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Cradle To Grave Government Assistance

“There are some people in the world who have morals and do not want to live by handouts from those who make a higher income. I know this concept is very foreign to most of you. Your cradle to grave government assistance philosophy isn’t viable.” – dannyvice

Checking the number of hits I got to my website I saw a handful of references from a new source and so I went to check it out.  The source turned out to be an article about the Occupy Wall Street movement, specifically the D.C. unit.  In the comments that followed, a commenter by the name of nclaeys got into an exchange with a couple of conservatives.  One was comparing the Occupy Wall Street movement with the Tea Party movement.  Rick Vid implied that the Tea Party was a peaceful assembly of people unhappy with their government in the same vein as Occupy Wall Street.  But when the Tea Party did what they were doing they were labeled racists and violent.  Despite all the videos of people wearing guns at rallies and holding up signs implying threats with slogans about how the tree of freedom needs to be watered with somebody’s blood and all the references to firearms and second amendment remedies, Rick Vid doesn’t see a difference between the two organizations.  Nobody is that stupid without it being intentional.

nclaeys responded with a comment referencing my post titled The Racism Of The Tea Party.  Just to recap, tea partiers want to pretend that racism wasn’t a factor in their reason for being.  But there’s a lot of evidence that says otherwise and if people just take a look at the way these people have attacked President Barack Obama and all the references to his heritage and innuendos about his race, you’d have to be as unintelligent as a rock not to see the bigotry of these people.

Right after nclaeys’ comment with my blog reference was a comment from dannyvice with the line above buried within.  What the fuck is a cradle to grave government assistance philosophy?  Is that when big corporate defense contractors exist off the teat of government by competing with each other for tremendously expensive contracts?  Because the minute one of these bad boys doesn’t get their dole from the public’s treasury they’re folding faster than Superman on laundry day.  These corporations were born to live off the government and they’ll die the day the government doesn’t need them.

But everybody would know that I’d be severely mistaken to think this guy was so enlightened.  I’m willing to bet that dannyvice was referring to people on welfare.  The “cradle to grave” reference was to the belief that there are individuals without any work ethic who would rather collect a government assistance check than earn anything that resembles a living.  Some people simply love to wear their ignorance on their sleeves and they really don’t mind showing it off to people.

Unfortunately, coming from a community in a part of the city that was reserved for black people by city planners, real estate dealers, banks, and other institutions of business, I have come across my fair share of people who at some time in their life needed government assistance.  Without exception, everyone that I met looked forward to the day they would be able to live without such help.  There are a variety of reasons why.  Government assistance isn’t just a sheet you just sign up for and checks start coming to your home.  It’s a process to get on it and it’s a process to stay on it.  In some programs, you are no longer in control of your life and instead have to live according to the rules laid down by some bureaucrat who gets off on inconveniencing you.  This kind of government assistance doesn’t enable a lavish lifestyle.  There’s no endemic assortment of people sitting in fancy homes paid by government assistance, eating caviar paid through some welfare program, while watching reruns of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on their government assistance funded flat screen living room wall television.  People on government assistance can barely make it to the next paycheck.

And despite any bigotry fueled beliefs, the vast majority of people on some kind of welfare actually have work ethics and would prefer to earn their own living.  But without the proper preparation for learning how to get a job and the proper preparation on how to keep a job, it might be a little more difficult for these people than it is for some of us.

And another reason people don’t stay on the government’s payroll for indefinite periods of time, the government won’t let you.  Most people on government assistance programs only have so much time before their cash cow comes to a close.  The shit ain’t indefinite.  So any references to a “cradle to grave” philosophy for these people are truly misplaced.  That is, unless what dannyvice is referring to is the child born to a poor family existing on government assistance and without the ability to obtain adequate healthcare will die before his or her government assistance runs out.  Now that’s something that I might be able to support you on.

The fact of the matter is that there’s no such thing as an endless pot of government supporting poor people for their entire lives.  If there was, these people probably wouldn’t be poor.  It’s an insult to people’s intelligence to think that there is.  This isn’t to say that it is impossible.  There probably is a tiny sliver of a fraction of people who can cheat the system and get the government to give them all kinds of money for doing little more than sitting on their ass.  But we usually call these people politicians and the upper management types who run conglomerates that do big business with the government.

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  1. Good post. In fact, welfare, for the most part, works the way it was designed to work; the typical person is only on it for a relatively short period of time.

    There is also the jobs issue; if you live in the part of town that doesn’t have good public transportation and you are too poor to have a car, how can you even GET to where the jobs are?

    Professor Wilson spoke to us about these issues many years ago; I can recommend his book (even if it is dated).

    BTW, congratulations on being linked to!

    Comment by blueollie | Thursday, October 27, 2011 | Reply

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