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Maybe People Will Ask Where’s Donald

I just found out that attention mogul Donald Chump, who claimed during his self serving attempt to draw attention to his television show by declaring he might make a decision regarding whether or not he’d run for the presidency that he had a good relationship with the blacks, is now calling John Stewart of The Daily Show a racist.  Why?  Mr. Chump said that Mr. Stewart’s reference to Mr. Cain’s euphemistic self reference as “Häagen-Dazs black walnut” was a very, very racist rant.  In a YouTube video, Mr. Chump looks into the camera and asks where are Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson.  Mr. Chump is such a racist he doesn’t even know he’s being a racist when he’s trying to call attention to what he thinks is racism.

Mr. Chump is one of those people who think anytime something racially insensitive happens, the dynamic duo of racial justice, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton, will fly through a window and set the racist wrong to right.  If Mr. Chump honestly thought that something was racially wrong, why doesn’t he use his own considerable ability to draw attention to himself to bring people’s attention to the problem?  He doesn’t because he wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about racial discrimination.  Like many people who ask “where’s Jesse Jackson” it’s nothing more than a taunt implying that black people are selective when taking offense to racism.  Black people will look the other way as Mr. Stewart crosses what Mr. Chump believe is the racial line of acceptability.  Any time a white person uses the word “black”, the black community comes out in droves crying racism.  But we will ignore it when it happens to Herman Cain because we’re fickle like that.

It would never cross Mr. Chump’s mind that maybe Al Sharpton didn’t show up because nothing happened.  That would be too much like common sense.  Mr. Chump is no defender of racial harmony.  He’s already proven that he’s more than ready to inject racism into whatever when he stooped to using President Barack Obama’s birth certificate as a campaign issue earlier in the year.  Long after it was settled that Mr. Obama was indeed a citizen of the United States, born in Hawaii, Mr. Chump kicked that sleeping dog so hard it started to howl as he rode all the attention to the top of the list of conservative candidates wanting to run for the white house.  If Mr. Chump cared about his relationship with the blacks, he’d never broach the already put to rest subject.

Like a lot of conservatives, race is only an issue when it fits their needs.  Herman Cain cries racism for his negative press of late, but prior to that racism was no longer a factor.  Michael Steele pretty much did the same maneuver.  When people were saying that Barack Obama had to deal with racism from the tea party, Mr. Steele said hogwash.  But as chairman of the Republican National Committee, the minute he was criticized for mismanaging the organization, he was quick to cry racism.  And the same is true for Clarence Thomas.  This man agrees with the rest of the conservative members of the Supreme Court that racism has no place in determining who gets what opportunities, but the minute he’s being investigated for his past deeds, this man howls louder than Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson put together ever could.

So now that Mr. Chump sees racism and is ready to become an advocate against racism, why doesn’t he tell some of his conservative buddies instead of asking where are the liberals?  Mr. Steele, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Cain seem to have no problem crying about racism when it happens to them.  Maybe if they were a little more community oriented they’d be more able to see discrimination happening to others.  Maybe Mr. Chump will be willing to help his fellow conservatives see the light and show them that racism is nothing that should be tolerated.  Maybe if Mr. Chump put his mind to it, he can use his resources to do the kind of work Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton can only dream of because they don’t have the Donald’s intellect.

Maybe the Donald will become such an advocate against racism that the next time somebody somewhere sees something even remotely resembling racism they’ll be saying where’s Donald Chump.  Maybe Mr. Jackson and Sharpton themselves will be willing to step aside and let the genius of Mr. Chump do its thing to set things right.  Such a move would truly be something to see.

But instead, what we get from Mr. Chump is some half assed attempt to feign some interest in what actually impacts the black community.  If black people don’t like what somebody said about somebody black or about black people in general, we don’t need Reverend Sharpton or Jackson to speak on our behalf.  That’s like saying if somebody says something about dumbass people Donald Chump should come rolling in to stand up for dumbasses everywhere.  More often than not, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson don’t show up whenever somebody said something stupid about black people.  If such was the case, chances are they’d never leave Mr. Chump’s office.

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