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Herman Cain Plays The Race Card Again

Conservative presidential hopeful Herman Cain is funny.  He’s gone on record to say that racism is no longer a factor in the United States.  He says that if we are not successful then we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Mr. Cain had no problem saying black people are brainwashed, but he himself has no issues with race because unlike the majority of black people he can think for himself.  But as soon as he finds himself at the very center of a bull’s-eye of a sexual harassment case he surely hoped was long forgotten, he has no problem claiming that he is unfairly being attacked by liberals because of his color.

Mr. Cain said he didn’t sexually harass anyone.  He can’t recall any details of any sexual harassment complaint against him.  But he does recall an incident where he was noticed that a woman who came to his office was the same height as his wife.  And now, we’re supposed to believe that this benign conversation behind closed doors actually led to a five figure settlement, a termination of employment, and a non-disclosure agreement.  Incidents so innocent rarely go through such motions.

However, Mr. Cain also said that he was unaware of any financial settlement.  Supposedly this incident happened when he was heading the National Restaurant Association and it was this organization that settled with Mr. Cain’s accuser on his behalf.  Mr. Cain wants us to believe that the settlement on his behalf happened without his knowledge.  The whole incident was ridiculous so he put it totally out of his mind and now can’t recall anything about the ordeal.  However, he remembers that it happened twelve years ago.

Despite the lack of a consistent response to questions regarding this incident, Mr. Cain is ready to case all blame for the attention collecting on this story on liberals.  Liberals are so afraid of Mr. Cain winning the Republican primary that they are trudging up anything to wreck his presidential bid.

I think Mr. Cain is brainwashed.  By his own admission he said black people are brainwashed because they refuse to have an open mind and consider other possibilities.  Mr. Cain is failing to keep an open mind and consider that it might be somebody else to blame for his problems.  If he is being accused of sexual harassment because of something he did, don’t blame the media, don’t blame liberals, and don’t blame any women who felt that you sexually harassed them.  If you’re attempt to hide facts about your history are failing then I suggest Mr. Cain follow his own advice and blame his self for being a failure.

Mr. Cain looks as if he’s trying his new “lie, lie, lie” plan where he simply denies any knowledge of facts.  It’s pretty hard to think that as CEO his organization would make a settlement without his knowledge.  There is zero plausibility for denial here.  Things don’t add up.  And the more things don’t add up, the more questions are asked to try and determine exactly what’s going on.

Mr. Cain, the man who says race isn’t a factor for anybody, is now playing his race card.  He’s actually playing the race card on behalf of a number of conservatives.  Even Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, two of the nastiest and most insensitive racists with respect to black people in conservative politics, are now espousing racial sensitivity for black people on Mr. Cain’s behalf.  You know something’s up when Mr. Limbaugh and Ms. Coulter start talking about the unfairness of being black.  These people, from the party that says we must always avoid any attention to race, are now trying to call attention to race.  They totally missed saying anything about the implications of Rick Perry’s Camp Niggerhead.  Hell must be entering a new ice age.

But the truth of the matter is that neither Mr. Limbaugh nor Ms. Coulter can wash this away with their sudden racial sensitivity rhetoric.  Maybe if they had a little more experience in the matter they could be taken a little more seriously.

Mr. Cain is deciding to take the Clarence Thomas route and play the victim to racism that he didn’t think existed just last week.  He’s even gone so far as to claim that this affair is nothing but a high tech lynching.  It worked for Mr. Thomas when Anita Hill tried to warn people of the type of man we were getting on our Supreme Court.  Maybe it’ll work for Mr. Cain.

But while there are many differences between the two scenarios, the biggest difference between the two is that there was no evidence that Mr. Thomas or anyone operating on his behalf made a settlement with Ms. Hill.  Unfortunately, while Mr. Thomas could claim with some credibility that nothing happened.  Mr. Cain doesn’t have that luxury.  Women don’t make settlements and leave jobs because somebody tried to determine how tall they might be.  There’s something more to this story.  And until the truth comes out, Mr. Cain has no one to blame but himself.

Mr. Cain said race doesn’t keep anybody from achieving their goals.  If he honestly believed that to be the case, why would he want to make race an issue now in something that was truly of his own making?  He wants to blame liberals for all the attention that’s being devoted to him now.  But the people who have most to gain with his elimination from the race for the presidency are his own conservative competitors.  If Mr. Cain really wanted to put this ordeal behind him he will lay all his cards on the line and let things fall where they may.  Instead, he looks very hypocritical and totally unworthy of running an organization, let alone the executive branch of the United States.

Like a lot of black people who want to appeal to the vast majority, Mr. Cain was happy to say racism isn’t a factor and made himself appear as a go getter that takes complete and total control of his fate.  He played that “racism doesn’t exist” card for all its worth.  But now that the pressure is on and it appears that he’s actually going to lose all of his credibility, he cries about racism being the primary reason his past is coming to haunt him now.  Mr. Cain now plays his other race card, the one he wanted everyone to believe that it doesn’t exist.

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  1. The man is an unpleasant piece of garbage and that’s all there is to it., And since he knew about these incidents, whatever they were, he should have had a better response prepared.

    But maybe he was too busy worrying about “China(!!) trying to get nuclear weapons” or trying to find out who was the President of “Uz-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan”.

    What a joke.

    Comment by Shady_Grady | Thursday, November 3, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Shady_Grady,

      But I think the whole process of selecting suitable conservative presidential contenders is a joke. Instead of trying to select viable candidates who have a brain and have some semblance of intelligence or some hint of social integrity we are seeing a bunch of jokes. Michelle Bachmann, Donald Chump, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and the like. This is the same party that wanted to make Sarah Palin Vice President. Herman Cain is little more than one of the latest examples of their comedy. Shit would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, November 3, 2011 | Reply

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