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Now That’s Class Warfare

The conservatives have launched a new attack on the President accusing him of instigating radical class warfare and driving a deep divide in the country’s populace.  Before Barack Obama even got the keys to the White House people on the right were blaming him for the woeful condition of the country’s economy.  It was because people knew he was about to become commander in chief that started the downward spiral of the stock market nearly an entire year prior to his inauguration.

The day after Mr. Obama won the general election gun sales skyrocketed.  Tea partiers and joe the plumbers everywhere were accusing the president of being a socialist and an undercover Muslim working to undermine our freedoms.  We were told that he’s not one of us.  Congressmen were exhibiting unheard of behavior of shouting out in house chambers that the President was a liar during his speech to the Congress.  We weren’t even sure that the President was even a citizen of the United States because he couldn’t prove that his birth certificate could certify that he was born in Hawaii to our collective satisfaction.  He couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he wasn’t in fact born in Kenya whose mother managed to sneak him into the country through a diabolical and elaborate scheme to pull the wool over all of America’s eyes.  Ever since he has been the President, conservatives have harshly and negatively criticized every step he’s made, even when those steps coincided with their previously held political positions.  The country was taken to the brink of bankruptcy when conservatives refused to support an increase in the federal debt limit, a move that has always been routine for a number of Presidents prior to Mr. Obama, but suddenly, what was once routine has become a spectacle of dysfunctional American politics for the world to see.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said it quite succinctly.  The number one goal for his party was to assure that Mr. Obama was limited to a one term presidency.  This was more important than cooperating with the President and the Democrats to put the nation’s economy back on the right track.  This was more important than creating an environment that would create jobs and help the world’s economy.  The number one goal was to do everything possible to make Mr. Obama look as incompetent as possible.

Through all of this, Mr. Obama has tried to work with his conservative political opponents.  Watered down compromise after watered down compromise only emboldened his rivals to dig their collective heals in to keep government from working.  Fueled by conservative’s penchant not to compromise, Republicans said “No” and when a compromise was not achieved they blamed Mr. Obama and the Democrats for unwilling to compromise.

To support their position, they point a lame finger at the video of Mr. Obama telling House majority leader Eric Cantor that elections have consequences and that he, Mr. Obama, won.  The idea is to paint Mr. Obama as a man who tried to rule Washington with an iron fist.

But an honest look at the video would show that Mr. Obama listened carefully to the Republicans and simply saw things differently.  As President, Mr. Obama has the privilege of making the final decision.  As his predecessor was fond of saying, he was the decider.  Instead of yielding to the President, Mr. Cantor continued to relentlessly argue the conservative position.  It was only after it was apparent that Mr. Cantor refused to yield did Mr. Obama put his foot down.  And yet, Mr. Obama is the one who appears unreasonable.

The United States is in desperate need of political policies to set its economy straight.  But instead of working together to hammer out compromises that could help the majority of people who really are hurting, we have an all or nothing environment that has done nothing but fuel division.  And now, ironically, conservatives want to paint Mr. Obama as the divider in chief, radically promoting class warfare and pitting American against American.

When he campaigned to become President, Mr. Obama said he would reach across the political aisle to work with his conservative opponents.  He promised to bridge the gulf that has become the norm of American politics.  But in order to bridge that gulf, Mr. Obama had to have a partner willing to bury the hatchet and put political rancor aside for the greater good of the country.  Conservative politicians refuse to do anything to help sow political harmony.  It is in their interest to spread chaos and animosity.  By keeping voters angry and focused on nothing but the negatives the Republicans have a better chance of fulfilling their dream of taking their country back.

And now, in their latest attack, Mr. Obama is participating in class warfare.  Since it is pretty obvious that conservatives are front and center in the job to protect the interest of the wealthy, euphemistically referred to as the job creators even though they’ve been pretty much missing in action for the past decade or so, Mr. Obama is supposedly trying to sow dissensions in those of us who are less fortunate, the people conservatives continue to stiff arm the populace with promises of repealing healthcare reform so we can continue with a system that leave us at the mercy of insurers focused on profits.

The conservatives want to give every advantage to the job creators who refuse to create jobs with the trillions of dollars they already have on hand but keep out of the hands of the American economy because the rich need more tax cuts.  The promise deregulation to help business become more profitable as they pollute the air and water and anything else they see fit to abuse.  And they promise to do more to recognize corporations as people with the same rights as their flesh and blood counterparts.  But Mr. Obama is the only one around here participating in class warfare.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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