone confessed that they had serious potential of harming a child I would do everything I can to help him or her find the help needed.  But make no mistake; I would not turn my back on such a person.  If I found out the pedophile attacked a child, I would not hesitate to call the police.  If I saw a pedophile in the act of harming a child I would do everything I could to stop it.  If necessary, I believe I would go so far as to end a pedophile’s life to stop him or her from harming a child.

A person who would protect a pedophile is just as disgusting.  Yes the pedophile should be able to obtain legal representation if he or she has committed a crime.  Yes the pedophile should get some seriously needed mental help if their thinking entertains such ideas.  Yes it is true that people who commit crimes of pedophilia need to be treated fairly and righteously as members of a civilized society.  But we should never forget that the pedophile is a pedophile and should be treated as such.  A person or organization or any entity that would knowingly let a pedophile roam free amongst us is no friend of mine.  His or her good works shouldn’t keep their crime from being recognized as the most of repugnant of conduct.  If our greatest hero Superman was discovered to be a pedophile he should be entombed in a cage with bars made of the most potent kryptonite.

There is no excuse for tolerating someone known to be a pedophile.  People who are willing to tolerate pedophilia are just as sickening as the pedophile.  The friend of the pedophile is no friend of mine.  The friend of the pedophile is no friend of society.  If this person would tolerate someone who would rape a child, what else would he or she tolerate?  Obviously somebody doesn’t have a clue where to draw the line.  And a person who exercises such an absolute lack of anything resembling responsible judgment should be considered just as dangerous a pariah as the actual criminal.  We don’t let the guy driving the getaway car off the hook because he wasn’t the one who held up the bank.  We shouldn’t let the person who knowingly gave the pedophile free reign off the hook either.

If you ask me, Joe Paterno, the eighty four year old former head football coach of Penn State, got off lucky.  For more than a decade he knew he had a pedophile on his staff and he did nothing to rectify the situation.  He looked the other way as his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, raped little boys in the locker room.  Everything was okay because Penn State was winning football games and everybody loves a winner.  Jerry was part of a winning team and so if he wanted to get his rocks off with a kid or two, who wants to stand in his way?  Thank god somebody did.  It is unfortunate that Mr. Paterno didn’t have the courage to do the right thing for the sake of a child.  Is he the college coach with the most wins ever to walk the Earth?  I have no fucking clue.  Is he a man who aided and abetted a pedophile?  The man looks extremely guilty.  He’s the type of man who would simply move priest who rape children around if he ran the Catholic Church.

Mr. Paterno is a coconspirator to a crime.  The man should be in jail along with his more perverted buddy.  And if Penn State was to never win another football game again for the rest of its existence the school would still be a better place.  Mr. Paterno offered to resign at the end of the football season.  He offered to leave at the end of the next football game to be held this coming Saturday.  What’s the harm in a few more days?  Mr. Paterno was probably thinking that he could win another game and then him and Penn State can go their separate ways.

But the higher ups at the school saw fit to tell this pedophile’s accomplice that he can pack his bags now.  Somebody saw fit to let this man know that his actions as the coach who allowed a pedophile to prosper as part of his staff will not be tolerated for another second.  Football be damned, you are disgusting and you have no place here.  And then the board went public and let the world know that anyone who associates with pedophiles is not welcomed on the Penn State campus.  I for one applaud the leadership of the board of trustees.  Not everybody agrees.  Some people think that Mr. Paterno is being railroaded.  I wonder if these people ever thought how an eighty four year old man losing his job compares to a ten year old boy losing a part of himself for the rest of his life.

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  1. well said! I cant stand the idea of pedophiles, much less their actual existence. I thought the comparison to the catholic church priest scandal was perfect!

    Comment by mikelovell | Friday, November 11, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thank you! You have Wonderfully verbalized all that I have felt since this story first aired on Television.

    Comment by Rebecca Smith Melton | Thursday, November 24, 2011 | Reply

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